Trip To Danger

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A film student, Lara, accidentally posted a video on internet wherein it features a lost secret footage of an illegal mining and a video of two college students that are lost in Hywaiian Fields. Lara gained hundreds of bashers and comments showing negativity. Lara deletes the videos and unfortunately, the videos were uploaded to her mother's account, experiencing the same problems as Lara. Lara starts filming a documentary of these mysterious experiences, involving loud bangings at their attic and loud howling every 9:30 pm. The next day, they were informed that Lara's aunt Chrisalyn together with her husband Marcus were heading to Lara's province at BlissShield Village. Lara's mother decided to make Lara join the two. Lara disagrees her mother's decision and later agrees after knowing she can get a higher allowance increase if she went to province. Lara's godmother Grace and Grace's offsprings, Elena and Rusty texted Chrisalyn that she and her offsprings will meet them at a mall and join them. The next day, Marcus, Chrisalyn and Lara left and was caught on a heavy traffic. Before leaving, she encountered that she has a hundred thousand notifications on her cellphone and the notifications were all pictures of paranormal activities happening at their house . Lara disregarded the notifications and proceeded. Lara films their trip and considers it as a documentary about her journey to BlissShield Village. At the mall, they found Grace, Elena and Rusty. The three joined them. While on their way, Grace lets them hear a lost tape with a mysterious recorded audio containing a conversation of two "witches". While focusing on the audio, strange happenings occurred that night involving Rusty having a deep demonic voice for 10 seconds, a knife emerging at Lara's mouth and Elena's eyes bleeding. After losing focus at driving, Marcus was shocked after seeing that they were driving at an abandoned forested road. They were surprise and accidentally hit an unknown creature. Chrisalyn, Marcus, Lara and Grace left the car and tried to find the unknown creature. Elena also left the van and leaves Rusty, enjoying music from his headphones inside the car. As they were searching for the creature, the car suddenly rises and landed on a farther place. All of them were shocked and runs to where the car is. Lara continues filming them. They continued shouting for Rusty but no responses were heard. They didnt found the car after few minutes of shouting. They noticed they were lost in the woods and tries finding an exit. They saw the car but it has no more wheels and has a wrecked front. They noticed Rusty is not inside and Chrisalyn felt scared. They heard loud howlings and saw bloody shirts hanging from a wire. It was completely dark and they decided to get to the car and sleep there. Morning came and noticed that their gadgets, foods and other belongings are lost except for Lara's camera which was hidden inside her shirt, and were extremely dismayed. They started looking for Rusty. As they were looking for him, they noticed Elena disappeared and later found her suffering from severe trauma. She cannot speak and was comforted by Grace. The two stayed at the car while Marcus, Chrisalyn and Lara continue looking for Rusty but Lara decides to put some sticks planted on the ground as their path marks if they got lost. Marcus thanked Lara for her helping idea and started looking for Rusty. They heard strange screeching at the woods and found Rusty's jacket. They followed their gut feels on where Rusty is. Lara was out of sticks and decided to put stones with a check mark as replacement. As they rest for a while, they heard another loud screeching and a loud rumbling. They heard a shouting girl and was unable to locate where it comes. They saw someone running through the woods. They followed it and saw a campfire with no people. Lara rested for a while and gave Chrisalyn her stone marks as pathmarks in case of emergency. Lara saw the car rises and quickly head on to their site, she saw a panicking Grace and a traumatized Elena. Lara comforts the two and the car didn't showed again. Grace and Elena decided to join Lara in finding Rusty. Lara, Grace and Elena encountered the campfire log and followed the stone marks. The three reached Marcus and Chrisalyn and told them that there were no signs of Rusty. Grace decided to give up finding him but the others convinced her to not give up and continue. They heard another loud screeching and decides to follow where the sound comes. As they run searching for the voice, Chrisalyn was left behind planting path marks. Marcus was dragged up by a supernatural force and landed on Elena. They were all scared of what is happening. They noticed Chrisalyn was left behind and tries to find her. They noticed the inexistence of pathmarks and continued shouting her name. Grace suggested that maybe Rusty is in safer place now. Marcus continued shouting Rusty and Chrisalyn's names repeatedly but no responses were heard. Marcus, Lara, Grace and Elena encounters a river and takes a break there for a while and enjoy splashing their hands on water. They decided to follow the flow of river and it may lead them to an exit but Marcus claims thay he will not leave without Chrisalyn. A short fight between Grace and Marcus ensues and ended up when Lara suggested them to separate. Marcus came back for Chrisalyn while Lara, Grace and Elena follows the river. As Lara was filming, she caught something in the woods but decided not to follow it. Lara, Grace and Elena speeds up for a while but noticed that they came back from where they are, they claimed they were in a circle river. Grace was dismayed and decides to find Marcus and Chrisalyn. Lara and Elena joined her. It immediately became completely dark but there are no signs of Marcus nor Chrisalyn. Lara and Grace shouted repeatedly and noticed Elena was dragged up. They try to look for Elena and saw her crying behind a tree. Lara saw traumatized Marcus and an unable to speak Chrisalyn, crawling onto them. Grace was a little bit relieved on finding them safe but feels tension when remembering Rusty. Grace cries and Lara tries to comfort. Lara shakes Marcus and Chrisalyn vigorously, making them back to normal again. Grace shakes Elena but there are no sudden changes. Marcus told that he does not know what happened to him, so as Chrisalyn. Grace continues crying after panicking of Rusty and Elena's conditions. They were horrified as the car lands on Elena, much to Grace's dismay. Grace drags Elena away from the car and they started running as they hear a very loud deep voice scream. They felt that they were chased by an unknown entity and they proceeded running for their lives. Marcus was dragged up and Chrisalyn was tripped on a strip of barbed wire. Grace helps Chrisalyn as Elena started screaming. The loud deep scream was getting nearer. Lara wants to flee but Chrisalyn was still stuck. Chrisalyn breaks free and the four ran away. As they ran, they encountered Rusty's corpse hanging on a tree. Grace cried at Rusty and a demon suddenly emerges at his mouth. The four ran away and the car rises. The four screams horrifically because of the suspenseful and horrying events. Chrisalyn accidentally tripped on Marcus' corpse and Chrisalyn cries. Lara tries to convince Chrisalyn to leave but she doesn't want to. Chrisalyn cries on Marcus' corpse and the car suddenly landed on Chrisalyn violently, killing her. Lara, Grace and Elena flee and saw immediate flashing of strange white lights from the sky, indicating something. As they run, they encountered a fence full of snakes, trapping them inside. They cannot find an exit but Lara found an underground opening that leads to a tunnel. The three digged their way down and came across a tunnel. The three had a hard time escaping from the tunnel. The outer end of the tunnel leads them to a nearby gate. The three had higher hopes of surviving but a loud screeching and rumbling were heard, approaching them. Suddenly, Elena was dragged up and was decapitated. Grace tries to pursue Lara to leave but Lara convinces Grace to leave without Elena because Grace's parents will worry about her condition. Grace cries and was strengthened. Lara was suddenly dragged up and her camera fell down. She was later decapitated and Grace quickly runs away to escape as she shouts for help. It was later stated that only Lara and Elena's bodies were found while Marcus, Chrisalyn and Rusty's bodies were still missing. Grace Vilmert was still traumatized and unable to speak after the events.

Submitted: May 03, 2018

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