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A Fat Ass that likes Twinkies

I wake up in a bed, my wife had seemed to wet it again. She was covered in Twinkie wrappers as well, a Twinkie still hanging from her mouth, damn was that bitch hot.She had grease stains from the fifteen burgers she ate last night, and almost took up the whole bed, and it was a king sized. Her name was 'Fat ass', and even the kids called her that. Our littlest child, Lil Bitch, comes into the room, speaking in her lil bitch ass tone of voice, "Daddy, Fat Ass, get up! I'm hungry!", and get up we did, having to get the portable crane we had to haul up Fat Ass. After about twenty minutes of trying to get her down the stairs, Lil Bitch slips off of the first stair trying to help me with fat ass. Lil Bitch falls down the stairs as Fat Ass starts to roll down, Fat Ass was fine, her fat would cushion the fall, but she ended up landing on Lil Bitch, breaking every bone in her body, including her neck. Lil Bitch was dead for sure, it was a bloody mess, just like her periods were...oh damn her periods.But this slightly pissed me off, that was the sixth child this week that she'd fallen on. Then I began to think, If I killed her, I'd be stocked with food for mouths! I fly down the stairs, using Fat Ass as a trampoline, bouncing into the kitchen, I pull out a knife and slowly start to cut her thigh, this was going to be the best day ever

Submitted: October 11, 2013

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spicya the alien

hay it's me santana it is freaking awesome

Wed, June 25th, 2014 8:40pm

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