The Fuzz

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Penis. //Part 5 of "The Fat Ass"\\\\

Submitted: January 29, 2014

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Submitted: January 29, 2014



I awake in my chair, a storm sturring outside. Oh thank lord, it was all a dream. Then it hits me, police sirens blarring from outside. OH JESUS CHRIST THEY'VE COME FOR MY STOLEN HAM.

"FAT ASS, ALL OF THOSE MONSTERS PEOPLE CALL KIDS, COME DOWN HERE AND MAKE A HUMAN SHIELD INCASE THEY START SHOOTING!" I scream to them all. You know, I'd be pretty happy that I wasn't really fat and didn't really eat Fat Ass, if it wasn't for the damn fuzz.

"GROBBLE GROB GROBBLE!" Says Fat Ass. She's so damn fat she can't even say things right. Now that I think about it, she'd make an amazing Chewbacca inpression. If she had not eaten the entire Star Wars saga. I shit you not, she ate everyones' memory of that damn saga. It's scary, really. The children slide down the stairs and run outside to curse at the police.

"WE ARE ANONYMOUS, WE ARE LEGIOOOOON!" They scream right before they get shot down. That's one less problem we'll have to worry about. Fat Ass rolls down the stairs, flying through the wall itself, killing every cop there is. That was easy. Although there was now a hole in the wall the size of Fat Ass herself, which I must remind you is very large. A chopper flys from nowhere, shooting at Fat Ass. Her fat protects herself, the bullets just bouncing off of her and back to the chopper itself. A bullet hits its engine, the chopper exploding into thousands of tiny bits. Truly amazing, yet terrifiying at the same time. There should be a comic about her. Something like, "Super Fat Ass, eater of worlds". Yeeeaaaaah, that sounds kick ass. She could kick Superman's ass. She could be the new Superman, salad being her kryptonite. Before I get to think up some art of it, Fat Ass roars a mighty roar, shaking the earth. THE FUCKING EARTH. The house shakes as the support of the house collapses onto me, and I black out.

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