The Twelve

The Twelve

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



The Twelve chronicles the rise and fall of the architects of the Universe that were brought into being and endowed with power by Aeon The Creator and Lord of the Universe. The Twelve also deals heavily with the gods of the planet Merridia, largely Black Dawn; as well as the great warrior Scicremeon and her plot for revenge against her father's old enemies the Chalendorans. Lastly, The Twelve chronicles the rise of Syaxis who becomes the first being to tap into the great and powerful Angel Halo Force
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The Twelve chronicles the rise and fall of the architects of the Universe that were brought into being and endowed with power by Aeon The Creator and Lord of the Universe. The Twelve also deals heavily with the gods of the planet Merridia, largely Black Dawn; as well as the great warrior Scicremeon and her plot for revenge against her father's old enemies the Chalendorans. Lastly, The Twelve chronicles the rise of Syaxis who becomes the first being to tap into the great and powerful Angel Halo Force

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The Twelve chronicles the rise and fall of the architects of the Universe that were brought into being and endowed with power by Aeon The Creator and Lord of the Universe. The Twelve also deals heavily with the gods of the planet Merridia, largely Black Dawn; as well as the great warrior Scicremeon and her plot for revenge against her father's old enemies the Chalendorans. Lastly, The Twelve chronicles the rise of Syaxis who becomes the first being to tap into the great and powerful Angel Halo Force

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 29, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 29, 2012



Aeon, The Creator and Lord of the Universe looked into the wide expanse of the cosmos remembering the exact moment when what he was exploded during a moment of intense contemplation. Twelve million millennia had passed since that moment. He spent the time naming the galaxies, planets, and stars while maintaining the mathematical balance necessary to sustain the universe. The complexity and labor of the task gave him very little time to focus on anything else, as the Universe continued to expand with a constant increase of galaxies, planets, black holes, pocket dimensions, and the Parallel Universe that was the result of the energies and images that resonated from Aeon’s Mind.

Aeon realized that the Universe might never cease expanding while he was actively using his own power, as he was tied to all the energies of the cosmos. With the creation of each new celestial body his work grew and taxed his powers and the Universe exploded again. This second explosion was far different from the first that had given him physical form and the coming of the Universe. It was a physical explosion emerging from his core. That day was the first day that the gases comingled with one another creating small explosions of their own. Comets and asteroids burst open into the black void of the Universe; stars erupted with flame and light. Suns and moons glowed with radiance, and the Universe became a moving entity, controlled only by the precise mathematics of Aeon’s power.

The Creator smiled at that moment, falling more deeply in love with what his mind and body birthed. But it came at a cost. The vast energies that gave life to the celestial bodies constantly fed off of Aeon’s vastness as the Universe continued to expand as he thought pass what was already there. He realized by looking into a future without his intervention; that once all of his energy was taken by the Universe, it would explode again returning him to his original form, thus destroying the beauty of the Universe that he now gained pleasure from seeing and loved immensely.

With the knowledge of the future now impressed upon him, he decided that in order to maintain the Universe, he would have to remove himself from the physical plain by submerging himself into a stasis sleep. The sleep would rapidly slow the growth of the Universe and allow the energies to sustain themselves rather than feed from him directly.

Aeon’s first stasis lasted for twenty four million millennia. Aeon determined that it would be necessary for him to recharge himself for twice the amount of time that it took him to allow the Universe to expand to its current depth, because his plan was to create for himself a companion, who would aid him in the creation of complex life, as well as maintaining the balance of the Universe while he was in stasis sleep.

Emerging from this stasis, Aeon could feel the immediate pull on his power from the Universe, but it was not as violent as it had been when he drew nearer to his stasis. Though as weak as it was to him, it created a massive sonic boom of energy that returned the Universal expansion to its previous speed. He knew that his long sleep had allowed him to amass enough energy to do the necessary work in creating his companion.

Aeon would call him Thutmos, which means Charm of the Sacred. Aeon spent ten million millennia molding Thutmos from the Universe’s energies and his own power. Aeon begin to have a conversation about Thutmos’s tasks and the coming of life through Aeon’s hand.

“Where should we begin?” Aeon asked his voice akin to the sound of a trillion raging storms. The sound wave that emanated from his voice cracked the surfaces of the celestial bodies, giving them their original shapes.

“We should begin at the center, where the circle passes through the celestial poles,” Thutmos replied, his voice akin to a billion rushing waves.

“A wise choice my son,” Aeon said.

“Will you set the creation in motion?” Thutmos asked eager to see it.

“Yes,” Aeon replied, waving his hand in a circular motion at the planet at the exact center of the Universe. “This planet is at the core of the Universe. It has no sister planet in another dimension or parallel in another Universe. Merridia stands alone and will forever be known as the first planet, where the original lower beings sprang from the hand of the true and only Lord of the Universe. With your eyes being the only others to have seen the Spring of Creation, you will also be known to the ages as The Divine Witness.” Thutmos looked as Aeon took the planet in one hand and pulled it out of orbit. The Creator glanced over the planet and smiled and then set his gaze to Thutmos. “Can you see it?” Aeon asked in a soft voice.

“I do,” Thutmos said and smiled. The instant he set his eyes on the planet, he could see it erupting with movement. Oceans sprang up, waterfalls surged into deep chasms of liquid, earthquakes rumbled across the entire planet, volcanoes blasted and storms raged in every corner. The violent moment gave the planet even more defined shape and separated the lands from one another as Aeon felt they should be.

“Now that you have seen the Spring of Creation, become part of it. Join in the bringing of life,” Aeon said, touching his other hand to Thutmos’s shoulder. “Be not afraid.” He uttered hearing Thutmos’s unspoken fear.

Thutmos set his hand upon the planet, and a wild scream echoed from the core of the planet. The planet shook with a wicked ferocity and then another explosion ripped from within the planet. From the center of the explosion, a being emerged about the size of Thutmos’s small finger, standing seven feet tall with a mass of eight hundred pounds. His eyes were glowing a startling gold and his hair matched, streaming down his back in perfect strands. He was naked, a golden field of energy radiated around his body. Despite being recently born, he was fully grown, with striking features.

Screaming at the top of his lungs, the naked man let out a blast of energy from his mouth powerful enough to level a dozen mountains. The energy bounced off of Thutmos like a pebble against the stalk of a tree.

“A lively little god,” said Aeon smiling as he looked at the feisty creature that he had just birthed within the planet Merridia. “What shall you call him?”

“I Lord?” Thutmos asked surprised that Aeon would offer him such a gift as to name the first being created on a living celestial body.

“Of course my son, it shall be your task to name all the living things that shall spring forth upon the planets throughout the Universe. That shall be your task as I slumber and contemplate the purpose of life for my greatest creation to come,” said Aeon motioning for him to begin.

“Then I shall call him Corvus, for he is of the core of his planet and at the very core of the Universe and shall forever be tied to the fate of Merridia. There shall be no one more powerful than he who steps on Merridia save for those who are endowed by The One Who Eclipses All,” said Thutmos.

“You give him great gifts my son,” Aeon smiled again.

“And more my Lord if it pleases thee,” said Thutmos, seeking approval before carrying on.

“Yes, my son, Prince of the Universe, let your word be as one with my own. What pleases thy heart pleases mine own,” said Aeon.

“Corvus, you shall rule Merridia as its chief god. Your word shall be law and you shall raise among you a great and magnificent family of gods who shall be offered praise by Merridia’s inhabitants. The people of Merridia shall be made to your liking by your hand and by the hands of those you grant power to, as Our Father has granted power to me and I unto you with his blessing. Merridia shall serve as the seat of knowledge and a stronghold of power throughout the Universe and its history shall help to shape the history of so many others. You shall wear the black and gold garb, a symbol of the deep depths of space and time and the radiant power of the everlasting stars that shall be the Sun of Merridia. Does this please you my child?” Thutmos asked.

“My lord,” said Corvus bowing his head as his godly garb covered his nakedness, immediately learning and understanding the cosmos and the hierarchy therein as Thutmos spoke the truth of his existence and the existence to come into reality.

“Go now then and continue what we have started child,” said Aeon.

Corvus shot like a rocket back to Merridia and dove into the planet’s surface, going through to the other side, creating a shockwave that would set creation further into motion on the planet.

“I have faith in you that you shall see my vision through our everlasting connection and make the Universe the wondrous place that it shall be where all may live in utter happiness,” said Aeon without receiving a word from Thutmos and disappeared into stasis.

Thutmos knew that he was alone to govern the Universe’s mathematical balance in Aeon’s absence. But his task now also included maintaining the balance of life throughout the Universe. Thutmos knew that the Merridians had already begun to multiply on their planet, but what had escaped him was that Aeon set off over a billion other births of life across the universe. The Spring of Creation was so vast that as he marveled at Corvus’s birth he didn’t notice the forces pulling at Aeon’s, nor his own power for life giving energy. Part of his dilemma was that he alone before Corvus did not understand how to give life, as it was something that only Aeon was capable of until he received the gift. Now it was squarely upon him to see that it was done to the satisfaction of his Lord.

Thousands upon thousands of years passed as life begin to grow and Thutmos could only watch and marvel at its growth. Thinking of the way things sprung up so neatly in their own perfection, he thought that his own creation must have been similar in some fashion.

Thutmos kept a close watch on and even developed a friendship with Corvus. He treated him as a son and even asked his opinion upon matters that could affect the entire universe. Today however, was something that Corvus surprisingly had more first-hand knowledge on, though Thutmos should have known by his position in the Universe.

“Do you find it wise to have others among you who can call themselves gods? Thutmos asked of Corvus’ brothers, consorts, and children.

“They give me comfort and a family,” Corvus replied.

“Our great Lord is all the comfort I require,” said Thutmos.

“Then that should be enough,” said Corvus happily.

“True enough my son. Though I am most powerful among all others with the exception of one, I do not know what it is like to rule. Free will is abound for all to be just or corrupt and I simply keep the balance, setting things into motion from afar, yet no one answers to me,” said Thutmos, almost melancholy.

“Then you will consult the Father?” Corvus asked curious.

“It is only his guidance that shall give me insight,” said Thutmos, vanishing abruptly from Corvus’s sight.

Thutmos stretched his power across the Universe to maintain its systematic movement and sat in contemplation for seven million millennia. He heard the voice of Aeon on a great many occasions, offering advice and comfort in order for him to find peace with his status as Chieftain of The Ripples of Time and Space, a new name that he had been given by The Architect of Life.

Thutmos was afraid of having all the knowledge and all the power that he possessed, he feared making companions of his own. He felt that it was Aeon’s plan to do so, but he had watched planets, gods, stars, galaxies and even universal systems destroyed by feuds and wars by those closest among one another.

“It will not be you my son,” Thutmos heard Aeon’s voice clearly in his head and felt a tide of relief wash over him.

Thutmos had peered into the future a dozen-million times and had seen the pain that his sons and daughters would wreak about the Universe. But he knew that an assurance from Aeon was unlike any assurance that he could offer to himself.

Five million more millennia passed and Aeon spoke to Thutmos from his stasis.

“You shall set in motion the coming of the governing body of the Universe. Grant them the knowledge and understanding forward so that they may serve their Lord fully in giving life to the generations to come. Hold no secret from them, give them the will to act freely, teach them so that they may live as one with Me in Our Union,” said Aeon with calm authority.

“It shall be as you see fit Lordship,” said Thutmos.

“Have no mind to it. You are first among all my children. While there will be the coming of more, they shall have not your place in all the days of life before or after Me and that shall be the Law of Power,” said Aeon and Thutmos could feel Aeon’s smile melt into his own.

“Then I shall do as instructed. I am overjoyed to be forever The Most Favored of my Lord Aeon,” said Thutmos.

Twenty billions suns imploded. A trillion stars sprinkled illuminated dust of their destruction, black holes joined together and the entire expanse of space shook violently changing life on every planet. Ice ages sprang up, planets once full of life became consumed with fire, baron wastelands sparkled with fresh water, and new species of life swam out of the waters and onto the land, and insects crawled from under rocks, and in some places the lowliest became gods and even some gods fell to their deaths.

From the center of the Universe out from the darkest matter a few meters from Merridia a being emerged bathed in an array of colors, which were great energies flowing through him.

Thutmos watched him grow rapidly, becoming as he was, a son of Aeon and a brother.

“I know you,” he said to Thutmos. “But who am I?” His face begged for the answer.

“You are my brother, Primsec, the First of the Second. Son of The Bringer of All,” said Thutmos. Thutmos smiled having felt the happiness in Primsec’s head. Primsec wailed in jubilation and the colors that flowed through and around him burst out into the Universe. Comets rippled from his energies and collided with a dozen planets, melting them to extinction.

“It is done,” said Thutmos and the kaleidoscope of colors left Primsec and he was as Thutmos was.

“We must destroy in order to be?” Primsec answered.

“We do not destroy; we seek to maintain a balance. For your energies to reside in the Universe it must be returned from whence it came. As you emerge from the Void of Power, others must return to it. As you are you may do no wrong. Only what must be done in the name of The Creator. Our Father,” Thutmos instructed.

“Is our purpose the same?” Primsec begged.

“It is. Our purpose is to serve Aeon and the Universe until that which comes after our Lord,” Thutmos said.

“What came before our Lord?” Primsec begged again, his face like unto a child fresh to the world.

Thutmos smiled.

“No thing,” said Thutmos as he out stretched his arms. Primsec was drawn to Thutmos. There was a pull on his being that he could not withstand. Gravity was a small needle compared to what drew him to Thutmos. When Primsec was close enough, Thutmos embraced him. Primsec folded into Thutmos and Thutmos into Primsec.

Once joined, Primsec could see everything that preceded him. He even saw Aeon teaching Thutmos about the Universe, when he was as curious as he was. Thutmos’s knowledge folded into Primsec’s psyche and greater power flowed to him through Thutmos. He felt filled with glory and righteousness. Primsec saw what was to come in all that existed except the coming of Aeon’s greatest creation.

After 2 million millennia, Primsec folded from Thutmos in greater glory.

“We’ve done all this in that time,” said Primsec as he stared into the expanse of the Universe.

“As I said. As you now know. Nothing is truly destroyed in the coming of Our Union. The power of Aeon endures where all else fails,” said Thutmos. “Now go and see that the Spring of Creation continues.”

Primsec rocketed into the blackness of space, zipping through the centers of stars and suns, all the while catching comets in flight and throwing them in another direction. In all the years with Thutmos he had not grown up. His spirit was one of adventure and intrigue. All that existed awed him to no end, and he loved everything more than himself. From afar Thutmos gave him another name, speaking it to him like a whisper.

“You are The Everlasting Grace and The Smile of Our Union,” said Thutmos pleased.

Time stretched on and Thutmos became absorbed in his duties while Primsec kept him company from afar, ever interrupting him with new ideas, throwing planets to him and asking his council on where they might go. Thutmos would smile like a parent mostly, but often he would role his eyes at him like an annoyed superior, not wanting to be troubled with trifle things.

“He is more like you than you know,” Aeon’s voice rose into space and Thutmos shuddered at his power, overwhelming him like a great weight.

“My Lord!” said Thutmos elated to see his father. “You have been gone from my sight for too long. Quite rested you are,” said Thutmos still in awe having not felt power greater than his own for so long.

“You called for me. You should not be surprised,” said Aeon looking at Thutmos inquisitively.

“Did I?” Thutmos was confused.

“If not, then who are they?” said Aeon opening his hands, revealing two stars in his hands, two nearly identical beings asleep within them.

“Surely I could not have sent them,” Thutmos spoke assured of himself.

Aeon smiled, “They manifested with me out of your longing.” Still smiling Aeon placed the stars in the dark expanse of space. From his eyes fiery projectiles flew into the stars, igniting them, making them brighter. With a rumbling roar, the two beings sprang to life and darted from the stars.

The sound of their movement reverberated across space and time as they rocketed around with no purpose or sense of direction. In flight they grew to nearly the size of Thutmos and Primsec. Thutmos followed them with his eyes, marveling at their rapid growth and carefree nature. They were like Primsec in that regard.

“Come,” said Aeon and the two darting creatures met his gaze, only a few feet from him.

“Chasm. Everdon. I know you,” said Thutmos as he spoke their names.

Chasm and Everdon bowed to Thutmos.

“You are The Most Favored. Like unto a brother to us,” said Chasm, her eyes narrowed investigating Thutmos. He was unfamiliar, but she knew him well.

“Yes,” Everdon added.

“Will you stay with us Father?” Thutmos begged.

“You know well the answer,” said Aeon gravely.

“It is your burden to shoulder as The Most Favored,” said Chasm fully knowledgeable of everything in Thutmos’s mind.

“Yes,” Everdon added.

Thutmos shed a tear as he looked upon Aeon.

“The Chain of Balance will come. You have sped the process along by interrupting my stasis. The others have been called by you in your longing for me. Chasm will guide you in all your contemplation and Everdon shall solidify your notions. Their bond to you is like our own. They will reside forever with you in the first quadrant. The others shall take their places as Primsec has already done. Everything is as it should be. You shall see me again during The Laying of Fire in the Home of the Souls,” said Aeon.

“I know not what these things are,” said Thutmos.

“You need not know. You need only do, and maintain the balance,” said Aeon, “all things will be revealed as they must.”

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