Old in Childhood

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How children can't enjoy their childhood and forced to enter the war of survival for living.

Submitted: December 27, 2007

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Submitted: December 27, 2007



Old in Childhood

When I born, my mother was a victim of famine.

She seemed to be unhappy at my coming,

as she thought I might die of hunger.

It had happened before with my elder brother.

When I got to five, they taught me to strike.

For a loaf of bread, I had to offer people a pitiless bite.

In return I got poverty, hunger, hatred and absence of humanity,

I played with no toys, but begged for currency.

When I was almost seven, I saw the beautiful skies,

I wasn't sent to school as in their opinion, I might be born wise.

My personality was growing in such an obnoxious way,

I'd never seen since my birth a cool brilliant day.

My days and nights were going the same way until I was thirteen,

then my parents felt that I was now a young man.

So they married me to a girl who was twelve at that time,

It was not okay but my clan considered it fine.

After that, I had to feel my responsibilities on both sides,

I'd got enough on my plate but they didn't leave me, the parasites.

It appeared that I was forty in age but I was nineteen.

In feeding my children and parents I passed my teenage years.

I never found in these long years a single day,

when I got time to think: what is this life full of joy?

My wishes, my dreams I could never feel or see,

Please let me know, when that stage will come to me.

I blame the other human beings of this world,

For making me old in childhood.

Copyright© 2006 All rights reserved.
Mujahid Akhtar
In search of Human Beings on the earth.

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