The Night I Would Never Forget

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A teenage boy finally opens up to his crush late at night and soon it becomes a night that he will carry with him years to come.

Submitted: May 20, 2014

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Submitted: May 20, 2014



It was a night I would never forget. Everyone in my family was fast asleep but I was completely awake. My was in my own room and I was about to open up to Alicia. The room looked as if it was the aftermath of a small tornado. My books, papers, and binders were all laid out everywhere on the floor and on both my beds. I messaged her, “Can we talk on the phone for 5 minutes?” I did some homework to while waiting for a response. After about two hours she replied, “Sorry, I don’t think I have time. Why don’t you just type it here?” Honestly, that is the worst excuse you could ever think of. “Please, it’s important and I have a lot to say.” “Fine. My phone number is 5128542331. Give me a minute.” So I waited until she said she was ready and then I called her. I said,“Hey Alicia..H-how are you?”. She replied,”...I’m good. What did you want to talk about?” “Listen, I just want to be honest with you. There is this question that I can’t stop thinking of. These last few nights, I have been having a little difficulty focusing on my homework because of this. I like you and I want your answer. I know that two years ago you had feelings for me. Do those feelings still linger or have they faded away?” She took a deep breath. My heart was pounding and every second of silence felt like an eternity. She finally replied, “ I don’t know how to say this but I’m just not interested in dating anyone right now.” Completely broken down, I said,” Oh… Well thanks for telling me. I really appreciate it.” She said, “Oh, thank God. I thought you were going to be really angry. He he.” “ No no. Not at all. I’m just glad that you gave me an answer. Anyways, good night.” “I’m really sorry, John. See you later.” Being distressed, I dropped the phone and fell down to the floor. I don’t know how long I laid down there but when I finally got up, I did not feel like doing my homework anymore. I slept until a new day began and the sun was rising.


~Twenty Years Later~

It was 10 P.M. Our marriage party was still going but Joanne and I decided to leave early. We were both introverts so it wasn’t surprising that we both chose to get out when the party was only half way through. We were finally married. We were both happy to be together. As the taxi took us home, we both held hands and relaxed in our seats. It was a fun but exhausting night. It was great to get a little rest and some time together. We had already been in a relationship for three years but I still couldn’t handle how stunning she was. She had long, blonde hair and her eyes were bright like the stars. When we got home, she went straight to bed and she immediately fell asleep. I decided to stay up and write in my diary about my day. After I finished, I put it back in my bookshelf. I didn’t feel tired so I just layed on a coach while reflecting. I thought about my past as a whole and how I felt at the moment. I felt happy but I didn’t feel complete. Deep inside, I felt as if I still had a small hole burning in my heart. That was when I recalled Alicia in my high school days. We were such great friends until I had finally confessed to her. People say that when you get rejected by your first crush it makes a big impact on you but when you wait a few years and finally marry a different girl, you will look back on that day and laugh. That wasn’t true for me. How different would my life be today if she had said yes that night?

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