Unclaimed Baggage

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a tale of woe about my life but with a ray of hope

Submitted: January 09, 2012

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Submitted: January 09, 2012




I am an abandoned suitcase

Disowned and discarded

Lying alone on the filthy tracks

Of a suburban railway station

On a cold wintry night

My Rightful owner thought

There was nothing precious inside

Or it must have been.

Too heavy a load

To carry on any further

He dropped me here and left ….

My cover is not flashy

People have not noticed me yet,

Even ..People of Lesser virtues

Have not been enticed

I lie unclaimed,


Alone on the filthy tracks

Of the small railway station ……

I do not have anything so precious inside,

But still hope,

That some generous soul

Or a pious Samaritan

Will open me up

And I can share the things inside me,

With the world.

I have a couple of books

That had some pages of wisdom

A few tales of Human struggle

Philosophies of Non violent Revolutions

Atleast it could have taught

A young soul –

That opening up a school means

Closing a hundred jails

A bouquet of flowers can stop

Raining of gun shots


A red rose,

Given as a token of pure love

To a charming damsel,

Is dearer than a golden pendant.

And that,

A Hostile but true enemy,

Is far better

Than a flattering but false friend.

I also have some old clothes

That might give some warmth

To a trembling body,

Shrieking in the cold.

Some amount of money is also there

That could have excited

A beggar forced to be; by destiny

To take up a small entrepreneurial dream

And embark on the path of hard work.

I have a mirror too,

That could have been used

By men

To discover valuable truths of life

Unknown to them.

I am not sure

Whether the world will ever open me up, And the rightful man

Will take only the things he lacks.


I am sure my owner will not come back,

I only fear that

I am not consigned to lie

In an old cupboard

Of a dusty dark cloakroom ………

…….. And me with all my belongings

Are lost forever

In deep gorges of wilderness.

Mridul Bora


© Copyright 2018 Mridul bora. All rights reserved.

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