The World that i seek... for Her

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The poetess is a pregnant mother awaiting the birth of her first child

The present world is rubbish...

It isn't a world of 5 oceans, 7 continents and 10 scores of nations
Its a world ...

..of a million cries, of a billion pains, of a trillion losses,

..of firing guns, of destructive bombs, of endless wars, of uncountable deaths,

..of rampaging streams of hatred, of swelling waves of violence,

..of dark,deep oceans of brutality, of sky-high mountains of injustice,

..of destroyed dreams, of crushed hopes, of stolen fates, of robbed journeys

..of charming lies, of broken promises, of fake smiles, of secret deals

..of unquenchable greed, of unimaginable cruelty, of indigestible success

..of the blood of innocents, of the crimes of the powerful, of the lust of the blessed

It's a world poor-- in mercy, compassion, trust and warmth
but rich-- in hunger, misery, exploitation and anguish

It's a world of too many poors, of too many vulnerabilities, of too many discriminations,
of too many rusted souls, of too many salivating tongues, of too many devilish actors

It's a divided world, a power-hungry world, a bloodthirsty world, a money-worshipping world,
a world where humans are dead, only beasts roam ; a world which, in reality, has ceased to be a world

Its garbage, the current world -- its hell
I don't want HER, to breath its air

What will SHE view when she walks around the world?

A Childhood where guns are friends?
An Adolescence rife with oppress?
A Youth hopeless, directionless, dreamless?
A Middle Life brimming with want that's ceaseless?
An Old Age spent in a wait that's endless?


I seek a Change...

I Want... A New World... for HER

A New World...

where the chain of brotherhood binds one and all,
..the spirit of humanity is distilled in each soul,
..each lip sings the songs of peace, each heart feels others' pain,
..each hand extends for help, each feet stands up in protest,
..each reason unmasks deceit, each eye searches for the truth ,
..each tongue rids itself of fear, each voice makes itself heard

A New World...

where no mouth goes unfed, childhood passes unschooled, disease lay untreated, evil exist undefeated cleavage remains unsealed grievance lay unattended

A New World...

where there is no rich, no poor;
where there is no North, no South;
where there is no man, no woman;
where there is no white, no black;
where there is no ruler, no ruled;
where there is no strong, no weak;

where there are only humans, content, peaceful, caring and united
living in a world of ideas, knowledge, discoveries and creations
amidst the 5 oceans, 7 continents and 10 scores of nations

Its this world, A New World, whose light SHE must see... when SHE opens her eyes.

Submitted: October 25, 2016

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