World War 2 - A different Ending.

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This is the sequel to "The Rise of An Empire" In which the Rebellion that takes over the USA, joins World War 2 on the side of the Axis.
How will the war turn out?

Submitted: January 29, 2016

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Submitted: January 29, 2016



Please read “The Rise of an Empire if you have not already. If you don’t this story will leave you with a lot of questions. "

The Rise of an Empire, is the Prequel to this story. 

August 10th 1935


The World is in disarray. The United States of America, once known as a great power, has been completely destroyed. What’s in it’s place is the RSA.


It shares views with the likes of Germany and Italy. With the RSA’s assistance, Germany is halfway done paying the debt by 1934. The once allied powers in World War 1 are in a state of panic.


a Top Secret Meeting is held in Paris, with the leaders of the UK, France, China, Canada, and Japan.


UK: What are we to do?! Germany has it’s eyes on just about all of the balkan states, and we can’t do anything about it!


Japan: I believe i can subdue the RSA. It thinks highly of itself, however they have kept their military secrets and technology in complete secret. If believe if i can concentrate a strong Naval Attack on it’s main Naval bases i can start to invade through canada.


France: Are you quite insane? You couldn’t invade the RSA, that’s damn near impossible. Also, did you see how well and how easily the RSA SS Marines destroyed the US Armies? It will fail!


Japan: ……...You think I Am not capable? That my country is not equipped to win a war against the RSA? I will prove you wrong. EVer since the end of the First World war You  all kept me in the dark. Japanese Emperor leaves


China: I don't like the sound of that. I’m scared that Japan might turn on us, unfortunately i’m currently in the middle of a civil war. My country is winning it but i couldn’t fight Japan, even if i had my full military might against them.


Canada: I will mobilize my army to 50% You all should do the same.


Everyone agreed to this.


January 13th 1935

Japan begins surprise attacks on RSA held islands. The World is shocked.

France and the UK begin Oil embargoes against Japan.


The RSA’s response is swift and hard. The RSA using 1,500 bombers drop over 5000 Napalm Bombs over Tokyo. Japan mobilizes its army to its fullest, however it will take some time. the RSA already has a full strength army. The Full might and technology of the RSA is finally known at the Battle of Japan


The RSA in unbelievable strength and speed Begins bombing Japanese bases and cities along the northern coast, and lands 750,000 SS Marines. The City of Sendai is burned to the ground with RSA hatred. The Japanese plan a counterattack 50 miles south west of Sendai, but even as the Japanese Soldiers begin to march Northward, they are met by 250,000 RSA SS Marines. Leading the 225,000 Japanese soldiers is the World’s Most intelligent military mind. Aiko Sakamoto


They meet 50 miles Southwest of Sundai. Behind Sakamoto, the Japanese form a protective barrier formation. As the RSA moves forward the Japanese form into a line and rush forward breaking the RSA formation, and flank around the now 2 RSA

groups. For the first time ever, the RSA has lost a battle. In the wake of the Battle the Japanese take 4000 RSA Marines prisoner, and confiscate 1000 dead bodies, to investigate RSA technology.


Their findings are incredible. It seems the RSA have invented a sort of vest 3x stronger than kevlar, but light as wool. Back in 1930 when the RSA took over the United States, the entire world was wondering how they won so easily. It seems that during that time the Standard Weapon of the US Army was the M1 Garand. That type of Weaponry did not have the penetration power to get through this new RSA body armour.  the UK and France, urgently request Japan to send the blueprints or copies of this new armour, Japan refuses. They shun us and keep us out of the picture, and now they want me to give them this new technology….o ho ho. i told them i would have my revenge”


January 17th 1935

Japan urges for a treaty. With the Oil embargoes and the might of the RSA’s Military, Japan cannot win the war.   RSA accepts. but only if Japan pays the RSA 20 million$. The United Kingdom and France refuse to assist Japan in paying the now huge bill.


Japan continues researching the RSA technology confiscated.

In Italy, riots take place all over the country in major cities. The Government fails to control them and soon falls. The new italian government wants nothing to do with any war.


January 19th 1935


Japan has a groundbreaking discovery. 3 types of Weapons confiscated from RSA soldiers. The first one appears to be a type of M14 Assault Rifle, it uses 20.5 rifle shells, only the RSA produces rifle shells of that caliber.


The Second weapon is a long range sniper rifle. It can focus automatically at ranges of up to 1 mile, and it fires 50 caliber explosive sniper rounds designed to speed up in the air.


The Last one is a 9 gauge Shotgun. Stronger than any shotgun ever made, Soldiers have to be wearing a special type of supporter when firing this weapon. Tests show that the shells designed for this weapon can penetrate through the trunks of Redwood tree’s.


April 1st 1935


China is now a unified country.

All goes relatively quiet for the next few years…………


August 17th 1939

The World is moving further into a state of panic. Germany has conquered the entire area around the balkan states, UK and France attempted to help, but with the threat of the RSA they had no choice but to back off.  


Canada is under constant threat from the RSA and as such has mobilized it’s army to full power.


August 20th 1939


a Top secret meeting is being held by the leaders of the world.

Canada, France, UK, Russia, China, Japan


China: it’s been 4 years since the unification of China, my economy and my military are both skyrocketing.  


UK: We have a big big problem, British Code Breakers have intercepted a message from Germany, intended to the RSA. Apparently it seems Germany wants the RSA to begin building 50 battleships. Germany would assist in supplying the metal. The money would come from Japan. Do you think the RSA will?


France: Of course they will.


UK: Now on to more pressing matters. Russia we need you on our side. the RSA poses a serious threat to the Allied Countries of the world, but with you on our side i think we can tip the balance.


Russia:...........Perhaps…….i will think about it. I have an army capable of crushing Germany, or the RSA however RSA technology is too advanced. The only person in this room who holds the secret to it is sitting right over there Points to Japan


Japan: Do you really think i will help you? After you shunned me? And then you put oil embargoes on me. No, you can attack yourself and find out about the RSA’s technology on your own.


UK & France: We will take it by force if that is necessary.


Japan: Remember, i’m the one with that technology, i can and will use it against you.


August 30th

France and the UK declare war on Japan.  The world does not know how to deal with this.  No one knows why.


Japanese scientists however have managed to upgrade the RSA technology.


September 1st 1939

Germany Declares war on Poland and Turkey.

Russia Warns Germany to step down immediately.


Italy, France, and the UK declare war on Germany

the RSA declares war on Italy, France, the UK

Russia declares war on Germany and the RSA.


It is full out war.


The World is being thrust into chaos.


September 10th 1939.


Germany begins attacking Poland. The first attack is towards Wroclaw. 400,000 German Infantrymen being the march at 8:00 PM Monday. Their Goal is to arrive on 3:00 AM Tuesday. However, due to weather conditions their attack is halted 15 miles west of the city. This gives the Polish Military time to react and prepare. The German surprise attack is foiled. There’s nothing else left to do but to attack the Polish Lines.

at 6:00 PM Tuesday Evening, they begin to march again. They arrive 2 miles west of the polish lines at 9:40 PM. The first move is to begin artillery strikes on the Heavily fortified areas. The Polish forts are bombed into dust. Now the German military rushes forward. In their way stands 250,000 Polish Soldiers. As for training, the German Military has been training for 5 years just for a moment like this. The german divisions spearhead the Polish divisions.  This goes down as the The Battle of Truth. People doubted the Polish Military, and this was truth to everyone that it was not up to task to fight a real war


Meanwhile on the Eastern front 1 million French Soldiers have massed at the Maginot Line. The Germans however aren’t that stupid.


Germany Declares war to Belgium and Luxembourg.


750,000 of the French Soldiers took this as an initiative to attack. Mannheim is the first target. It takes them 2 days and 1 night to arrive. However, there is no German military there. It would appear that the Germans did not expect the French to attack this direction.


Hours later, the French have secured the city. Thousands of civilians killed or else escaped. The French soldiers are fairly confident and party to celebrate. Unbeknownst to them, a German Spy is among them, waiting for the moment they fall asleep. He deliberately makes the French Watch Out completely and utterly wasted. During the night, he gets his moment and runs 3 miles north where 14 German Panzer divisions stand at the ready.


FridaySeptember 17th. 10:00 PM

The Germans make their move and attack. Firstly 100 German bombers torch the are, all but 245,632 French Soldiers are killed.

Next the Panzer divisions move in, crushing those who were just beginning to wake up. And now the German Infantry. France is shocked, to see 1 million soldiers killed so quickly or effortlessly.


September 20th 1939


France urges for a peace treaty. Germany, declines. The Attack into Belgium is quick and easy. Now, 2 million German Soldiers stand ready at the Northern French Border.

At the Maginot line 350,000 German Tanks move.


In the Pacific Ocean, Major Naval Battles are occurring. The British Navy is clashing in some of the largest Naval battles to ever occur. The RSA gains the upper hand in the Battle of the Celtic Sea and forces the British Navy to retreat.  The RSA’s plan of attack is simple, take Ireland.


September 21st 1939


The Largest attack ever conceived comes into action. 6.5 million RSA Marines land on the Western shores of ireland and move east. In a week, Ireland is under RSA Control


This is how the world looks.

World (1).png.


Russia begins research on a new type of 14.5 caliber Assault Rifle Ammunition. This new type of ammunition would be able to penetrate through RSA Armour. Research is underway.

In Europe Italy has begun mobilizing an army to attack the Balkan States.

The UK is in deep trouble. One man, has an idea that could tip the sides.

Benjamin Smith His idea is to go undercover inside the RSA, and disrupt flow and progress from the inside out. There’s only one problem: How to get inside the country

Winston Churchill, the King of Britain, had an idea. He was to be dropped in Canada where he would move south and enter the RSA through the canadian Border  However it will take time, and time is of the essence.

the 6 million RSA Marnes currently in Ireland are awaiting orders. Luckily for the British the RSA soldiers have no way across at the present moment.


Meanwhile Japan has joined on the side of the RSA. With the new RSA technology Japan is reasonable sure that a head on attack through the Southern parts of Italy will result in a decisive victory.  France Britain, and Italy have been hard at work at researching new technology that can face the RSA soldiers. Russia’s research on the new type of ammunition is nearly complete. The only thing that they need to figure out now is how to make it so the Bullets don’t lose their penetration power through the air. The Idea is found in a matter of days. The bullets and spiraled so as they come out of the barrel, they spin through the air increasing their velocity and penetration power. The part of the bullet that really hurts is the tip. The tip of these 14.5 Assault Rifle bullets are coated with treated Steel,Iron, and glass and are serrated like a shark tooth. Combine that with the spinning, and when this thing hits Human flesh, it is quite literally torn to shreds. Russian begins mass production.


September 28th 1939.

Russia has already produced 600,000 rounds of this new type of ammunition. The gun that fires it is an upgraded M16 Assault Rifle. The shells hold more gunpowder as to increase their exit velocity.  450,000 of these are immediately delivered to France. The Rest are shipped off to Britain.

Italy begins its first attack of the war. Surprisingly, the Italians have waited for bad weather to come so as to help the surprised portion of the attack work even better.

The First Italian targets are German Military Bases located west of Zagreb Croatia. However the Italians face multiple lines of resistance. More so in civilians than the Military forces located in the region. It seems that the Germans aren’t taking an effort to mobilize these areas. This in turn makes them an easier target.


Japan begins it’s trek towards Italy. Being as Japan is now allied to the RSA, they both share the same technology. What the Allies don’t know is that the RSA is constantly researching and inventing better parts and upgrading their weaponry.


One of the best RSA Inventions is shown at the Battle of Blackpool A British coastal city. The RSA Attempt an amphibious landing invasion. 10 miles off shores lies an RSA Battleship. it has 4 turrets mounted on it, 3 of them have 4 17.5 IN guns. the fourth one however, has hundreds of small barrels, it is the one turned towards the British city. Out of nowhere it begins firing. The hundreds of small barrels are firing 3.5 in explosive penetration shells.The British Bunkers on shores are obliterated.

Now, 1,000,000 RSA Marines are free to make landfall and gain a foothold in british land. However, the British have hid out in the forested hills surrounding the town. With the new russian technology, they begin firing. Rows and Rows of RSA Marines are brought to the ground. This could be the groundbreaking invention that wins the war.


October 10th 1939.

France is making a fighting shot. With the new Russian M816’s German Soldiers have no way to survive the French Onslaught. In just a week, the Germans are pushed back across the french border. Russia’s mass production has built 1,000,000 more of the M816’s and their Ammunition. 400,000 of these are shipped to Italy, to defend against Japan. The rest, russia keeps.

Russia now begins mass supplying poland with Military supplies. The Germans can not push any further at the present moment.


October 20th 1939

The World is shocked. The British plan is working 10x better than expected.

Benjamin Smith, has managed to convince 150,000 people, to reconstitute the

United States of America. They began their attack on the southern tip of florida. They had all access to RSA technology and weapons, so it will be down to the better trained army. Luckily, the USA began their attack in an RSA military base. They now have access to Military Jets and supplies built by the RSA. The RSA military is unable to unroot them. This causes the RSA to pull back 500,000 RSA Soldiers from Ireland to destroy the rebellion. However, The French Navy, had blockaded the route from Ireland to the RSA, so for now they’re stuck.  Being as the RSA sent its entire military force that was ready for combat. There is no one to stop the US from attacking. They begin their attack at Savannah and Columbus in Georgia. 75,000 troops to each city.  Their plan is to attack and take both areas, then meet in Atlanta.


However, the RSA has 34,000 Soldiers hurried for war. They are placed at Savannah. The attack there lasts for a week. The Battle is determined by who could last out the other. The US division under Sergeant Mcconnell take up defensive positions on the outskirts of the city and begin gassing the RSA positions unrelentlessly. Once there's enough gas to mask an entry they attacked. The RSA soldiers had no idea they were coming.

The USA now controls 3 RSA states. Their power is growing.


October 31st 1939

The RSA is hurrying it’s soldier training. With the USA in the South East, there is no divisions to fight it. the RSA 35th Infantry division was destroyed at savannah. In Europe, Germany has begun napalm bombing French Infantry. The result is devastating. 465,007 French Soldiers are killed instantly.

To counter Russian technology, Germany has begun using shells coated and encased in explosives, so when they strike the target they explode. 600,000 German Soldiers march west across the maginot line, in their way stands 1,000,000 French soldiers. Now is the time to see which Ammunition is superior.

The French Guns can penetrate through multiple people. However, the German ammunition whn exploding causes tiny pieces of the shell to shoot outward. Just to be sure, the Germans strike the area with Artillery barrages. When they crest the hill,nothing is in their way


Meanwhile, 400,000 Japanese soldiers have arrived on the southern tip of italy. Once again under General  sakamoto. the Japanese have 25 divisions, 10 go left to flank, 10 go right to flank. The other 5 take the 15 Italian divisions head on. However, the Italians with Russian technology are able to fend off the japanese attack. Both sides suffer major loss’s. the Italians are left with 25,000 soldiers. The Japanese with 10,000.

In America, 50,000 RSA Marines, specially trained are ready for combat. For the USA they can only muster 24,150.


Both sides meet in Charlotte North Carolina.

This, could be the battle that determines the future of the RSA.

The US Marines, train for 3 days before moving forward. The RSA Marines march day and night to get there,

the US divisions being bombarding the area with Artillery strikes. the RSA soldiers do the same.

They see each other for the first time on November 4th 1939 at 11:30 PM

750 feet away, 1000 US Snipers being firing. The US Soldiers have the advantage on the lower ground.

The RSA General is a rookie. He orders his troops to march over the hill, as they do the US marines gun them down. After 30 minutes, only half of them are left. They begin retreating. The US marines charge after them, but give up chase. The RSA soldiers have fled into a forest, going after them would be suicide.


November 5th 1939 10:00 AM


the RSA General in question, was put on death row for his actions in combat. His execution date is set for November 31st. This time, a new general, a more dictator type general is put in charge of the remaining troops. His name, Frederick Malsbury a veteran war general, he served over the US 1st division in World War 1.


On the other side of the World, Russia is running out of supplies to mass produce. France has completed research on a new type of weaponry. It fires explosive shells at a fast rate. Basically an M60 that fires High Explosive shells. The concept is incredibly difficult. The first one made, is a complete failure. Further research is required. However, a telegram arrives from Russia,  explaining to put explosives in the cap of the shell. The second M60 V2 produced, is a complete success. The RSA signs a peace treaty with the US, ceding North Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama to the USA. What the RSA doesn’t know, is that the US is sending in Spies to the RSA to disrupt production and research.


November 10th 1939.

All is relatively quiet in the world, the Militaries of the world are recovering from the past battles.


November 25th 1939

a Massive explosion has rocked Philadelphia. It seems a key research facility has exploded. The culprit in question has yet to be found.

Unbeknownst to the world, that was a US spy. With the explosion of that research facility the RSA’s ability to conduct proper research has been crippled.


Germany, finishes research on a brand new type of armour, while it can withstand the hit of Russian Weaponry, it can’t stand the new French M60 V2. Luckily, only France and Russia know of France’s new weaponry.


November 25th 9:30 PM.

German Soldiers in saarbrucken being the move towards the French Border. at the French border 500,000 French Soldiers lie in wait, with the new M60 V2.


November 26th 5:35 AM

The german soldiers come into sight. The French troops begin firing. In an instant German soldiers are being throwing back from the force of the shells hitting them. the French 5th Infantry division advances, cutting down every, single german soldier.


The World is shocked. A telegram from the RSA arrives in france. It reads:


France, this is the RSA. The dominant power on the planet. I’am hereby demanding that you give us your secret weapon that allowed you to defeat the German attack so easily. If you refuse, you will face the wrath of the RSA military might. I might add, i already have 7 million troops in Ireland ready to invade. Your measly little fleet won’t be there for very long.

Farewell, French Weaklings.

-RSA President/Dictator Ronald White.


France’s response is quick and short. “Bring it on”


Russia begins deploying troops on the Polish - German border. The war is going well.

Japan is currently researching new shells.

the US begins making trade routes with Russia. the US’s population is rising, as thousands and millions of people rush into the US out of the RSA. However, the US’s population is only  at 9.8 million, compared to the RSA’s 467 million. the US begins training its military, in a month it will have 500,000 Fresh US Marines.


France is advancing to the German City of Nuremberg. German infantry is unable to stop the French onslaught, their next move is to bring in PAnzer divisions. the French M60 V2’s cannot penetrate the armour of these, however the French have quietly been in furious research to develop sniper rifles capable of penetrating even a German Tiger. It will take  at least a month for completion, so now the French strike the Panzer divisions with multiple artillery strikes. It doesn’t do much except for stopping them.


November 30th 1939.


George Wallsburg, the General put on death row, escapes. the RSA begins a massive manhunt for him, but is unable to find him. Germany signs a Cease Fire with Poland.

Russia is still moving troops to the German border however, and will not accept peace.

Italy continues its movement East, talking German controlled Balkan States. With the victory at The Battle of Sicily the ITalians are more motivated than ever to put an end to German Rule.

France, having prepared for an RSA invasion moves it’s fleet southward, to meet up with the 5th French Battleship fleet. 5 French Battleships, all armed with 4 turrets with 4 16 in guns on each of them.

the RSA’s response are 3 Rebellio class Heavy Battleships. These battle ships are armed with 3 turrets, how ever on the turrets, are 50, 5 inch High Explosive cannons. The shells all fire at the same time, they angle on one spot. So imagine 50 5 inch guns all aimed on one particular spot.

the French are staying on the defensive. This gives the RSA the chance to test a new missile. Called the Type 6 Tomahawk missile. Fired from the Eastern coast. French radars spot it 2 miles away, but at that point France only has 30 seconds to react. The Missile slams into the Colbert  cutting off the forward bow. Immediately it begins to sink. Now the RSA Navy comes into view at 19.5 miles. Those 5 inch guns can fire at 11 miles. The remaining French Battleships fire. The shells hit the RSA ships and bounce off. They advance to 13 miles. Now the French Navy begins retreating, but at this point the RSA Heavy Battleships are in range. On the RSS White all 150, 5 inch guns fire towards the magazine deck on the Charles De Gaulle As all shells begin to slam into the ship, it explodes with such force, that the ship next to it is rocked back and forth. the Last 3 French ships hurriedly retreat back to port. the Coastal Artillery, fires. It’s shell hits the deck, and penetrates but stops part way through. Surprisingly, France has APCR (Armour Piercing Composite Rigid) ammunition for Coastal Artillery. IT fires again, and pierces through the hull, crippling the ship. the Heavy Battleship fires once more, destroying the Artillery. The rest of the RSA Fleet falls back to avoid further damage. France now starts research on developing missiles to defend the country against Naval Attacks.

The United Kingdom request that France share military research. France accepts.


December 10th 1939.

Russia begins the advance on the German Border, unfortunately for the Russians. the Germans have hundreds of landmine fields, to stop an aerial invasion they also have the area filled with AA Defense.

the Germans are focusing aerial attacks on the Eastern Front. the Germans have evolved to using superheated shells. The guns that the Germans use shoot shells at a temperature of 300 degrees. the French Clothing and parts of the armour often light on fire.

More south,the Italians are preparing for a march northward into Germany. The only thing that can save the Germans now is the RSA. The 6.5 million soldiers in Ireland, are extracted and moved into Germany. 3 million to the Eastern Border. 2 million to the Western Front. and the remaining 1.5 million to the southern front. With the destruction of the Main Warfare Research facility “MWRF” the RSA has been unable to research any further. However, the RSA technology is still strong enough to handle the French, and especially the Italians.


December 20th 1939.


The attack on East Germany will have to be halted. the Russians have no way to get around the Minefields, they have chosen to go the long way, the ETA is expected around January 3rd. the Italians are moving 150,000 troops to the southern German Border. the French are holding positions in Southern Germany. Reinforcements of 2 million are on the way from Paris.

Meanwhile Japan is getting ready to prepare an attack up the Eastern side of Russia, the only thing there is 100,000 Russian Heavy Infantry. However they are in the mountains and Forests right in the way. Japan plans to drop in 650,000 Paratroopers.

In America, the USA is preparing to take down the RSA by force. the RSA is preparing for the same thing. In Atlanta, as well as rebuilding there is a military draft. So far 500,000 Men have signed up for war. In the RSA 350,000 Men have lined up for war. IT seems the People of the RSA are not happy with what they’re doing. Riots have sprung up in Philadelphia, and New York. However, RSA police forces have quelled them.


December 31st 1939.  

the RSA begins Operation Takeover The plan is to attack Italy with Brute force, once destroyed, the plan will be to attack through Southern France. Japan should be able to handle the Russian Traitors. the RSA has 1.5million troops vs 500,000 Italians.


In America, a massive explosion has rocked the RSA once again. This time, a primary infrastructure facility has been destroyed. the Culprit once again has made it away. This explosion has crippled the RSA’s Economy. In turn damaging it’s power to reinforce the military. For the time being, the RSA has 7 million troops, 6.5 of which are in europe.


January 3rd 1940.

The USA drafts into the military 500,000 Soldiers. The USA Declares war on the RSA.  

the USA sends 100,000 Marines, specialized with the best Weaponry and the Best armour, westward. the remaining 550,000, moves north towards Richmond Virginia.

It will take a few days however. Luckily, the RSA believe the USA will be attacking along the coast, Richmond is well underprotected.


6 million soldiers, reach the Southern French line. As the RSA marines come into view, French Artillery bombards them and French Snipers open fire. As the battle begins, the 2 million reinforcements are only a mile away. the RSA moves quickly southward towards the french position. As they made contact, the French M60 V2 is proving to be useful, however the RSA still have extraordinary weaponry. At close range they use the 9 gauge shotgun. the 2 million reinforcement,s crest the hill to see the 500,000 soldiers getting mauled. the RSA divisions haven't noticed them. The General of the 2 million soldiers, has an idea. The RSA soldiers are only 100 feet away, and down. He orders all Troops to throw their Frag Grenades on the RSA soldiers.


The Result is devastating, as the Grenades rain down bunches of RSA Marines are thrown and killed. The 2 million reinforcements then open fire. They’ve brought with them a cannon, that shoots an explosive shell. They fire it right in the middle of the RSA group. As the French advance, the RSA has no choice but to retreat. However, the French give chase. Only 1,247 RSA Marines make it out alive, and the French now have a free opportunity to advance forward.

It is known, as the Battle Of the Beginning of the End. The RSA are now on complete retreat.


Japan beings the trek into russia. Their only way through the mountains is a pass. What the Japanese don’t know however, is that the Russians have booby trapped the pass with Landmines, Traps, etc.


January 5th 1940.

the American 6th Infantry Divisions, move north towards Richmond, The only thing in the way is 500 police officers. Off the coast 15 miles away, they can see RSA Warships waiting for a naval attack that will never come. The Police officers, don’t hold off very well, and by Noon on the 6th of January, Richmond is in US hands.

The thing that makes Richmond so important, is that in richmond is a top secret military base. there are currently 450 RSA Officials, inside the base. the US’s plan is to bomb it. As the bombs are going off, the US moves forward, gunning down every single RSA official. They now have Military plans and blueprints developed by the RSA. After having gone through the notes, they now know that the 500,000 RSA troops are to undergo training at 6:00 AM on the 10th of January.

An incoming message says that the attack West is going successfully, they now have Louisiana, and half of Texas in their grip. Their goal is Phoenix Arizona. There, the highest grade RSA Weapons, Tools, Vehicles, Machinery is located.


January 9th 8:30

the RSA Soldiers will be undergoing training in the morning. 25,000 US Soldiers are going to bombard the Base at which they stay. Their training grounds are 50 miles West of HarrisonBurg. The US Soldiers move out now. The are due to arrive at 4:30 AM.


January 10th 4:30 AM. The US Soldiers arrive, just as the RSA Marines are leaving for training. The Military base is now empty. the 25,000 US Soldiers move in and begin  tearing the area apart with Gunfire, Grenades and just plain destruction. In the attack, they also steal Top Secret Military Plans.


January 10th 3:00 PM

the RSA is appalled. Their Military base at Harrisonburg has been raided. An attack is planned , to move 300,000 RSA Heavy Marines Southward, towards Atlanta Georgia.

the USA is drafting more Men into the military.


In Europe, Britain is landing 500,000 British Infantry onto the Northern Coast of Germany, to make sure the remaining RSA soldiers cannot escape.


The attack through Eastern Russia, is a complete failure. the Japanese divisions have been destroyed.


All goes relatively quiet in the world, except for America.

the USA is advancing quickly west. Their target Phoenix Arizona is within 50 miles. The RSA isn't in a position to blockade the city. Although it might seem Mother Nature is on the RSA’s side. As the 50,000 marines cross over the Arizona - New Mexico border a very strong storm starts heading their way. The nearest city is Alpine. However, the storm may get there first.


January 10th 10:00 PM As the Marines get to Alpine, the storm hits. It’s a severe Thunderstorm. The streets begin flooding in 10 minutes, the wind is throwing garbage cans into buildings. As the group huddles behind a wall, Lightning strikes across the sky. the Roar of thunder is like a lion.

When the storm finally passes, they continue moving. Although they lost 300 due to flooding.


January 15th 1940.

The group finally arrives at the outskirts of Phoenix Arizona. It is a very large city, with only 50,000 of them it will take time to subdue the city. They start by doing bombing runs down the more populated parts of the city. Actually controlling the city will take time.


April 1st 1940.

The war has been relatively quiet over the past few months. the only battle during that time was an offensive by France and Britain to wipe out the remaining RSA Troops in southern Germany. There are still 500.000 German soldiers North of Berlin. 500,000 British soldiers are heading their way.


April 4th 1940, Russian government collapses. The People have taken over and withdraw from the war. In Germany, the remaining 500,000 German Soldiers are fighting a last stand. With 250,000 French soldiers behind them, and 500,000 british soldiers in front they are going to be hard pressed.

with German Technology they begin to make a stand, but the French have much better technology. The battle ends in a week. However, the Allied side has suffered great loss’s.


However, there are still 1.5 million marines at the Southern German Border. Their attack has not been commenced. There aren’t enough allied soldiers to take them on.

Luckily, London and Paris are both drafting. by May of 1940, there should be 700,000 new allied soldiers. 300,000 French, 400,000 British.


In America, the RSA is urging for a peace treaty. the US declines and prepares for the most important attack in the entire war.Operation End it now  The plan is to go north and attack the RSA Capitol head on. However, an attack is not yet possible. There are multiple sniper tower and watch outs stretched out 100 miles from the city. To take out the sniper towers is a huge challenge. The only option is to bomb them. the procedure will take over 1 month. The plan is to go under the cover of night and plant C4 inside the watch towers.

It should be done by May 3rd.


April 5th 1940.

US Watchouts spot a large number of RSA marines 50 miles north of Atlanta. They estimate 150,000 to 400,000. 10 miles south of there, 300,000 US Soldiers are sitting at Fort Alpha. 150 US stealth bombers move out.

In Europe, the 1.5 million marines are moving towards the Allied remnants. it’s 1.500,000 vs 750,000. The allied divisions are on the retreat. German rule is all but crushed. Northern Germany is overcome, and  a new government comes to power. They rename the country to Ascana.

the Allied soldiers are on the run. They stop West of Berlin to make a last stand.

Their plan is to hold them off long  enough for reinforcements to arrive. The RSA soldiers are very well trained and know what to expect.



Time for an update.


Allies - United Kingdom, France, United States of America. Ita;y.

Axis - RSA, Japan.


Currently the RSA has 1,500,000 troops Moving north towards Berlin. There are 750,000 Allied marines there.

Here is a Map for better understanding.



The USA has 400,000 Soldiers in Atlanta. The RSA has 500,000 Moving southward, but US bombers have spotted them.


April 7th 1940

The allied troops near berlin, have 1 weapon they can use to their advantage., German Weaponry.

They have found a surplus of German weapons, these of course were the weapons the Germans used that lit french soldiers clothes on fire. Unfortunately the RSA also have this weapon, but in short supply. The RSA plans to use it only when desperately needed.


April 14th 1940 the RSA Marines are closing, only 10 miles away at this point.

French Coastal Artillery begins firing, they can hit the RSA marines at 10 miles, if they can hit. The shells being fired are 17 inch high explosive shells, when they hit they have an explosion radius of 75 feet. a French Scout plane takes off the get a look at where they are.

After the plane takes off, the runway is slammed with Artillery. the RSA marines are only 5 miles away.


April 14 7:30 PM.

the RSA Marines come into sight of US snipers, they begin firing away. French Coastal artillery begins hammering away at the groups. the RSA know they have to take out that coastal gun.


Overhead an RSA bomber flies, it drops a 500kg bomb right onto the coastal gun, destroying it. Now both sides rush forward, the French/British forces run towards the RSA Marines with no fear in their hearts, firing away.

As both sides begin firing at each other, the French with German Weaponry, begin to gain an advantage.


RSA Soldiers clothing is lit on fire. they begin to retreat, but it’s too late.

A burnt Journal was found at the battle scene.


I hope someone see’s this. I’am an RSA Secret Soldier. We are currently under attack by French and British Marines, if someone see’s this. tell my wife i love her. I never should have joined into the RSA Military. I’m sorr-”


The text ended there, with a bloodstain.


April 16th 1940

the RSA Offers a treaty with the remaining allied powers.

They All agree. The USA will keep it’s current land, and the RSA will relinquish all Land outside of America.  In accordance with the Treaty of Washington. the RSA will cut military spending by 75% and will pay 500 million US dollars to the allied Powers.


April 20th 1940

Japan surrenders to the allied powers.

In accordance with the Treaty of Tokyo. Japan will be forced to cut Military spending by 25% and will hand over ALL RSA Technology.

Japan will also have to pay 150 million US dollars to the Allied powers.


The War, has finally come to an end  Millions of soldiers died on both sides, to fight for their countries.


The End

Did you enjoy this story? I certainly hope so!

Fun fact: I began Writing this story at the start of December of 2015. I finished it on January 29th. 

Thanks for reading and remember, if you have a war scenario, let me know and i will begin writing when possible. 

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