Daniel's Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a story of my Car accident I was in and A story about my parents geting split up

Submitted: November 26, 2010

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Submitted: November 26, 2010



Tiffany Rene Taylor "Eye's Only"  q

I'm Daniel Jacob Kosic. And this is my story of a kid who stuggled threw his life.

We are moving to Shiloh a new house. My father Mike , Amy my mother Also my brothers
Mikey an Nathan  went to look at this house we found for sell. As we arrived we saw that
there was much work going to be attented to make this house liveable.As we all looked
around we all finally met all together in the living room. The biggest room in the intire house!
Near the front door. My dad said to us all

Dad " I hope you all are ready to be working this summer"

We all knew that ment we was geting the house! We all was ready and excited to be moving
into our new home.
As we came back to our regular house we are currently living in, back in Shelby.We all
did as the same as if we didnt even go look at a house. Mikey was always on the com-
puter. My mother and father was watching tv laying in their bed.
Nathan and I was also on the computer. We each had one.
The next day after-noon we all headed over to Shiloh at 125 west main st. Our new home
We started from scratch and it took a lot of work to get it all done! But after a couple of
months we had completed the house. And it became a sweet home with a blessed

two months later.

 Our home is fantastic! It became to be the most beautifull house we have ever
owned and it was kept in decent shape also very well cleaned. I was sleeping in the
living-room near the front door. I fell asleep one night and I woke up at 5:00 am to my Dad
leave for work. He works in Shelby in a factory called Philips Manufactoring. I fell back
asleep moments before I herd his truck start and headed down the drive way. Once again
I wake up to my dog barking I yelled his name


He looked at me with a tilted-side-ways head. I noticed someone was knocking on the front door.
 I got up but before I could answer the door my mother got there before me.
I listened

mom " Hi I'm Amy"
Shelly " Hello I'm Shelly"

It was weird seeing them together at first giving hugs at first sight .They had just met each
outher. It was as if they was long lost friends who hasnt saw each outher in a couple of
My father and mother started going to Shellys house a lot and playing cards and drinking
 beers and watching tv with them. My dather became good friends with Shellys husban
Mike Stephens. They all became very good friends they would come over and play
horse shoes and drink have cook outs and much more, we all became good friends
it was like we all combained our family together.

3 months later.

 My parents have been acting very funny. And Been acting diffrent. One night
I was up town playing basketball with some friends. I came back home to see whats
going on. All I saw was clothing thrown out in the middle of the yard and leading a trail of
womans underwear, bras ,shirts,pants. ext. I walked inside and I say my dad I said.

DJ "Where is mom?"

 He didnt answer me I looked at Nathan and asked where mom was?
No one was talking, I fliped oppen my cell phone to text my mom to see if she was okay.
My dad said to me

DAD " stop texting your mom"

 I glance down to see my father holding my mothers phone going threw it.
My mom came back they started yelling and fighting I ran out the door and went to
Shellys and Mikes house. I fell asleep in their living room floor.
That morning I woke up and I walked down to my house hoping everything was okay.
I see my mom in the distance walking toward me. She told me she was going to Judy's
and that everythings okay and that I can go back to my house. I went back there and it
just wasn't the same. My mom had her phone back and I was texting her she said

Mom " Your  dad has a friend coming over soon"

 I started to think he was cheating on my mom

DJ " Who?"

Mom " you will see"

 moments later Shelly knocks on the door. Her and my dad walked into his
bedroom and locked the door. I hear the sounds of "Sex" and moaning. My heart
droped to my shoes.

3 months later.

 Shelly and I fight a lot. and I hate when she talks shit!. I get so angrey!
One day I spent the night at Josh's We woke up and Michael his older brother
needed to do some stuff for his Grandmal Judy. Josh Michael and I went to Lloyd's
Josh's dad's hosue. We played some video games on the big screen tv for a while
after that josh's phone gets a text it's my dad he texted

Dad " Is dj with you"
Josh " Yes"
Dad" where are you"
Josh" why"
Dad" where are you"
Josh " Lloyds"
Dad" Go out side I'll be there in a secound"
Josh" Okay"

 I walked out side and I saw him coming over the tracks pulling in the side of Lloyds
house at the Firestation he damned near hit me with his truck. Dad asked me

Dad " Was you at the house this morning"
DJ " No"
Dad " Someone broke into my bed room and I'm geting finger prints! So you best not
be lying"
DJ " Josh! Have I been to my house today? Or this morning?!
Josh" No? he's been with me all day"

 My dad leaves. So Michael gives  Josh and I a ride to my house.
I walk inside and my Dad starts yelling Shelly tells me to leave that no one there loves me.
or wants me there so I left. Later on that day I got a text my dad said.

DAD" The cops said that you are not allowed at the house anymore"
 So I told him that I wanted the cop to tell me not him. So I walked up to the
Shiloh Police Department in Shiloh. I told the cop

DJ " My dad has custody of me I'm only 17!
Cop" You herd me and your herd your father
DJ " Okay fine!

 See my life is just really messed up but here I'am today with really nothing

Chapter  Struggle

 Before all of this happen , A week before my Parents had split up. I was in a
car accident. We was going 55 mph  and as we was getting ready to pass and
entersection a lady ran the red light and hit us straight on causing people behind us to
also hit the back of us , It became to be a 3 car accident, All I remember was coming
back from church "Wired" and I was playing Mairo card on the handheld D.S and I was
in first place about to win the race! and then "BANG!" ..... Air bags deploed and I noticed
we was hit. My first instink was to make sure everyone was okay. I looked over and ask

Dj " Are you okay?"

 Cody looked at me with a weird face. I asked my friend Howard

Dj " Are you okay ?"

  He had a chipped tooth. I tryed to oppen my door to get out of the car. It was
jammed. I looked at cody and said

DJ " I smell gas we need to get out"
 I climbed threw the window passnger side and I moved the front seat forward
so Howard had away to escape. As we got out I looked around

 sigh... so many people stoped and was looking mostly at my face. I didnt know
what I looked like and I felt no pain. I was in shock . I walked to the nearest gas-station
I walked inside the Gas Station and there was a lady moping I asked her

DJ" May I use your bathroom please"

 She pointed toward the bathroom without looking cause she was to focused
on her job of moping.
 As I walked into the bathroom with blood pouring from my face I looked
into the mirror and saw my neck was slashed my lip  was huge and split oppen. My neck
had glass shoved threw it .. I grabbed Some tissuse and walked out the bath room.
Meanwhile Cody was up at the accident sight. As I  walked slowly toward the lady she
ask me

Lady " Are you okay ?!"

DJ "Yes I'm fine we was in a car accident up the hill from here. I just came to check my
face out.

Lady" I'm glad your okay! Do you need some Ice?"

DJ" Yes place.

 She gave me ice and told me to go see the mdecial people.
As we got to the top of the hill I was over-ruled by medical people.
Medical people " Do you remember anything?"

DJ" Not really?"

Medical people " Everythings going to be okay"

Medical people " We need a strecher"

 As they strapped me in I realised I was  in the amblance and I was on my way
to the hospital. Cody and Howard was allowed to call their aparents becuase They
was above the age of 18 of the time of the accident.
 I was 17 so they didnt give me an opption to call my parents. So as I got to
the hospital it took the doctors a long time to come see me. They Tryed to give me
shots and phills but I didn't let them I told them

DJ" I'm not in pain!"

4 hours later.

 I was still in the hospital and my mom came and said

Mom " Is he okay?"
 I herd her voice coming from the hall way I said

DJ " Mom come in , its okay"
 I was so glad to see my mother and I was really happy that she came to get
me.  We had a lot of test done, and A couple of hours later the doctor came back and
told me I was okay he didnt see anything wrong, And  I was Allowed to leave...

Heres the secret. The story you just read is over.
The secrect is , Even know doctors didnt see I had any problems My problems are in
my head, Anxiety , panic attacks  and poster-maticstress disorder,

I'm learning to over come these problems.

 So I wrote this just for Tiffany Rene Taylor, And I hope She has a new View
of What I have been going threw. And she understands it and Knows that I just shared
The past 3 years of my life with her, And That she knows I care, So im going to tell
you guys about Tiffany.

 She's cute , funny, smart, good looking beautifulll she has a smile that can
make anyone fall in love with her, People say Love at first sight is a little wicked?
of course it is guys!?! this is me though speaking right to you Tiffany, I couldnt want
nothing more than to be The person you lean on when you need it, Cause I been threw
hell and back My shoes Are almost melted to the laces. But I still mannage to wake up
every morning and Look up at the sky and Smile. I mannage to live my life to the most
indurance life I can.
Welll thanksgiving wasnt to long ago, yesterday..
you was gone  For a parade! thats Awsome I hope you had a good time

Well I stayed at my Josh's hosue so I can go to my dads for thanksgiving, Bad idea,
not really happen I ate and left, all That had happen I was back at josh's and my mom
never texted me cause she was suppose to pick me up to go to my aunts house to eat
for thanksgiving dinner, Well apparently , she wasnt texting me back, I looked at my Aunt
and said can someone call my mom so I can know if she's at Di' Di's or not?
well my mom was there and she was "Messed up"
 I got a ride to Di'Di's from Josh's brother Michael, And as I walked inside, I carried my Guitar in
I saw feet in the hall way I walk in and See my mom not moving, not talking
Pretty much passed out on my aunts kitchen table, I said
mom are you okay? she didnt move or she wont talk for like 10minuts after someone
had spoken to her.
So I iggnored it and walked away.
seriously like 4 mins later I walked into see if my mom was okay?
she Had a ciggaret lit and it was on the floor catching the floor on fire!
I said mom you ciggaret is on the floor as I picked it up!
I looked at her with a sad face, and I left.  I went back to Josh's to stay. I didnt know what
to do or who to talk to... I texted Tiffany, "YOU"
and you cheered me up I dont know how you do that but I thank you,

I cannont WAIT to hangout with you  It will be fun so Okay... I did type a lot
and I hope you read it all but here I go I'm going to Save this and send it to you on face
book. enjoy,

 Much love ,
 Daniel Jacob Kosic.

© Copyright 2020 MrKosic. All rights reserved.

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