Anxiety before the Job

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Preparing for a job interview can be frustrating for some, especially if it's your first. Read on to see how Pat deals with intimidation and insecurity prior to his interview and how he overcomes them.

Submitted: July 28, 2008

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Submitted: July 28, 2008



The interview

The morning was quiet and refreshing, the blaring sounds of early morning traffic had ended due to it being a Saturday, and the only noise that entered Pat's room were the playful tunes of the morning birds. Of course, Pat could barely hear the bird's singing because of his rattling computer, which remained on during the night downloading the latest movie flick. Despite the noise of his computer, Pat slept comfortably in his bed until the deafening shriek of his alarm clock sprung him out of bed. Pat turned off his alarm clock, proceeded to his computer, and turned on the monitor. The bright light of his flat screen monitor forced him to look away while his pupils contracted, a painful sensation he went through every morning. With his back facing the monitor, Pat slowly walked towards his nightstand and put on his glasses. Now that his vision was crystal clear, Pat peeked out his window, took a breath of the fresh morning air mixed with the smell of cut grass, and watched the rain slowly fall to the ground on a nearly empty street. He turned away from the window and walked back to his computer and examined the curious message that stood in the centre of the screen. The message, in large and bold font said, “ Your computer has committed an illegal operation and will now shut down”. With the click of a button, Pat’s computer restarted itself and ran it’s typical /2 hour diagnostic test. Useless piece of junk, Pat thought to himself. He his computer to vent his frustration, but all it did was restart again.

Pat took a deep breath; he was extremely frustrated that his morning was going badly and that it was raining on the day of his job interview. Pat looked at his computer, the old aging beast that he received second hand from his brother when he moved out. As soon as a I get a job, I’m going to buy a new computer, Pat announced to himself. With his newfound spirit and motivation, Pat put on his best shirt and tie and headed down the stairs.

By the time Pat left his house, the rain had stopped briefly, even though the menacing clouds still roamed the sky, ready to drop his water on a moment’s notice. Realizing this, Pat picked up the pace and headed to his nearby McDonalds hoping his résumé and clothes wouldn’t get soaked. Once he arrived, he began to panic. He was never good at first impressions and he wasn’t happy being rushed on a Saturday morning.His confidence began to buckle with each step he took toward the building. He began to doubt himself, and thinking he might fail. The fear had spread to his stomach and the uncomfortable feeling of butterflies followed suit. Everything that he planned depended on getting this job, things like buying a new computer and mp3 player were his goal, and he couldn’t achieve these goals without money.

Pat was officially five minutes late for his interview when he arrived at the building door. He could see the line-up of cars waiting in the drive thru lane, like busy ants collecting food and returning to their colonies. By this point, Pat was finding it hard to breath and concentrate. The building itself scared him the most, McDonalds was a place of business, while his room was a place of entertainment. They were two completely different worlds, both of which he thought could never co-exist.It wasn’t until he read the sign in the window that said “Help wanted” that gave him the courage to enter the store. Pat walked straight up to the cashier, a pretty girl with blond hair and hazel eyes that complemented her light skin tone, she smiled at Pat for a second before asking “ How may I help you?”

“I’m here for my interview,” replied Pat with a smile on his face.

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