Intangible Goal

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Ever have a dream only you understood?

Submitted: July 29, 2008

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Submitted: July 29, 2008



Intangible Goal

Pat knew all about roads, even before he could read and write. As a child, he studied the men who worked on them, and had been told by his father about the earlier days when paths were made where trees were cut and their stumps removed. He could almost believe that the roads were natural phenomena like forests, mountains, and rivers. Maps themselves couldn’t hold his attention; the long and straight lines bored him and didn’t do justice to uniqueness of each road. To him, every road was different and every pathway was a window into another part of the world. Roads were a gateway that took us to areas we never knew existed, and the thought of their disappearance terrified the young boy. He could imagine each road becoming distorted with weeds, and then lost forever to the texture of woods and fields, and eventually becoming swallowed by the world around us.


This terrifying thought kept him up at night, and woke him up early in the mornings, anxious to check if the driveway had been erased during the night. When he grew older and entered school, he had difficulty concentrating. Math and grammar never interested him like his long tranquil walks he took when he got home. Nobody could understand what possessed him to take long walks by himself at such a young age, and with no generally idea where he was going.


As he grew older, his walks grew longer, and his parents became frustrated. At first they tried to stop him from walking alone, but shy of tying him to his room, there were no other humane options.  His parents eventually hired a babysitter, one who watched young Pat at all hours of the day. But even the babysitter grew tired of following the young navigator around and eventually quit when he received Malaria from a mosquito bite during their walks.


At the tender age of 16, Pat officially withdrew himself from any sort of formal education. His life was simplified when he learnt he could drive a car, and thus, liberated from any sort of chain tying him down, Pat left home. Some say he followed the migrating birds toward the south, eager to see where they flew. Others say he was following the setting sun, curious to see where it went. Most would agree Pat didn’t leave because he was running away but rather he was running towards something. That’s what most of us believe, and perhaps it was remains intangible and incomprehensible to us, but to Pat, it meant the world.

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