The Amazing Tiger

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Joe who once lived in a small circus in Ireland where he was happy until a man of a bigger circus came to buy him to have him perform the next day. Joe meets another tiger and then joes luck changes as he is sold to a man for his three daughters.

Submitted: July 01, 2013

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Submitted: July 01, 2013



Once upon a time in a land we all know called Ireland there is an amazing tiger in a big circus named Joe who can do almost everything from jumping through a ring of fire or playing fetch. This is taken away from Joe one day when a rich and cruel man come’s to the circus and offers ten thousand for an animal that is trained and is easy to handle. The owner of the circus goes through all the animals he has in de circus until he comes to Joe and then turns around to the rich man and asks “how would you like a tiger as he fits your description perfectly”. “Yes, yes if you can recommend him then I’m sure he will be what I’m looking for” replied the evil man in a harsh tone. The evil man called for a pickup truck to come and collect him and the tiger. Soon after the truck came and the evil man and his fellow companion loaded Joe and drove away.

About an hour or so later the truck arrived at an airport near the Shannon. They loaded the cage with Joe in it onto a plane and set him off to America as the evil man has a circus and most of his animals are either stolen or bought off smaller circuses abroad.  Joe finally reaches the circus nearly a day later and they put him in a bigger cage beside another tiger of the same breed as him. When he got in the cage he examined it and then fell asleep in the middle of the cage. The next day he was woken by the sound of the female tiger beside him so he got up and walked over to the side of his cage to where the female tiger was. He introduced himself as Joe and told her he was from Ireland.  He was no longer finished his sentence when the other tiger said “I'm missy and I'm originally from Africa but I was captured by poachers and the owner of this circus, Jim he bought me from the poachers and brought me here the exact same way as he brought you here.  Joe asked Missy “why did u wake me up this early” missy turned around and muttered “we have to get up at this time as the circus is opening and we, tigers are the main event”. She had just finished her sentence when Jim came in and said with his hoarse throat “come on tigers let’s go were running late and he opened all the cages.

They walked out on stage and the announcer announces “here are the main events of the day and today is the first time our new tiger has performed here in America and he came from Ireland yesterday. He’s here to show you some of his tricks that none of our other tigers can do for example he can jump through a ring of fire without any fear and he can fetch whatever you throw at him. Right enough of me talking let’s get this show on the road.” Joe steps forward and walks over to the ramp that he has to run up to jump through the ring and all the viewers watch in amazement as they see Joe run up the ramp and through the ring and when he lands they all clap, cheer and shout with joy. There’s a sense of awe and wonder in the audience. The younger kids watch more closely when the entertainer throws a ball and Joe fetches it. Then when he throws a smaller item like a tennis ball and he brings it back and the entertainer takes out a knife and gets ready to through it all the crowd gasps but the entertainer doesn’t throw it. One little boy shouts out “throw the knife, throw the knife then everybody joins in. after about three minutes the  trainer finally gives in and throws the knife and him and the audience is amazed when Joe returns the knife without any harm done to him.

All the animals return back to their cages except for Joe who stays and jumps trough the ring of fire a few more times before returning to his cage. He reaches his cage to find that he and Missy are sharing a cell. Confused Joe asked “why” when Missy said embarrassedly “Jim wants us to mate because he thinks that we would be great parents”.  Joe says “I suppose we would be good parents and he asks Missy when should we start”. Missy said “I don’t mind whenever you want”.  That was the end of that and they started straight away.

They were awoken at about eight o clock the next morning by Jim and his fellow companion who came to take Joe away as he was sold to a father of three and Missy followed Joe to the cage and they were closing it up when Missy leaped in beside Joe. Jim tried to open the cage to get Missy back out when Jims friend said no time the buyer is paying big money for this guy and hopped into the truck and drove off. 

They drove up the north to the country side to a big house with big gates and ponds and bright green grass. The truck pulled up outside the gate and a middle aged man opened the gates to let the truck in. The driver drove up the long driveway with statues on both sides of the driveway. The door of the big house opened and three little children around the age of eight and ten raced out too welcome the tiger and were amazed to find two tigers instead of one.  When the father came up the driveway the three kids ran over to him and thanked him for getting them two tigers when he replied” I only got one”.  He walked up to the cage to find two tigers staring at him so he said to the driver “there must be some mistake here because I only bought one tiger”. The driver explained to him that they were loading Joe up and we were shutting the cage door when Missy leaped in because she and Joe are having a baby together.  The three kids said “father can we keep both of the tigers please”.  The father agreed to keep both tigers and this shows that the father loves his kids dearly.  The first thing the three little kids did when they brought the tigers inside their house was sussed out where they were going to sleep and the youngest said  “pop can they sleep in my room because mines the cleanest and I will look after them more than the others. The father taught about this for a moment before replying to his youngest daughter “yes you can but only if u promise to look after them and if you don’t there going into your older sisters room, do you understand”. “Yes father, yes I do “said the little child. Off the little girl went with Joe and Missy and the father was still outside talking to the Jim on the phone. He was talking to him for a full ten minutes and then Jim broke the news to him about Missy being pregnant. The father was so excited to tell the kids that he hung up in a second.

Off the father ran into the big house and shouted at the top of his voice “kids, kids come here quick I have news to tell you about our new tigers”. The three kids came running at the speed of light down the stairs to their father and shouting “what, what, what is it”. “I’ve just been informed that missy is having a baby so were going to have to be extra careful with her and be careful of Joe as he might get over protective of the child”. The two older girls help the youngest one to make the beds and lay out the food and drinks. The oldest also fetched some of her toys that the tigers might like to play with and the smallest one put two off her tiger teddies in their beds as well. As it was getting late the father suggested that all the girls go to bed as there going to be bringing the tigers for a walk around the garden just so they can have a look around and familiarise themselves with the grounds and this got the girls all excited that they raced to their bed and fell asleep straight away.

 It was bright and early when the father woke up and it was too early to wake the girls up so the father turned on the television and watched it for around five minutes when he was interrupted by Joe who came into the sitting room and lay down beside the couch where the father was sitting. After an hour the girls come down the stairs all dressed up and ready to bring the tigers around thegarden.

When they got outside the two tigers raced around the house and then they followed the girls all around the garden and the girls and the tigers raced back to the house. The girls were amazed at how fast the tigers could run and they raced them every day to see if they could pass the tigers out but they failed miserable. All the tiger wanted in life was to be free or if that wasn’t possibly they wanted to be in a place where they could be eat run and sleep and do whatever they want instead of doing tricks and stunts and they have all that now.


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