Didn't see that coming

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This short story is about life and realization

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012




Another cold morning, undecided, unplanned and absolutely not hoped for any surprises, I find myself waking up to the sunshine like any other morning. While I am still in bed, thinking of something but nothing I reach towards the curtains to let the sunshine through and embrace the morning beauty into my room. But before I could, I hear the knock at door and it was the maid. Breakfast was here and I was up for it as it is the most desired meal of the day for me. As she leaves the tray on my bed and wind up the curtains, I can feel the warmth of sunlight on my skin as I help myself to reach for the tray, but before I could, the maid helped me with the breakfast and asked me to call her in case I need anything. I could smell some fresh bread and coffee already and I couldn’t ask for more, but there was a routine breakfast of fresh cream with strawberries, honey and orange marmalade, half boiled eggs, glass of grapefruit juice and fresh buns. I had my breakfast that morning along with daily newspaper and spent some real time with myself. By the time I was done with breakfast, the maid took away the tray and I was relaxing reading the newspaper. Was feeling a bit cold so I got a bit cozy in comforter and soon I found myself in the deepest of sleep again. It was then when I got back to my senses when I felt her soft hands on my forehead sitting by my side in my bed, my mother, it is her who makes me feel she will always be around and just her presence makes all the difference. I opened my arms to her and she hugged me like she would always do. The tenderness of her touch is irreplaceable.


She helped me out of bed and to freshen up and change into that beige floral dress she bought me for my last birthday. My favorite chair was by the window which has the view of our beautifully blooming garden.

As I was resting on my chair, feeling the sound evening breeze, making everything dark and contrast in nature and my mother combed my hair gently and tied it well above my neck. My bed was now made and my room was cleaned while I and mother enjoyed some warm tea and freshly baked butter cookies I have always loved. We were discussing the arrival of my sister the next day. It has been a while since I saw her due to her busy schedule but she has always been the closest to me. Despite the age difference of 10 years, we were more of friends than sisters. But then she was a naïve and bright baby sister and now she was enthusiastic and clever young lady, owning a well known architectural organization. She always had that verve in anything that she does and the determination for it and this is what made us proud of her always. I am 45 years old, living with my mother and father who are my soul supporters and strength builders. I know that it is very hard for them to see me everyday confined to my room, isolated from communal gatherings and detached from social affairs, as and when they remember me when I was 30, young woman with a prominent career path and living a life rather than spending it. I am suffering from Peripheral Arterial disease, a walking impairment condition which leaves me helpless day and night. Tonight was the night of realization while I was asleep and I  heard the sound of rattling leaves, but this was not the usual sound I hear every night but as if someone is walking tip toe on the dried out fallen leaves. I wished to look upon but I couldn’t get off my bed or reach to the intercom receiver. The fear was building up in my mind and I was sweating in anxiety and enormously agitated. What If I die tonight, will I ever see my family again and these were the questions haunting me when suddenly a thrash on my window and I was surrounded by tall and dark shadows. With all the courage I could muster, I closed my eyes and held my breath until I felt a sudden jolt and wide opened my eyes to see the brightest morning I have ever seen. What was it that just happened I wondered sitting in my bed








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