View from my cubicle

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And it is my perspective to see the world I want to see from my cubicle. Story of our lives!

Submitted: July 05, 2012

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Submitted: July 05, 2012







 nd my cubicle is mine because I spend 8 hours in there, minus 1 hour in rest room and 2 hours in pantry with Tea, coffee and tittle-tattle but it has my name shield so I know what to do I know my job so well that I can challenge anyone who interferes, including my Manager. I keep arranging the documents, maintain files, order lunch, chit-chat with peers and sometimes abuse organization when I am not favored. On top of all that, I mind my own business because I am quite professional when it comes to work except the following:


  • When the new girl on the forth cubicle from right wears the black Dorothy Perkin’s skirt which is too tight but somehow she manages to get in it
  • How come he gets a raise, when he didn’t perform at all?
  • When the Manager is in a bad mood and he transfers his negative energy all over the place...He just doesn’t get it
  • Or when “The pretty princess” comes around and says hello, like I was waiting for it the whole day..who the hell is she?
  • And also when I get the tasks which someone else should be getting
  • When no one asks me about why I was on sick leave yesterday
  • Also when someone asks me about why I was on sick leave yesterday…Duh!..Sick leave!


And many other things but beside these I totally mind my own business. Why do others have to interest me or fascinate me? I am here to work and give my best to the organization, after they increase my salary and promote my grades and maybe grant me the leave when required.


I never asked for much!!


Its 10 in the morning and work schedule is warmed up and I feel terrific today. Nothing can bring me down. While I set myself in my cubicle with a hot cup of coffee and mumble with peers, I see an email popping up from the department I am never glad to receive emails from.


“Woo...this is some task!!” I cried to myself


And I still have an assignment to complete within an hour which my boss is counting on. I should get on the job and prove myself efficient. Since my boss is marked in cc, there’s a grand opportunity for appreciation if it is completed before time so I am stucked with both equally important taks. My boss told me once that I stink at Time Management..not literally but his words were “ You should work on your priority skills”

I think he meant “U stink at managing time towards your tasks” .


At least I know I have to accopmlish this without any major goof-ups.

Just when I thought I should have nothing on my mind, that girl, the skirt-hopper showed up at the next cubicle with a dozen type of fake smiles, I could imagine her coming from the end of the hall in her branded suit as fit as glove and over-sized heels, waving to everyone around in a slow motion like she just won a beauty pageant. How shallow!


But I need to concentrate so I will just nod my head and smile a little less fake than her and continue working. As I arrange the documents and begin, I heard her telling my fast friend, how she was selected to attend the course overseas and how hard she worked for it.


WHAT?? I complete tasks one after the other, here my coffee went cold, my cublicle is not sound-proof and I can hear her boast and brags and even the raise wasn’t fair enough this year. Thinking about it and unable to get it out of my mind, I lost almost half of the time to complete the task. Again! Its my loss!



So this is how we all are. Our cublicle is like our house, we relax, laugh, work hard, stoop lazily and sometimes feel annoyed of printing machine sounds.  We work from 8 to 4 and sometimes late and get paid for it and we get hungry for more in not time.

As the time pass by, we wait for major changes in terms of our assignments, salaries, workstation and sometimes behavior. We start a day with a cup of tea/coffee and if the day goes fine, we love our work but when faced by minor ups and downs we put all the blame on the organization. We, the employees can be adjusted to face a situation at that very time, but organization will adjust our position when we don’t capacitate its needs.


Small minds..discuss People

Average minds..discuss Events


Great minds...discuss Ideas


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