Living Without Life

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A story about realizing what is right in front of you before it is too late.

Submitted: December 22, 2013

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Submitted: December 22, 2013



Living Without Life

By Michael Snow

“I Love you,” he muttered to himself—three words he never thought would enter his mind again, let alone leave the presence of his lips.  Pain, anguish, deceit.  These feelings were all too familiar.  A constant reminder of emptiness stinging like whiskey on a fresh wound daily.  With a smile that could fool even the cleverest person, he faced the world making sure that those around him reached happiness.  As his pen hit the pad, he wrote the last letter he would ever write.

“I Love you, too,” she clamored, as she showed her affection with a kiss.  Her lips were soft and gentle, but not innocent.  Many “I love yous” passed through the ears of endless men, filling a void, masking the truth.  Truth is she once felt a love that truly mattered, one that could stand the test of time, but that was only felt from one beating heart.  As she opened her ears to receive the message, these would be the last words she ever heard. 

He packed his bags and began to walk.  Where? It didn’t matter.  He couldn’t stay here.  He walked by an illuminated sign that read in big letters:  “Patience brings peace.”  He had never even seen this sign before, let alone the building it stood next to.  The shady windows were not inviting, but for some reason, he had to enter. 

The doors opened as he approached.As if someone of something was watching him and knew of his curiosity.  As he entered the room, he peered around the corner and saw nobody.  There was nothing but an old, dusty table in the center of the room with a spotlight shining brightly upon it.  As he approached the table, he noticed a pen, 5 pieces of paper, and a sealed envelope. 

He turned the envelope over and it read “To Colin.”

“HELLO?! ANYONE THERE?!” he screamed as if he was seeing if there was a dead connection on the other end of a phone call.

“Colin…that’s…that’s me,” he thought.  He frantically unsealed the envelope and read it aloud.

“This is the last letter you will ever write, make it count.  When you are finished, one of two things will happen, you will be remembered, or you will be forgotten.  You have 15 minutes, make it count.”

Just then, a light in the background flickered and a stop clock illuminated a dark sector of the room. TICK, TICK, TICK…15:00, 14:59, 14:58, 14:57...  The clock began to count down.


“IS THIS SOME SORT OF JOKE?!” Colin screamed. 


Tick, tick, tick…

Colin ran toward the door he entered and tried to exit. Locked. He frantically began banging on the door, hoping that somebody would hear his cries for help.  Nothing.

He looked back and could faintly see the lit clock in the distance.




Colin had no idea what to do…Why was this going to be the last letter he ever wrote?  He had never truly written a letter before to begin with.  This would be his first and his last, according to the threatening letter.

“FINE! YOU WIN!” Colin picked up the pen and started to write, but stopped.

“I Love you,” he muttered to himself—three words he never thought would enter his mind again, let alone leave the presence of his lips.

“Where do I begin?” he thought.

“Supposedly this is going to be the last letter I will ever write.  What happens when the clock hits zero? What next?” He questioned.




He was running out of time.  Colin put his head down and began to dance across the paper magically with inspiration, until the clock reached zero.

“I DID IT!” he praised excitedly.

The spotlight flickered before completely turning off.  Darkness.  Colin could feel the presence of someone or something in the near vicinity of the room.  As Colin began to make his way back toward the door, he was grabbed.

“NO!!!! PLEASE!!!” he screamed.

Nobody could hear him, the screams faded into the distance, and he was gone.



She looked around, not sure what to think of the situation.What would she say? Would she say anything?  She sat, waiting for reverend to approach the podium.  Just then, she noticed an envelope in her purse.  In bold letters it read, TO AUBREY. 

“Who is this from?” Aubrey thought to herself.

She tore open the seal and the note read, “Listen carefully, this will be the last words you ever hear, make it count.”

“Hmmph,” she snorted.  Aubrey was not concerned with a random letter at this time; she would deal with it later.

“Let us begin,” the reverend muttered.

As the service began Aubrey checked her phone.  There was a message from her current boyfriend:


Aubrey began to cry. 

“What did I do?” She thought. 

Aubrey was heartbroken, or was she?

“I saw this coming, I can never do anything right, nobody will ever love me,” she whispered to herself.

Just then, the reverend had called up Mrs. Daniels to the podium, for she had words to share with everyone in attendance.

“This morning I woke up, with an envelope on my dresser that was addressed to me and on the inside there was a letter.  Attached to this letter was a small note that read, ‘when the time is right, you will know when to read this.’  It was just then I had gotten the call, the call that changed my life forever,” Mrs. Daniels said ever so gently.

“At the request of my son, I will read the letter I received this morning.  It was from him, his last words.”


Apparently I only have 8 minutes to write the last letter I will ever write.  This is madness. Firstly, I love my mom, my family, and all of the wonderful friends I have in my life.  If this is truly the last letter I will ever write, I want every one of you to know just how blessed I feel to have known you.

The letter was read so eloquently by Mrs. Daniels as she continued to stumble along, trying her best not to break down in front of everyone.

Well, 3 minutes to go.  Here is the part where I let it all out.  I remember the first time I laid eyes on you.  August 14th, 2012.  You were wearing a beautiful blue sun dress and were sipping a lemonade you managed to spill all over yourself.  I knew then, my heart was yours. I remember the long walk on the beach under the moonlight we took when we both couldn’t sleep.  I remember spoon feeding you chicken-noodle soup when you had the flu, walking 5 miles in the pouring down rain because you forgot to put gas in your car.  I remember the first time I told you I loved you, and I remember never hearing it back.  Maybe you were scared, maybe you didn’t love me.  Who knows? It didn't matter, your love made life worth living. I remember the first time I said I loved you and if possible, I will remember this final I love you as my time begins to tick down.  Things didn’t work out the way I wanted them to, but my heart was yours then and is now.  I love you, always and forever, Aubrey.


Colin Daniels

Aubrey burst into tears and thought to herself, “I never told him I loved him…I loved him so much…I never knew he still felt that way, no one has loved me like he did and nobody possibly could.”

It was time to walk down the aisle and say her goodbyes.  As she approached the picture of Colin her vision went blurry.  The two mini-waterfalls that were tears began to rush down her cheeks.  As she wiped the tears away, she grabbed the picture of Colin.

“I Love you, too,” she clamored, as she showed her affection with a kiss. 

Just then a voice from the back of the church yelled, “Why did you wait this long to tell me?!”

Excitedly, Aubrey turns around and saw the only face she wanted to see in the entire world.

“C…C…Colin?! But you’re…I…your mom…you’re…gone…”

“I am gone and so are you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Notice how nobody is looking at you and nobody is looking at me,” Colin explained as he passed directly through each pew, making his wait to the front to meet Aubrey.

“Are we…dead?” Aubrey asked

“Yes…when you didn’t wake up, I couldn’t live with myself anymore. I didn’t wanna live a life without your love.  I came to your side every single day, but you were gone. Gone forever.  I’m sorry,” Colin explained.

“I’m sorry, too…I never told you I loved you, I have loved you from the start,” Aubrey apologized.

“Well good news is, we can be together now.  Even if it is in a different life, I am here, you are here, WE are together,” Colin squeaked.

Just then, Aubrey’s vision went blurry again, only this time, she wasn’t crying. 

“WHAT IS GOING ON?” Aubrey yelled.

“I LOVE YOU, AUBREY,” Colin screamed.


Aubreys put her hand up as the light quickly crept into her eyes, blinding her briefly.

“Aubrey…? Are you…AUBREY…I LOVE YOU,” Colin began to clammer.

 “What…where am I…I thought…aren’t we…?” asked Aubrey.

Just then, the doctor rushed into the room and yelled, “IT’S A MIRACLE! SHE IS BACK!”

“What is going on?” Aubrey questioned.

“Baby, you have been in a coma for the last 3 years. I have been here every single day, in hopes that you would come back to me. Do you still love me? Do you remember me?” Colin asked.

Just then, she thought about everyone.  Her boyfriend and the ones prior to him.  Were they real? Did she really waste her time with all of these fools? What was real, what is make believe?  She then realized none of that mattered.  After all the different heartbreaks she had felt as she was sleeping, she truly realized that Colin was the one. 

“Baby, I almost lost you.  Of course I remember you.  I am sorry.  I now know everything I have ever wanted has been right in front of me this entire time.  I love you, too,” Aubrey whispered.

This was the first time Colin had ever heard those words uttered from Aubrey’s lips.  He began to cry as he took her hand and laid a gentle kiss upon on. 

“You have no idea how good that makes me feel. You, me, us…this is it!” Colin said excitedly.

Just then, Colin shut his eyes and as he opened them, he awoke.  He looked around, he was in his bed.  The clock read 6:07 am.  Just then, a voice spoke behind him.

“Hey, are you okay? Get back to bed. I love you,” the gentle voice whispered.

“I love you, too, Britney,” Colin whispered back to her as he closed his eyes and fell back asleep. 

He really meant it, he truly did love Britney, but Aubrey would always have his heart.  She was gone though.  Not deceased, not ill, and not hospitalized, but gone.

"I know you're out there, and loving you gives me a reason to live. I Love you,” he muttered to himself—three words he never thought would enter his mind again, let alone leave the presence of his lips.

“I Love you, too,” she clamored, as she showed her affection with a kiss.  She brought the wallet-sized picture hidden in her hand up to her lips and pressed ever so gentley. The tears ran down Aubrey’s bloody face as she looked up at the blurry figure in front of her.  As a final blow struck her head and she collapsed.






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