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this story is about a girl named sarabeth and a sleepover that never comes.

Submitted: February 14, 2016

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Submitted: February 13, 2016



Chapter one :One day long ago a girl named ,SaraBeth, was going to a sleepover at a hotel. SaraBeth called her friend Kat to see who she was bringing with her." Hey SaraBeth" said Kat " I think I'm bringing Luke with me." "Humph! That is a relief i thought I was the only one bringing aboy with me.said SaraBeth. "Oh , who are you bringing Sara" " I'm going to bring Jake" declared Sara. Then the line broke. "HELLO? HELLO? HELLO?" screamed Sara. Then "WHOOSH" the windows flew open. There was a "BANG" "BANG" "BANG"  at the door. Sara then tried to call 911 but the phone wasn't working .

So Sara got her flashlight and ran to her room, scrambled to find her IPad . She finally found it and face timed Grace. Sara was breathing so hard when Grace answered all Sara could say was "Help! call 911 I..." The screen went black. Then all she heard was "CREAKKK."  Foot steps were next. Again she heard another creak , but this time it ws at her bedroom door.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" Sara screamed as loud as she could. It was to late, in a blink of an eye all she saw  and heard was black and a radio station. She was pretty sur she was in a car ,no, she was positive she was in a car. The car stopped, car doors shut, and the trunks opened. Sara was about to start screaming but a guy put a rag in herd mouth. They weren't Americans Sara wasn't even sure if they were humans.

Sara got a really good look at the guys face she gasped, the were people from Spiderman and Batman. She already knew who one was, it was the Joker. She had to stare closely at the other one. The other one turned around, and in a split second he was gone.

The Joker fell and Sara got up and tried to help but she fell too. Sara looked up but she couldn't see the street lights. A bright red light appeared. She thought she was in Hell. Then she saw his face, it was the same as the one she saw earlier. Sandman. That is who it was she kept trying to figure out why did the Joker and Sandman would pair up and kidnap her.

A light came on Sara looked around. Kat, Luke,Jake,Grace,Brad, and Sara were all there. Underground, Kidnapped, with the Joker and Sandman. Now Sara knows she gets confused a lot but she was really confused. "Is this a joke!"said Sara. "NO!!" "Why would I plan this for my sleepover" said Grace. " She makes a good point" declared Brad. "Oh shut up Brad" said Kat. "OK" said Sara "Everyone calm down."

After everyone calmed down, the Joker and Sandman came out. They started to peel their faces off. Sara then realized that they were  wearing masks. "SURPRISE!!" exclaimed Graces parents. Grace started to ask a thousand questions, While everyone just sat there in shock.

Sara started to untie herself. Sara said "I only have two questions." "Go ahead" said Mrs.Blake. "OK than" One  how did you cut all the power off and two are we really underground?" asked Sara. "OK" " The first one" said Mrs.Blake " Mr.Blake is an electrician, and secondly yes we are in a cave.





TO BE CONTINUED............


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