Welcome to the new world

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This is a short story i had to do for english. It's about travellers to America who encounter something very aweful when they arrive.

Submitted: April 04, 2011

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Submitted: April 04, 2011



The new World

A ship glides gracefully across the Atlantic from a harbour in northern Scotland. It is heading towards America. The new world. The ship holds over one hundred and fifteen people all heading for the same destination. Out of all these people are around seventy families, thirty five couples wanting to start a family and the rest being lone wolves of the journey. The ship is manned by a man called Graham Matthews and his first mate (and best friend) Richard Nelson; an Englishman who has known Graham for a number of years. They sat up in the bridge together a lot of the times on journeys. It wasn’t a problem to them though because they talked about everything they could and usually competed in who could tell the best tall tale.

“Ye ken whit Dick?"

“What’s that Graham?”

“I think ah’ll settle doon in America in a few years time wi’ ma wife an kin.”

“That sounds like a nice plan. I would make sure it’s after that dreadful civil war is over.”

“I ken wit ya mean Dick it almost makes me feel bad for exporting weapons to the Union. Same can be said for thae blasted confederates.”

“I just hope that Blighty doesn’t get pulled into this dreadful war Graham.”

“Could’nae agree wi’ ye mair Dicky, But if the situation turned dire at least we’ll hae each ithers backs.”

With that each man shook hands contently and resumed to working on the controls of the ship.A few days later Richard woke a sleeping Graham and told him that New York harbour was just on the horizon. Graham nodded and headed down to the lower decks. The lower decks were awash with bodies of all the folk that were travelling, Graham opened the door and stood on the walkway above them.“Aright’ people we should be arriving in New York harbour soon, so git yer bits ‘n’ bobs together and get ready for dockin’.Everybody suddenly started flopping about looking for their bags and children. Captain. Matthews chuckled at the sight of all those people scrambling about like beggars after bread and made his way back up to the bridge where Nelson was trying to get docking permission.

“Hoo’s it goin?”

“Well sir there’s no response but I see some gentlemen bout’ the docks so we’ll make land and sort it out with them.The

ship pulled up to the harbour and all the ship hands started running around getting everything set up for unshipping and reshipping.

“Graham! Come look!” shouted Richard.

“whit?” grumbled Matthews

“The longshoremen, they… they don’t look like men.”

“whit are ye talkin aboot man? Give me that telescope.”

Matthews looked down it and saw not men in the docks but frail bodies stumbling about with skin literally hanging off their faces.With a shocked look Matthews dropped the telescope.

“Those aren’t men they’re barely live. Nay! They aren’t live. Dick, we’re dealing with monsters of night stories, we’re door to door with the walking dead!”

Both men stood in silence for a moment then heard a door open and suddenly realised that the crew knew nothing yet. They ran down to the main door to prevent their men from going out. As they reached the door they saw that two men had already made it to the docks and were walking up to the un-dead.

“GET AWAY!” Richard shouted at the top of his voice.

Both men turned around but in the worst time possible, as they looked at Richard in confusion two un-dead got behind one man and in an instance ploughed their jaws into either on of his shoulders.Richard and Matthews pulled a revolver out of each of their jackets and buried the bullets into the dead men to save both ship hands. They ran down to grab the injured man, as they got to him the two monsters that were now filled with holes got back to their feet and lurched towards them along with all the others on the pier.

“Lets get oot ‘o’ here now!”

commanded Matthews as they picked up the barely conscious ship hand and dragged him back to then ship.The ship hands on deck saw what happened and now reappeared with rifles and pistols and opened fire on the platoon of shambling creatures.The men managed to get back on the ship and they checked up on their bleeding co-worker.

“He’s dead….” the second ship hand gasped.

“Aye he is. But we’re going to get him back to Scotland.” Matthews told him with all the seriousness he could muster

.“In the mean time give me a rifle!”

Half an hour later all men on the ship fired all the bullets they could into the torsos of the dead but without success of keeping them down. Then all of a sudden the dead worker’s eyes sprang open.“ Jesus! He’s alive.” Exclaimed the second ship handMatthews turned round to look but only a moment to late as the newly revived man sank his teeth into his ankle.Matthews screamed In agony as Richard brought his boot down on the creatures face.

“Don’t worry Graham you’re going to be ok” reassuring his friend.

“Get that door closed and lets set sail!”

Richard dragged Matthews to the bridge as the engines started up and they pulled away from New York.

One month later a ship sailed straight into the Clyde ship yard and with a tremendous crash it ploughed into the harbour. All the workers crowded round the crash site some even ready to go inside and help the people inside already.They managed to get the door open only to be welcomed by


There standing at the door was Richard; his eyes milky white and a huge bite in his left arm.

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