Sleep Paralysis

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A story I made from personal experience that I created for my english coursework of a horrid event whiles trying to go sleep. No treatment nor cure can get rid of it.
Seeing stuff ... Mayb. Hearing stuff ... Maybe.
peaceful sleep ... Not at all.

Sleeping Paralysis - English Coursework By Jasmine Randall

Write An Important Time In Your Life.

Dragging my heavy nightgown along the ice cold floor, I calmly walked to get my tea cup; the kettle was raging hot, my body was tearing up crying out for help from the amount of steam within the air that was suffocating my skin. Sitting down peacefully in my kitchen, the scent of mint crawled up my nose - it felt soothing like it was giving my nose a massage.

Everyone in the house was unconscious, seeing that it was late, I was getting ready to go bed because I had to go to my friend’s house the next day.

The weather looked inflamed outside as the trees were swinging towards each other as if they were having a duel. In my mind I was so paranoid that I felt like my eyes were looking around and pounding against my forehead; I was thinking “how am I going to sleep through all this noise banging against my window?”

 I felt like nature was furious with me for some reason.

Brushing my teeth violently, my gums felt like jelly and started to bleed - I had to wash out my mouth so I wasn't circulating blood around my teeth. Finally, I was done cleansing my teeth from the tea I drank earlier on.

Preparing myself for bed, still draping this nightgown before me, I turned on my television as I always do before I go to bed so I feel more safe and comfortable ; I have the television on to drift off to. Slowly strolling around my room I drew my bed sheets back to get cozy.


The room dimmed. I ran to get in my bed. Wrapping myself only in soft cotton, cold as ice I made sure to wrap myself tightly for my warmth to circulate around, I could still hear the trees and wind battling. Drifting off to sleep, I still saw a slight light flashing against my eyelids, beaming to keep me awake to watch the whole film - I just couldn't bare the tiredness weighing me down. Drifting off, I heard a tight, loud, fuzzy, stuttering female voice screeching into both of my ears. I jerked up faster than a jack hammer, so terrified I didn't know what was happening. Fighting the tiredness, I didn't want to drift off again; I was scared that it was going to occur again.

The drowsiness eventually grasped my eyes - they slowly shut like blinds locking out the view of my room. Laying there dead like I was rehearsing my death, I felt and saw myself hovering above my body moving back and forth, in the same position I had remained in, but my body was stuck and glued down to my bed like someone stapled my body. I couldn't move one bit not even a finger.

My television was no longer on, my safety and my comfort went out that window into the wind.

In my head I was panicking; everything was happening so fast. Slowly, gradually coming back to my paralyzed self, I was not able to awaken myself out of this deep state. I still wasn't able to move but could see a small box in the middle of my room, shape shifting into different objects that never even belonged to me. Straining myself to move, I couldn’t help but to feel like someone was sitting down on me pinning me down before they attack me. For the first time I was experiencing being tortured, not being able to move but for my sight to still be visible so I could watch myself suffer. The last thing I witnessed was a shadow hovering steadily at the corner of my room, watching me with curiosity, watching me struggle to awaken but it just wasn't possible. I decided to give up trying; nothing was working, not even prayer.

As the shadow remained there swaying and watching me, I heard my mum walk down the corridor and I was bellowing “Mum!" so loudly, but I wasn't heard. I was so frightened it got to the point where I wanted the shadow that stood there proudly watching me try my hardest to escape, to put me out of my misery - instead I felt like my soul was being dragged out of me , but that I was never going to give up fighting for.

Right after that I was able to awaken and move and speak, I lay there isolated and terrified so much I didn't want to move but after a while my bravery took over, I went on the internet I searched for what had just happened to me, I was so relieved that it didn’t just happen to me. There are others. God knows I didn't want to have this disorder whether other people have it or not.

The next day I stuttered and was so embarrassed to tell my mum and sister about what happened the night before; the only support she gave was for me to ignore what happened. Steam rose out of my head from frustration.

 Later on my mum booked a doctor’s appointment for herself but I made sure I could attend to report the drama.

Walking to the doctors later on, I didn't say a word to my mum, but all the while I was thinking was “why me?” In the waiting room, I was recapping over in my head how am I going to explain this to the doctor, my hands started sweating and shaking. I was so embarrassed. My mum’s name was called to go to the doctor’s room. My head was spinning felt like I was going to collapse. My mum made me speak first as she knew why I had an interest in coming with her. I took two whole deep breaths- my lungs expanded and came out with it. I mentioned what I read up on the internet and explained certain things that happened to me the previous night.

I quickly whispered “I’ve been having these strange experiences whiles I try to go to sleep, I’m unable to move or speak and also I can see and hear things that are really not there”.

The doctor looked right into my eyes and he stated

“Sleep paralysis is common for most people, but you also need to know it’s also a sleeping disorder - that comes across being awake and asleep”

I sighed very harshly, as my breath circulated disappointment in the air. The doctor could see the miserable look in my eye.

“You should keep a log of it every time it happens and what happens during the time” he suggested, but I was so desperate to ask whether there was a cure for this - all he informed me on was that there wasn't a cure, my heart dropped and sunk in; I felt so sullen that I had to live with this for the rest of my life.

My mind went into shock and I was ranting and raving in my head, I felt like I was losing it for a minute. I always thought to myself that there was hope, but I guess I was wrong…

The reason why this experience was the most important time in my life was because it made me realize that not everything can be fixed, but we just have to live with situations that can’t be changed. I can now relate to others who have the same situation. For example, my best friend whose grandmother died, she couldn’t change what has happened because it has affected her drastically.











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Lisa Ayers

Hi Mrsredskin, this is the second story I have read on the site on this topic. It sounds extremely frightening. Honestly I would be afraid to go to sleep if it was me. It's a shame there is no cure. I really don't know much about this disorder accept through your story, and the other lady's story that I read. I would like to research some of the causes. Do you think knowing some of the causes could help at all? How often does this occur, as a nightly thing?

My heart goes out to you. I wish you many peaceful and restful nights ahead. This was went well written.

Sun, August 3rd, 2014 11:03pm


Thank you so much for commenting. Honestly it used to happen quite frequently sort of on a daily bases, but I have read upon some causes of lack of sleep and also a lot of stress but I seem to get a lot of sleep so to be honest I don't know what's causing it. The doctor said I should write a diary of what happens but I tend to do no such thing because re-capping I believe will make things worse as I have to then re think the moment. I have slightly got used to it but it still bothers me. Thanks for your concern.x

Sun, August 3rd, 2014 4:18pm

Lisa Ayers

I did read a little bit about it tonight on Google. Very interesting stuff, frightening but interesting.

Mon, August 4th, 2014 1:19am


I've heard of sleep paralysis before, but I never knew it was such an intense and frightening experience. The way you described it wouldn't make me wish it on an enemy, and the fact there's no cure.. The end paragraph was insightful and makes the reader think: we think science and medicine can solve/cure everything, when in actual fact it doesn't. There are just some things you have to live with, as unfortunate and unfair it is :S It's an admiral thing of you to write and share this; reliving the experiences can't have been easy. I wish you the best of luck and hope things get better/ more manageable :)

Mon, August 4th, 2014 8:48pm


Thank You So Much:) My Belief There's So Much More Beyond Science.

Tue, August 5th, 2014 4:17am

Daniel Maxs

Never heard of this sleep paralysis before until now, but it sounds like a horrifying experience. Great job on the story.

Sun, August 17th, 2014 6:13pm


Thank You :)

Thu, August 21st, 2014 5:32am

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