2012: is it the end?

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perhaps not the end of the world, but the end of human integrity, ingenuity, and initial purpose

Submitted: December 19, 2012

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Submitted: December 19, 2012




Im done

I finished the job

There is nothing more for me to do



I collected all the dvds in the tv series

I bought every action figure in star wars

I saw all 7 wonders of the world

I inserted the last piece to a jigsaw puzzle


Now what?

There is nothing more for me to do


I ate my apple, no need to see the doctor

I worked from 9-5, time to relax

I took my daily 20 minute walk, no other exercise is necessary now

I took a nibble of broccoli, I got all the vitamins I need


Is this true?

All we do everyday is make goals, most ignored,

Those fulfilled make us feel accomplished, happy, content

Should we be content? All we do after is sit, save, sleep


Lazy in other words.

Like the puritans we need to have a strict work ethic.

Technology was intended to make us more efficient,

In other words we work less


Sure cars and planes have helped

But do iphones and ipads really contribute?

Because of GPS, most of society doesn’t know how to use a paper map anymore

Because of instant messaging, most people don’t make conversations special anymore

Because of television most kids don’t know how to play ball and make friendships last

Seems as if we’re dependant on technology for survival


People nowadays are becoming too comfortable, forgetting the hard work that is behind manufacturing items.

No one thinks about the hand getting paid a small fraction of his or her work

Or those forced into labor

All we care about is being caught up with fashion and popularity


We meet our goal, and decide that it is enough to get by.

We get Cs in school, enough to move onto the next class

We eat veggies, enough to make our mothers happy

We receive our gift, our desire, but soon want more.

Not satisfied with what we have, craving what our neighbor has

Not our neighbor, our friends

Not our friends, singers and stars and stupendous


We are troubled people

Talk of peace, but in constant conflict

Talk of freedom, but restrict rights

Talk of new beginnings, but segregate


Nothing drives Americans anymore

To live, to love, to laugh

only to lie


we just live for the food, entertainment, and popularity

constantly pulled into the struggles of life because of what?

I don’t really know, I just got this off the internet


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