America- a new beginning?

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A most generous and hospitable person who struggled through more than anyone ever should have.

Submitted: November 24, 2012

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Submitted: November 24, 2012




She was just a little child
In a world that is so wild.
She had heard of a better life
Where she could possibly be a wife
America seemed inviting
And she wanted something exciting
So her friends had kept inciting
Believing she could be free
America was her plea
For it had shined so bright 
It stood in the darkness of  the night 
So she packed her bags
Against her father’s nags
And took off for the red white and blue flags
The Big Apple was confusing
And her work was not amusing
Cuz she was tired of being a maid
She had turned to God and prayed
She had become malnourished
In her life that she cherished
But the Golden State had helped her flourish
To LA she had ran
And there she had met a man
The economy makes them frail 
But their welcome is never stale
Her kindness hides her past
Of the hardship she had cast
But she still had cried when I asked

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