another day, make it a good one

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oh my alive

Submitted: December 18, 2012

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Submitted: December 18, 2012



another year has come and gone

another birthday passes, another skool year in session

new friends gained after long bonding

most friends lost to new schools, new people, new world

i sit here lost, asking if its worth it

to live, to love, to die


who am i? just a kid, just a student, just another speck of dust floating with the winds of change?

why do the young wish to be old, and the old to be young?

cant i just stay the way i am? right in the middle, not a child, not an adult

just free


all my friends celebrate their birthday, as if that day in history marks a time for the world to center around them

they dont really see, that life should be praised each and everyday, not just once a year. 

so what if they die a day before their birthday? or the day after? 

they should live every single day without regrets,

content with their impact on their surroundings,

settling differences, arguments, and making peace.


some don't ever want to say goodbye.

well there will be a day where we will not be able to.  

all those things we could have said, we could have done, all lost with the souls of the deceased.

it is ok to say goodnight, because we live with the hope that the sun will rise in the morning, and once again bring life to the plants and living things in the earth.

no one ever wakes up in the morning thanking god that they have another day to live

we take so much for granted, and rarely give back what we've gained

all the bottles and cans we recycle cannot turn back the horrors we've plaqued ourselves with


we constantly live in fear; it is what drives humanity to progress

like crosswalks incase a car doesnt stop for a pedestrian

like eating so you dont starve

like diets incase you eat too much

like GPS devices incase you get lost

like fashion to fit in with the popular

like guns to protect in danger

like a house key so a robber cannot steal your valuables

fear is learning from our mistakes, discovering that certain actions dont always lead to good. 

i was always taught not to be afraid, but it appears that everyone is afraid or else we would live in a utopia


frightened or not, i continue to live.

if i die right now, who cares?

my family?

my friends?


i care, because i refuse to allow this world to go down in ashes and ruin the lives of so many innocent, bright, young, energetic minds of the future

i cannot trash my life, because if i did, who else would take out the garbage, dust the livingroom, clean the dishes or scrub the toilets?

perhaps someone else? perhaps not. 


i make a difference, no matter how small or large,

a single grain of rice can tip the scale

a single drop of water can create a wave

a single smile can turn a person's day around, all it takes is you. 

you choose your path, it wont be straight, or smooth or pretty

but it is important


that alarm clock is blaring

the floor is cold to the touch

the sky outside is dark

but still i open my eyes, take a deep breath, and say "thank god im alive"

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