Black Gold: America's Investment

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end world problems
inspiration from jonathon swift's "moderate proposal"

Submitted: March 29, 2013

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Submitted: March 29, 2013




Black Gold

I find it hard to believe that the world continues to extract oil and to produce machines, knowing that the waste products hurt the environment.  The land takes millions of years to produce fossil fuels and billions more to create unique habitats for all living things.  In two hundred years the industrial revolution has almost destroyed all the natural resources that were once produced in abundance.  By the end of the century coal, oil, phosphorus, natural gas, magnets and drinkable water will be hard to come by.  Cars, planes, trains, and carbon exhaling humans will be the death of the once green and healthy earth.  Granted, it is nice to travel very quickly and to have advanced technology that feeds information at the click of a touch screen button; however, all of the natural resources and money that are consumed in those projects are very wasteful.  Noah’s ark will be the only thing that can save us from the rising sea levels but there will be no escaping the excruciating hot and cold temperatures that Global Warming is bringing.  Environmentalists have been lecturing mankind for decades in hopes to slowing down the consumption of the gifts that nature has given us; yet America still stands on industries that are powered by irreplaceable sources. 

Once all the trees are cut, once all the oil in the ground is pumped out, once all the landfills are full, the earth will become a desolate place.  If poisonous gases, acid rain, and extreme temperatures do not kill us, we will starve, scraping at the dead crops that hang their heads in shame; ashamed that seven billion people could not push their differences aside to solve this world problem.

The end of the world is here.  This path of blind consumption will make the earth a lifeless rock like its neighbors.  But not if we make a difference right now.  We can create a better world by reverting back to ancient times where the population of the Earth was few and the trees were plentiful.  We must take a stand today, against all forms of technology and use of energy.  It is ridiculous to fathom the amount of waste being produced in America alone and we should be embarrassed for thinking so self centered.  All the pretty birds and cute puppies and beautiful butterflies will cease to exist as the natural habitats are obliterated at our hand.  

People all around the world are asking for an end to global warming.  This is the prime time to make a difference.  We must take action now.  Get rid of your cars.  Dispose of your batteries.  Throw away your cell phones.  We must enter a new era where all material is organic – no plastic or metal.  All cows will be fed natural grass; all chickens will have room to fly; and all vegetation will be pesticide free.  Refrigerators, microwaves, and many other kitchen appliances suck up electricity like a sponge submerged in water; therefore all food will be prepared from fresh ingredients and nothing will be preserved.  Anything and anyone that is infected with diseases or bacteria will be destroyed in a massive holocaust to eliminate all biological threats to mankind.  Only healthy babies will be allowed to live; all newborns that have complications will be relieved of the pain they would suffer in the future.  Producing more than one child will be illegal because the population of the Earth must decrease so that the balance in oxygen and carbon dioxide will be sustained.  

Think of a life that is free of distractions, no impending text messages, no traffic on freeways.  People will be able to see the stars from inside their huts made out of wood and grass.  It will be a grand life, like the peaceful ones our forefathers had on farms and countryside.  Like Darwin proclaimed, only the strong will survive.  Hence, the poor class shall stop receiving aid from the wealthy.  Busy hospitals will no longer be needed, only morgues.  And everyone will accept these proposals, because it is for the greater good of mankind. 


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