Disaster strikes again

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When the earthquake in Japan hit, my class made special poems to honor them.

Submitted: November 24, 2012

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Submitted: November 24, 2012




In the ocean,

On a tiny piece of land

In the middle of nowhere

Just a little bit of sand


A mighty tree clung

To the earth so rough

And the natives sung

That its bark is so tough


For it stretched and swayed

In the wind and rain

Never buckled or cracked

Only holding its pain


Till one day, it seemed,

Had an end to all that.

Though its pride beamed

Fate was where it sat.


For the winds had changed

And the earth had shook

It was bound to happen

So why don’t they look


But it was real

So many leaves fell

Bark began to peel

And it lost all it could sell


That wasn’t the end

For the water rose

Onto the island

For the tree it chose


Though its roots held fast

Almost every leaf had fallen

Its strength is of the past

Help is the call’in

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