I live and breathe

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I want to help you, but I cannot
Discovering on your own is the task of life
Don't give up hope

Submitted: January 16, 2013

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Submitted: January 16, 2013




You want an A on that final

You want to pass all your classes

I want to help

I really do

But you’re the one who has to find that desire to succeed from within


You want nice friends

You want everyone to like you

So do I

I really do

But not everyone sees the world the way like you do


You want to spread peace

You want the world to love instead of hate

That would be nice

No war, no arguments

But everyone is greedy little mice


You want to succeed in drill

You want to beast in games

You want this, and that

To talk, to listen, to help


We all want to be winners don’t we?

Standing on top of the heap

Holding the city’s treasured key

Impossible is easy to leap

Serenity is simple to keep


Darkness is still there to seep

Our own little self doubt

Our own ying to yang

Our worry is what its all about


I can see you feel dead inside

Desperate, confused, and beaten

I want to help

I really do

But I feel that way too


You’re an awesome person

Always ready to laugh

I was trying to say

That’s what I like about you


But you push help aside

You don’t drink the water that I lead you to

You forge your own path

Better to be the change in the world

Than to let it change you


But I remind you its not smoothened out

It is dangerous, and difficult, and dirty

I know you can do it

You’ve always dreamed of thrill

A place to use your will


Don’t swim halfway

Then return okay

Keep going on


In chess you’re the pawn

People fail to see your true beauty

Or the vital role you play

You don’t like being called a cutie

Or doing what I say

But trust me now

Don’t ask me how

You will one day WOW



Take a sip of tea

Have patience, I plea


Don’t fret

Don’t freak

You will find the treasure that you seek


It is not beautifully laced

Or easily seen

Unless your eyes are awfully keen


It cannot be sold

Your hands cannot hold

But it is priceless and worth more than gold


Live and breathe

You gain it everyday

Sometimes slow

Against every no

It comes in your own way




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