I must STOP Christmas from coming!!!

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Santa's coming to town, are you ready?

Submitted: December 20, 2012

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Submitted: December 20, 2012






The time to be good

The time to do nice deeds for one another

The time the kitchen smells like warm cookies

The time grandma hands out knitted sweaters

The time to cuddle up next to the fireplace

The time of happiness, peace, and tranquility


The time for the Grinch to emerge from his den, shielded in the shadows, and stare at the smiles that are painted on so many succulent saps down below who wish for a white winter. 


There is one in all of us isn’t there?  That hole in our hearts – empty and afraid.  Is Christmas really a time of giving? Or has it become a selfish obligation? Giving out gifts in hope of receiving something back in return?  All we really want is presents, lots and lots of presents. 


Dreading that mall madness

Buying all the latest items in the market

Postponing the decorations of the house

Sick of all the Christmas music on the radio

Wishing Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas


Tis the season to be folly seems much more accurate

Humanity’s vice juxtaposed to Christmas jolly makes philanthropy a lie doesn’t it?


Believing with our eyes instead of our hearts,

which is two sizes too small

Singing of Silver and Gold rather than of family



Is this what we have reduced ourselves to?

Greedy brats pretending to be good just to get that extra gift under a cut down tree

Do we even care about family?

Friends?  Foes? 

Every person has feelings, good or bad, liked or disliked

Please do not lose sight of what’s important


This is the time to listen

To love

And to lift up spirits that dwell among those who cannot see

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