My Little Sis

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do you have someone that you cherish? do you have someone you love? that someone who knows you inside out, that person who stays up late just to talk?

Submitted: December 31, 2012

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Submitted: December 31, 2012




Who is that guy you’re hanging out with? Is he nice? Kind? Smart?


What does he do? Does he have a job?  Is he rich? Is he poor?


Where are you going?  Is it far?  Do you have something warm to wear?


Little sis I want to protect you

Boys have to treat you right

Girls have to support you

Peers have to respect you


I cant have you running around with the wrong crowd

Or risking your life just to have fun

I want you to be safe, secure, and safe


I know one day you will leave the nest

And find new adventures beyond my slow growing tree

But I want to make sure you know how to survive

How to live

How to keep our family’s spirit burning in your kin


You resist, and ignore

Retaliate, are sore

I am but a bore


I don’t care if I repeat

I don’t care if I block

I don’t care if you mock

I care about you


I would catch you from a fall

Give you heels to feel tall

Buy you a chain of metals

Collect pieces of colorful petals

Because I care about you little sis


We may be different,

we may be the same

You still say I am too lame


I still smile at your touch

You mean too much

Don’t do bad sorts and such



You want to escape

I have a way

I too have grown tired of mom and dad’s bray


But I cant just let you go

You don’t understand

Seeds that they sow

Need time to grow


If you were me, you’d feel the same

The sense to protect and to take the blame

Of their younger sibling, blood or not

You’ll always be my little tot


I am slow, dim, and old

You are young, bright, and bold

But please listen to the little things

For I have experienced wings


I know you want risk

And I’ll say tsk tsk

But cant you at least

Reap the feast

Of knowledge that I had pieced


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