nothing to fear but fear itself

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you are going to die

Submitted: March 02, 2013

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Submitted: March 02, 2013



You are going to die.

There is nothing else to it; every breathe that we take we are one step closer to death. Some people are closer than others; some people have many years before they are called to the altar. Nonetheless, we strive each and everyday to live our lives with a purpose. The main goal in life is to survive long enough to have children and to have a place to call home. That’s what evolution and survival of the fittest is all about isn’t it? To live.

Apparently that’s not important to society today. Suicides, homicides, diseases, and poverty –nothing is in our favor. We try to prevent the nature causes of death with medical breakthroughs but the process of life is becoming unnatural. Addiction to medicine that is required for us to swallow just to get through the day. Radiation that kills cancer cells often destroys the good cells as well. Is there no miracle pill that can save us? No immunity to disease or super strength to overcome all the dangers that threaten mankind? After all, we are only Human.

Fear of uncertainty. We don’t know where we are going. How we are going to get there. Will it be a quick and painless death? Or a long slow decay? Will we have closure with our loved ones? Or will they witness the horror of the life being sucked out of our bodies? We know we are going to die, that isn’t the problem. The pain, and effect on our physical bodies is what we fear the most. Or the thought that we are going to die alone and be forgotten because we didn’t impact the lives of anybody. In the movie 3:10 to Yuma, Russell Crowe stated that we "its not dying you need to be afraid of, its not having lived in the first place". We are going to die no matter how you look at it. No medicine or machines can keep your spirit from drifting away your decayed body. What is really important in life is making a difference.

If I knew I was going to die tomorrow, would I have any last minute things I wanted to get done? Go bungee jumping? Skydive from an airplane? Kiss that pretty girl I sit behind in math class? Tell my family and friends I love them? Sure that would be fun, and exhilarating, and crazy, and give our life its final chapter, but in the long run, is that really going to make a distinction from the other seven billion souls in the world? Who have the same ideas and same thoughts and same worries as you do? Some feel secure, and know that they will be one day living in Heaven. Others accept the fact that death is a part of life, and live each day preparing their children to have successful lives. And some people just don’t give a darn about being buried six feet under. Or sleeping with the fishies. Or being disintegrated into the dust, which we came from. We only live once, might as well make the most of it right?

How would you react if you were told you had a terminal disease? You are going to die in approximately six months. If you go through treatment, it will cost you more than three times your life but you have a ten percent chance of surviving. If not, you will be a vegetable – a burden for your family and friends. What if a gunman took aim at your spouse. Would you take the bullet? What if a stranger didn’t notice an oncoming train? Would you push them out of the way and take the fall? Are you willing to give a person a second chance at not dying at the expense of your life?

Who can we trust nowadays? Airports are so tied up with protection, yet there are still hijacking and explosives on board. Police keep the peace, yet they have fear themselves – Christopher Dorner made sure of that. It almost seemed like the corrupt force that The Joker revealed in Gotham City. Innocent citizens were injured because the police had mistaken them for the enemy. Does that make sense? They are here to protect us, and keep us safe, not blow our brains out. Can we blame them though? They feared for their lives, just as we do but we perceive them as the courageous warriors who may seem like a pain when we’re the ones breaking the law, but our saviors when they are busting someone else for their outrageous crimes.

In the past, war and conscription was despised because the young men were thrown into a pool of bloodshed. Nuclear arms bearing down upon cities terrified the minds of America. Rival countries sparked nationalism and the prestige of our country. Today, however, terrorism is the tango we dance with. It is often portrayed as far away radicals who want to harm us but there are many terrorists who come from the U.S. It’s not a happy feeling to realize that our own people wish to send this country into chaos. Seems like guns are creating violence, but it is the shooter who pulls the trigger. Now the massive killing would be reduced but obviously some mental issue impaired their good choices and they would have made the decision to send the world spinning regardless. Our life is in danger for twenty-four hours of the day. A drunk driver, a deranged veteran, or an abusive guardian. Our time could be here and now, life is unpredictable.

Just because we are going to die doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy ourselves and give our children fair opportunities in their life. We need to study to get good grades and go to a grand college for a good career that can support a family. We shouldn’t balance ourselves on heights that would break us apart if we fell. We shouldn’t sit around all day waiting for things to happen without the exertion of an outside force. We shouldn’t destroy the lives of other beings that struggle. We must have the desire to exist. We’ve got to create a legend with our name. You may travel the world seven times and never find a purpose. You may go home and forever regret all the things you didn’t do. Never leave for tomorrow what can be done today.

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