You're Adorable!

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I want my children to live a life that is better than mine. I want them to succeed.

Submitted: April 02, 2013

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Submitted: April 02, 2013




I use to waddle free in huggies and onesies, trying hard to stand on my own

You would lock me up in bars, and abandon me

But I escaped every time and you would come running back when I cried

I missed you, and I know you miss me


I use to walk back and forth in my giant toddler overalls, exploring new places

You would put me in the corner, and scold me

But I managed to get my way, and you would buy me ice cream afterwards

You love me, and I believed you


I use to jump in and out of rope in shorts and tye dye shirts, making new friends everyday

You would call me back inside at dusk, too dark you told me

But I waited until your voice got real loud, right before you got upset

You care about my safety, but I didn’t see any danger


I use to run in a jersey and cleats, chilling with buddies all the time

You would text me to come back home, waste of time you lectured me

But I still got my allowance, you didn’t see my average grades

You trust me, ok


I use to party all night in my socks, making new friends everyday

You would call every week, making sure I was ok

But I was too busy studying, and working hard to answer

You support me, I need the money


You almost took me out of school

I didn’t show up for class for a couple months

You took my car, and my dignity

I hate you


I could no longer live that way

I loved my instincts and my quick tongue

But I was running in the wrong direction, no future ahead for me

A second chance you gave me

You love me you said


I worked hard

I played hard

I set a plan

I met the goal


I am married now, with a little one of my own, making me smile everyday

He cries when he is lonely, making sure we still love him

Though we just tickled his silky soft skin and cradled him in our arms


I don’t want anything bad to happen to him

I want to protect him

I want to guide him

I want to make him lovable yet quiet, expressive yet composed

I don’t want him to be teased, to be left out, to be the daisy among roses

I don’t want him to feel like a failure, to give up, or to play dead


I will make him a blooming moon that the stars in the sky bow down to

I will make him a strong stick that the Sequoias fall to

I will make him a powerful cub that the lions will follow


He is my son

And I love him

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