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My Diary/journal for the day hope you like it.Its also for people to know how crazy life can be

Submitted: February 02, 2010

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Submitted: February 02, 2010



Dear Diary

Its Kelly again.Dont you get tired of hearing that? GUH! heheh Well today was BLEH.Why?Well i'll tell you why,I had exams for 3 classes if that wasnt bad enough i had massive explosive cramps.I felt pukey and tired and BOOM.In science class was most irritating my stomach feels like its going to go KA-BOOM and i hear a whiteness whiney voice coming from a wannabe malibu barbie with a over sized nose and a weave.To make it short its the bitch. Any who she talks and talks and talks and talks.Never ends :o Anywho also today my buddy Kristen broke up with her homeboy because he was acting like a jerk so i was going to approach him like Beyonce was yeast infection.HAHAH she would be very irritated and so yeah i didnt see him and she was done with him so we said screw him DATING SPREE Natalie was totally nice ...........creeppy

So far things are normal There not normal :D I'll check back in later i need the pill Painkillers to the rescue ;D Love.Peace.Giggle snort.Kelly

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