Dilemma in the Carnival

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Following a League of Legend Concept, here is a quick script for interactive speech delivery.

Annie lost her Tibbers and somehow got herself in a dilemma as other LOL(League of Legends) characters in the carnival fight for her attention.

Annie is confused, bothered.
She wants to go but she doesn't.
What is making her stay inside the messy troubling carnival?
Perhaps someone has caught her attention or...

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Submitted: June 07, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017






Annie, The Lost Dark Child
Shaco, The Joker
Ahri, The Nine-Tailed Gymnast
Morgana, The Fallen Angel in the Horror Room
Arcade Miss Fortune, The Gamer
Lolipoppy, The Food Ambassadress
Twisted Fate, The Cowgirl Magician


(Annie enters the scene, searching for something. Failing to find it, a saddened expression falls on her face.)

Annie: [Looking at the audience] Have you seen my Tibbers? Have you seen my Tibbers? Come out, come out wherever you are!

(She continued to walk around until she reached a carnival. Feeling curious, she entered the place. The curtains fall. The characters spread out, circling the girl.)

-Intro Song- (recommended: https://youtu.be/ntpLg_0FP2k Britney Spears-Circus)

(After the song, the characters freeze except Shaco who goes up to snatch the Tibbers from the little girl.)

Little girl, little girl. How about a magic trick?
I'll give you a rose without the prick.
This clown's only wish is to see you delirious.
Just a lil' bit of fun with Joker, so why so serious?

Playtime's over since a little while ago, Shaco.
It's time for you to end your show.
Let's have some real fun now, dear Annie.
Come along with this turner. Don't you trust me?

Better get your guard up, young hero.
With a fox like Ahri, trust is sure to be zero.
Where are you going? No getting through me.
Don't you want a lollipop? I don't do deliveries.

You too will be judged, Lolipoppy.
As have I, without mercy
Share in my torment, little Annie.
Enjoy the horror and come play with me.

Miss Fortune:
Fortune doesn't favor fools, kid.
Morgana won't do you good when you're so timid
With a gamer like me, the fun begins.
Now, make your choice, if you're in for the win.

Twisted Fate:
Lady luck is smilin' on you, partner
Excuse me, Miss Fortune, but I'm the real winner
I'm one of a kind, always on the run
Lil' fella, I've got the right magic for your type of fun.

[Annie is confused with the sudden turn of events as one by one they all talked to her and Shaco still didn't give her Tibbers back to her.]

Lady Fate, what are you all talking about?
Give me back my Tibbers before I dare to shout
Each of what you say are no doubt exciting and great
If I wasn't so confused, I would've chosen one of you as a playmate.

The Carnival Set: Who? Who? Who? Who? [Murmurs]

Annie: I don't know! Anyone would do!

Shaco: Choose me, for I can make you laugh to your heart's content!

Ahri: No! Pick me, for the chance to wow you, I'd go to any extent!

Lolipoppy: Know what you could use, Annie? Food! To make hunger relent.

Morgana: Do not dally and choose me! What you need is my torment.

Miss Fortune: Nothing but powder-monkeys. Lil' girl, gaming is your heart's true intent.

Twisted Fate: Hold it, partner. What you need is a fairy-tale I'm ready to give with your final consent.

Eeny, meeny, miny, burn!
Who should I choose? Each one I yearn.
What brings me to a carnival?
To choose only one is despicable.

What more are you confused about?
Little girl, why are you so full of doubt?
Isn't it laughter that makes the world go round?
It's the sound that holds us all bound.

Foolish! Screams of excitement is what people crave.
Inside the room of horror, many fun memories lave
People's true colors are seen before fear
There's no room to behave over here.

Miss Fortune:
Who will fortune favor today?
They have a point, I must say.
But what of it? Both joy and horror
can be found in my world of games.

It's the world of food that people want.
What of games and all when hunger still daunts?
You all have a point, if I must say
But all are defeated when ice cream's on its way.

Twisted Fate:
Your world is bought, not watched by many.
Children's attention on you is gone by a penny.
It's all in the cards, the creativity.
Young fellas' fantasy I never fail
Eyes never drift away from magic and fairy-tales

Did someone say tail?
In my show, people turn pale
In shock and awe, they'll stare at me
Your magic's no use against me
Their attention I've stolen
can never be retrieved
As I glide my way on the sky
Children adore me as I fly.

Eeny, meeny, miny, burn!
I still can't choose as arguments churn
But I've heard enough and want my Tibbers back
So help me out here with my choice as I test my luck.
All of you stop arguing as I've made my decision
I find no use and answer in all your collisions

Shaco: So what then is your verdict, little Annie?

The Carnival Set: What is it? What is it? What is it?

I've been here since a while ago
Listening and watching to all of you
And yes, I've felt a lot of awe
But not once I've felt fun instead I felt blue.
I only stayed behind because of...

The Carnival Set: Who? Who? Who? Me?

[The little girl shakes her head]

Annie: Tibbers, my teddy.

The Carnival Set: What?

I've made my decision and also my conclusion.
What brings me to a carnival is a companion.
Laughter and horror is nothing without a friend.
You have nobody to share it with till the day ends.
Games and foods empty my pockets so fast.
The awe of magic and gymnastics will also never last.
Without somebody, I'd feel like nobody.

The Carnival Set: Aww... [Shaco gives Tibbers back to Annie.]

Annie: Yay, Tibbers! Found you. Bear hug! [She hugs Tibbers. After that, she stands up and looks at the Carnival Set] Beaten by a little girl... ha! [Leaves]


The End.

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