Twilight Feathers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Love, at its very core, is sacrifice. Like the moon serving its purpose as our sun on the night sky.

"Twilight Feathers" discusses exactly the two distant yet closely the same topics. Love and Sacrifice.

Twilight is a time when the day is almost over but it is not night yet. It foretells life where there is to be death, light where there is to be darkness and hope where there is to be despair. Twilight also tells us that for every evil waiting, there is a good thing waiting to take its place.

Twilight Feathers is a play about angels and demons, heaven and hell. The two main characters are Angel Gabriel and Devil Lucas.

Sacrifices will be made to the point that angels will be sinners and demons will be no low-life. With their roles switched, what is bound to happen? This is the twilight of heaven and hell. A time where angels and devils collide, not to fight but to love.

Twilight Feathers focuses on fantasy, romance, action and tragedy as its genres. Here's a sneak peek:

"We were meant to love each other but we're not meant to be together."

"I have sinned. I've fallen but God, please let me rise again."

"You're my greatest sin. A sin that calls me out not to betray God but to betray me by me."

Follows a script/screenplay format.

Inspired from a work entitled "Defying Gravity" by @NicAthena at Wattpad


Jade, a former angel
Greed, from the 7 Deadly Sins
Michael, an archangel
Lucas, male protagonist, devil
Damian, a devil
Leah, bestfriend of the female protagonist, angel
Grace, an angel
Diligence, from the 7 Heavenly Virtues
Patience, from the 7 Heavenly Virtues
Gabriel, female portagonist, archangel
Sloth, from the 7 Deadly Sins
Envy, from the 7 Deadly Sins
Anger, From the 7 Deadly Sins
All-knowing Spirit, neutral to both sides
Cameos: a mere devil, Lucifer, God's voice, Sammy(gay)
Some characters will be humans in the end: Jade, Lucas, Gabriel



Act 1

[The scene starts with a celebrative dance on both sides until an angel wanders off and got grabbed by one member of the dark sides.]

Jade: Le-let go of me, demon!

Greed: [Laughs] Sweetie, do you think I'd ever listen to an angel? Hell no.

[Michael comes into the scene]

Michael: Greed...

Greed: Trouble in paradise, Archangel Michael?

Michael: Let go of Jade, you sinner!

Greed: I want her. Hell wants her. And what's wanted gets stolen by the bad guys. Ain't that right, goodie two shoes?

Michael: Greed! Let go of he-

Lucas: What's going on here? Greed, let's go.

Michael: Who are you?

[Greed simply nods]

Michael: Devil, state your name.

Lucas: It's Lucas.

Michael: What are you going to do to Ja-? [He attempts on grabbing hold of Jade when it was Jade itself who denied his touch.]

Jade: Don't, Michael. Don't.

Michael: Wh-what? Why?

[Jade doesn't answer but looks at Lucas.]

Lucas: [He laughs then motions for the girl to come forward.] Jade, was it? Come. Join us on the dark side, angel.

Jade: O-of course, Lucas. [She smiles and runs to his side.]

Michael: N-no... Jade...

[Damian comes into the scene and punches Michael with enough power to knock him out. Jade is seen clinging to Lucas as she looks shocked at the entrance of the new devil.]

Damian: Charming girls again, Lucas?

Lucas: [He shrugs, pushing Jade away from her.] Nah. No interest.

Damian: Oh well, you chose the right girl. Seems like Mr. Goodie here had a soft spot for her.

Greed: We are being called back. The first step's done already.

Lucas: Starting trouble with the angels, huh? Sounds fun.



Act 2


[Heaven was troubled.]

Leah: Did someone see where Michael went?

Grace: I don't know. I haven't seen Jade at all either.

[Diligence and Patience come into the scene with Diligence, acting shocked or scared.]

Diligence: I- we saw them.

Leah: Patience, Diligence. What happened?

Grace: [She runs towards her sister, Diligence.] Diligence, are you okay?

[Diligence breaks down, hugging her sister crying. Gabriel enters the scene, surprised.]

Patience: It was the devils, Leah. They captured him while... Jade-

[Gabriel gasps as feathers from the holy wings fell.]

Gabriel: No... way. Why would she?

Leah: Gabriel!

Grace: Jade has fallen out of grace.

Diligence: Feathers from the holy wings only fall when an angel is no longer true to God.

Patience: Archangel Gabriel... I can hear your brother's voice!

Michael's Voice: Jade... Jade! D-demons, what have you done to her? [Silence] You'll never get away with this, Lucas!

[Patience fell, shaken and tired.]

Grace: Patience! [She helps Diligence stand up and they rush towards Patience.]

Grabriel: Lucas...

Leah: Gabriel, we need to contact your other brothers. The other archangels! Uriel...

Gabriel: No, they cannot be bothered. They are in the middle of protecting the seven heavens right now. I'll go.

Leah: No, you cannot! It's a suicide mission, Gab. Let your brothers do this. It's dangerous for you.

Gabriel: I'm an archangel as well Leah. This is a mission I am meant to do.

Leah: But...

Gabriel: Leah, please... [She hugs her friend.]

Leah: It's just that... Okay, fine. But please promise me to be safe.

Gabriel: I will, best friend. I will.

Leah: I will take you there, Gabriel. This might hurt and you might pass out so be careful. The next time you open your eyes you're in hell.

[Leah then touches Gabriel's shoulder and then pushed her. The seven virtues and Leah exit the scene while Gabriel is twirling until she is shaken and lying on the floor.]



Act 3


Lucas: Jade, let go of me. I am sure you have already been shown to your chambers.

Jade: But I want to be with you Lucas! I even threw my faith away for you.

Lucas: You did all those for me, sweetie?

Jade: Yes, milord. I don't care if heaven won't take me back if it's for you.

Lucas: Traitor... I hate the likes of you. Go away, Jade.

[He slams the door and walks around to get water. Leaning against the wall, he drinks, looking around. He chokes up on water when his eyes lay on a certain body on the floor. He sets down his cup of water and walks towards the body.]

Lucas: An angel?

[The angel woke up, sitting up and landing her eyes on Lucas.]

Gabriel: A devil?

[She looks around and face palms.]

Gabriel: Of all places, a devil's house?

[Lucas chuckles. He squats down to the angel's level, seeming amused by her.]

[Lucas simply stares at her.]

Gabriel: Um...

Gabriel: I really am sorry for the intrusion but can you please lend me some clothes?

Lucas: Tell me, how did an angel like you fall directly here in hell? [He stands up, looking down at her.] Are you offering yourself to me?

Gabriel: [She shakes her head, standing up quickly.] No. I, um.. no.

Lucas: Do you even know me, little angel?

[She shrugs.]

Lucas: I am Lucas and I take who I want. A lost maiden seems like a nice dinner to have.

Gabriel: You cannot eat the unwilling.

[Lucas is silent with her reply then laughs.]

Lucas: I can tempt you.

Gabriel: But... bathroom first, please. I need to pee.

Lucas: I like you, perhaps I'll keep you.

Gabriel: Thank you but I must go now.

Lucas: Who ever said you're allowed to go?

[Gabriel simply passes by and walks to the door.]

Lucas: You cannot survive hell.

Gabriel: [Whisper] I know. [And she exits.]



Act 4


[Music plays and Gabriel is lost, running around blindly in the dark until she trips on something.]

Gabriel: Ouch... [Hands pulled on her legs and she screams.] What? No, let go! Help!

[Lucas enters the scene and Gabriel looks up at her.]

Gabriel: Please. Help me.

Lucas: [He kneels to her level, caressing her cheeks.]That's what they always say. Please. Please. Please. I'm sick of it.

[He stands up and leaves her.]

Gabriel: [She is at the point of crying. Shaking her head, she calms herself with a few breaths.] I knew from the very start this is a suicide mission. But I promised to be safe and I will be.

Devil: Ooooh, lookie here! An angel's legs, an angel's legs. An archangel's legs! [in a singsong voice]

Gabriel: That's right, I'm an archangel. I cannot die right now. I am fighting for heaven. [She kicks down to whatever's pulling on her and hurriedly runs back to the house she came from. She fell on his doorstep.] Lucas...

Lucas: Well done, angel. You've proven yourself you're worth saving. [He carries her inside.] I will not change you but hell can. You will be one of us.

[Gabriel is silent but pecks Lucas. Lucas sets her down hurriedly and she falls on the floor with no strength in her legs. She watches Lucas, coughing and clutching his chest.]

Lucas: What have you done to me, little angel?

Gabriel: Have you ever heard of an archangel's kiss?



Act 5


[Gabriel was traveling alone until 3 pairs of eyes stared at her.]

Gabriel: I won't hurt you.

Sloth: You are different.

[Gabriel settles down on the ground.]

Gabriel: I am lost.

Envy: Because you are different, are you going to hurt us?

Gabriel: No, I won't. I promise you that.

Anger: People like you kill our kind. We are accused of possessing humans. We are ugly.

Envy: She is so pretty. [She touches the angel's hair]

Anger: Pretty girls kill ugly children.

Sloth: I'm scared of her. She's too beautiful. Mama warned me not to get close to beautiful people. They will kill me.

Gabriel: [She laughs, shaking her head.] Once there was a beautiful man, radiating every goodness in the world. He was loved by everyone but he wanted to shine more. He wanted to be God.

Envy: Isn't that great though?

Gabriel: It is great but you'd always want more. You'd underestimate everything you have. That is very different.

Anger: Is that why Lucifer fell?

Gabriel: I don't know.

Lucas: Gabriel! Gabriella!

[Gabriel stands up at the call of her name.]

Gabriel: Lucas! [Mumbles] And here comes the reason why I might fall...

[The scene darkens.]



Act 6


[The next scene, Lucas is sitting on the sides with Gabriel playing with some the seven deadly sins: Anger, Envy and Sloth. They were laughing, playing with each other's hair and the flowers around them.]

Lucas: [He stares at Gabriel.] I lose sight of her for just one minute and then she's doing miracles with the seven deadly sins. Weird angel...

Sloth: Gabriel, I'm tired.

Envy: Oh come on, Sloth, we know you're just lazy.

Anger: Play with us a bit more.

Gabriel: Sure, you can take a break, Sloth. Maybe have a chat with that man at the corner.

[Sloth smiles, nodding. She heads towards Lucas.]

Lucas: Sloth, right? Knew you'd be the first one to call quits.

Sloth: Laziness runs in my blood.

[They stay silent for a few seconds.]

Lucas: Why are you with her?

Sloth: She makes us feel something.

[Another moment of silence.]

Sloth: You like her.

Lucas: I'd like to kill her.

Sloth: You'll regret ever saying that, Lucas.

Lucas: Don't get me started, Sloth. Her head will be my priceless trophy. Gabriella!

[Gabriel turns to him, standing up.]

Gabriel: Let's go girls.

[Lucas and Sloth also stands up.]

Gabriel: [She elbows Lucas' side.] I told you to call me Gabriel. That's my name.

Lucas: It's a boy's name. I like Gabriella better.

Envy: Sexist. [The seven deadly sins laugh along with her.]



Act 7


[Gabriel and Lucas were hiding behind the bush, watching Greed and Damian dragging a Spirit.]

Lucas: Tell me again why I'm helping you, little angel. I never imagined I, the right hand of Lucifer, would ever hide from my fellow demons.

Gabriel: You're under my kiss.

Lucas: You mean that archangel's kiss?

Gabriel: Fancy title, isn't it? [She giggles]

Lucas: You forgot to explain what that is, you know.

Gabriel: My kiss would put you under my orders, Lucas. Even if you want to kill me, you cannot. I told you before to help me. To care for me and protect me. And you will be doing exactly that.

Lucas: Damn kiss.

[They are silenced once the spirit yelled.]

Spirit: Let go! Let go of me!

Greed: She's such a bother. Why do we need her again?

Damian: She can tell us where Lucas is. Damn devil going missing for days.

Spirit: [She forcedly took her wrists away from their hold.] I will not tell you.

Greed: You will, spirit. Trust me. We get what we want.

Spirit: Like that archangel?

Greed: How- How does she know? I thought that was classified information?

Damian: She keeps watch of everything. That's her curse.

Greed: Curse?

[The Spirit is only silent, looking down.]

Damian: She made a deal with Lucifer. She wanted to know everything and she did. The exchange was her voice. She cannot speak of what she knows and the silence drove her to craziness until to her death.

Greed: Is she a devil? An angel?

Spirit: I'm a spirit. I cannot take sides with what I know.

Damian: You will speak. Where is he?

Spirit: Lucas?

Gabriel: Do you think she'll tell?

Damian: She's dead either way.

Spirit: [She laughs.] I'm dead either I tell or not. He's so close... [Gabriel gasps.] Yet so far.

[Greed and Damian looks around.]

Damian: Did you hear someone?

Greed: No. Maybe you're just imagining things?

Damian: Just to make sure, let's look around.

[Spirit discreetly walks towards where Gabriel and Lucas are hiding and pulls the both of them towards a different direction, leaving Damian and Greed on the set.]

Greed: Damian! The spirit is gone!

Damian: We've been tricked.

[The scene darkens and Greed and Damian exits the stage.]



Act 8


Gabriel: Are you helping us?

Spirit: Well, staying there any longer could've gotten you caught, lovers.

Lucas: Says the one who could've gotten us caught.

Spirit: Well, I'm helping now aren't I?

Gabriel: L-lovers...

Spirit: Well, what are you two?

[Lucas and Gabriel look at each other and then looks away.]

Lucas: Totally far from th-

Damian: Well, well Lucas. Been hanging out with an angel I see. [He takes hold of Gabriel, choking her.]

Lucas: Damian. Let go of her.

Damian: Why should I? You know, Lucas, I would've listened to you right away but right now, you don't seem as devilish as you used to be. You used to be like Lucifer, pure madness and bloodthirst. Did this angel do this to you?

Lucas: Damian. I'm warning you. Let go of her.

Damian: And I'm asking you, why should I? Don't you want her dead? I'm doing this for you, brother.

Gabriel: Lu-Lucas... Help. [Out of breath]

[Lucas stays silent.]

Damian: That's right. Hell kills angels. You are hell.

Lucas: Yes. It's always been like that. These hands... were always stained by angels' blood.

Damian: Wouldn't you want this angel's blood spilled on the ground, Lucas?

[Gabriel screams in the background.]

Lucas: Angel's blood, yes... [He steps towards Damian.] Gabriella's... [He begins to run towards the devil and punch the guy.] Hell no.

Damian: Lucifer will be mad at this.

Lucas: Let him be then. She's too important to lose.

Damian: To lose even yourself?

[Lucas stays silent and Damian exits the scene. The spirit's laughter then enters the scene.]

Spirit: So... Totally from what again?

Lucas: You damn spirit! What did you do?

Spirit: A delusion? A warning? The future? It depends on you.

[Gabriel is gasping for breath, choking.]

Lucas: Gabriella! [He was about to rush to her when the spirit stops him.]

Gabriel: Stop! Michael, please don't.

[The spirit and Lucas exits the scene.]

Michael: He's a demon, Gabriel!

Gabriel: My demon, Michael. He's my demon. Please.. Don't hurt him.

Michael: No... Gabriel, don't tell me you will follow Jade's footsteps? You're an archangel, Gabriel!

[Gabriel stays silent.]

Michael: Are you simply going to throw God away for this devil?

Gabriel: No... no... I cannot.

Michael: That's right, Gabriel. You cannot.

Gabriel: I cannot throw away God but neither can I to Lucas, Michael. I may fall out from grace but never fall out from this love.

Michael: Love? You're an angel, an archangel! You cannot love a demon.

Gabriel: I am an archangel. An angel, Michael. I love and I am capable of loving a devil who loves me just as much or maybe more than he loves hell.

Michael: You are betraying God, Gabriel.

[Gabriel stays silent. Michael exits the stage and Lucas rushes towards Gabriel.]

Lucas: Gabriel...

Gabriel: Lucas, did you hear everything?

Lucas: [He chuckles.] You're my greatest sin, Gabriella. A sin that calls me out not to betray God but to betray me by me.

[Lucas and Gabriel exit the scene until the spirit called Gabriel.]

Spirit: The feathers are falling, Gabriel.

[Gabriel sighs and exits the stage. The Spirit does as well.]



Act 9


Gabriel: Lucas. Where are we?

Lucas: I don't know. Archangel Michael was supposed to be here.

Envy: Lucas, Gabriel!

Anger: Heaven already took Archangel Michael away.

Sloth: They got here before you and left.

Greed: Good job, Lucas. Now give us the archangel. Michael wasn't the one we need, it's her.

Lucas: Gabriella, behind me.

Leah: Gabriel! Get away from him.

Gabriel: Leah?

Grace: Do not fall out of grace, Gabriel.

Diligence: Why have you betrayed God, Archangel Gabriel?

Damian: Lucas! Do as Greed says. We need the angel to win over Heaven.

[A dance between the angels and devils starts. They fight while Lucas and Gabriel are confused with the turn of events. They are trapped as they figured both sides surrounded them. The dance stopped as soon as Gabriel and Lucas were able to escape. They exit the scene.]

Michael: Gabriel! Come back.

Greed: Damian, Lucas...

[Both sides were about to chase the lovers when Spirit enters the scene and stopped them.]

Spirit: Stop. Let them be. They only have a few moments left. Let them have it.

Patience: Their forbidden love would rhyme with poems and their tragic love story would be loved by many, but their love would never succeed. That's the sacrifice they have to make.

[Both sides are silent until Leah shouted.]

Leah: No! I cannot lose my best friend to that demon.

[Leah runs towards the path the lovers went.]

Diligence: Leah!

[Leah exits the scene, following the path where Lucas and Gabriel were last seen. The scene darkens.]



Act 10


Gabriel: Are we doing what's right, Lucas?

Lucas: No, we aren't.

Gabriel: [She laughs bitterly.] But it feels so right.

Lucas: I couldn't agree more, Gabriella.

Leah: Gabriel!

[The two turn around to find Leah holding a knife towards them.]

Leah: Go away from him. I don't want to get you hurt as well.

Gabriel: No, Leah. Don't do this please.

Leah: I cannot bear the thought of losing you, Gabriel. You still have a chance. Heaven will still have you back if you go away from him now. I just have to make one little sacrifice.

Gabriel: Sacrifice? No... Do not stain your hands with blood, Leah.

Leah: I don't care if I have to kill. Your home is heaven Gabriel. Please, come back.

[Lucas hugs Gabriel from behind before pushing her away towards Leah.]

Lucas: Go, Gabriella. Go

Leah: [She runs towards Lucas, directing the knife towards him when Gabriel took the hit for him.] No. Gabriel... Why? Why? [She drops on her knees along with the knife.]

Lucas: Gabriella! [He kneels beside her body, holding her close.]

Gabriel: Lucas... I love you. We were meant to love each other but we were never meant to be together.

Lucas: No, please do not die... Please, God. If ever you're there, watching, listening... hear me out. Take my life instead, not Gabriella's.

Gabriel: Lucas...

Lucas: [He laughs bitterly before leaning down to place a kiss on Gabriel's forehead.] Have you ever heard of a devil's kiss? Live, Gabriel. I love you.

[An apple rolls towards them and a man in a jacket enters the scene.]

Lucas: Lucifer...

Lucifer: Take this. It's your punishment.

Lucas: Will she live?

[Lucifer remains silent and exits the scene. Lucas stares at Gabriel and eats the apple. He then feeds it to her.]

Lucas: I love you forever. Even if we don't have forever.

Gabriel: I love you to the next life and the next. Bye, Lucas.

[Gabriel passes out and Lucas hugs her, crying.]



Act 11 - Finalé


Leah: God! Please, hear me. I have sinned. I've fallen but God, please let me rise again. Please let me help those two.

[God's voice in the background.]

God: If that is what you desire....

Leah: Oh God, thank you. Thank you.

[Leah is seen to be accepted back to heaven and she descends to Earth where she spots a gay trying to catch a guy's attention.]

Sammy: Luke! Hi, boy. Want me to work it for you? Work, work, work, work, work~

Luke: Go away, Sammy.

Sammy: But Luke...

Jade: Give it up, girl.

[The two exits the stage. Luke is found staring up at the sky. Leah enters the scene.]

Leah: Oh there they are. [He goes behind Luke, smiling.] 1, 2, 3...

Luke: It's near twilight now.

[He felt someone push him from behind. He bumps towards a girl.]

Gabbie: Ouch...

Luke: Now what's an angel like you doing on the ground?

Gabbie: Angel? No.. um.. Can you lend me a hand?

Luke: [He chuckles, helping her.] Luke.

Gabbie: [She stands up.] Gabbie.



Submitted: June 07, 2017

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