Girl Meets...

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A piece of the short story I am writing. More like the ending. Please comment! and any advice! New here!

Submitted: August 05, 2015

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Submitted: August 05, 2015



The piano’s gentle key starts the melody. It is Pachelbel’s canon in D; as it softly begins to drift towards her, Katie looks straight ahead of her.  She can see the light buds that are strung softly across the branches of the trees that are set against the purple and orange sky, as the sun start to set for the evening. As the spring breeze slightly blows around her she takes one last look at herself in the mirror, pleased with what she see reflecting back at her.With the sound of waves crashing against the shore in the far distance, she can’t help but think to herself, “this must be a dream right?!” The sound of violin strings starts to join the piano. Hearing her cue, Katie straightens herself up and noticed that all of her guests’ are starting to stand up and are turning towards to where she is.  Mentally Katie runs down a few last minute things in her head. Music? Check. The Bouquet in hand? Check. Lights? Check. Guests? Check.  She was standing in the back, behind him, behind her guests, in the white gown that she thought she would only dream of.  The transparent veal flowing down her back, the bouquet of wild flowers, which she held perfectly in front of her, right below where her chest fell; perfect, she thought, just like how she always picture.  She starts her countdown: five, four, three, two, and one.  She takes one last deep breath and starts her walk down the aisle, taking each step in tune to Pachelbel’s canon in D.

“Is it me or does this aisle seems to stretch on forever?” she thought nervously to herself. Taking steady breathes, she tells herself, “Make eye contact and smile at your guests but not too hard Katie! Let’s not make it look like you are forcing yourself.  Remember to walk slowly, one foot at a time.”  She makes eye contact with her coworker, Tina, who gives her a thumb up. Katie couldn’t help but giggled.  Katie thought back to their conversation the other day about what to do with the aisle walk. Tina had mentioned how she was so nervous at her own wedding because everyone’s eyes were on her that she walked rather quickly to the altar that it wasn’t even though time for her guest to view.  Katie quickly thought, “Gosh, I hope I don’t end up walking fast, even worst falling or tripping! That would be embarrassing!”  Taking another steady breathe, Katie decided to look straight ahead instead. Ahhh! She just remembered that there is one last thing to check. The groom! “There he is, standing where he should be, check” as she thinks to herself and a smile spread across her face.  And that was when he turned around and they met eye to eye. The eyes that always soften when she was crying or when she needed him most, the eyes that seem to search for love and forgiveness in the darkness when they were lying close together after a long draining fight, the eyes that twinkle when they laugh together, the eyes that when Katie looks deeply into, she can see her future and life with him; because those eyes, brings her home.

Each step that Katie took towards him, she thought about what lead her to this moment. It was one hell of a roller coaster ride that she went through, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. There was “the one”, her first love. She thought he was the one, but, as with every first love, they stay that way.  After that it was just a dating world of fishes. At the age of 28 she quickly learned that, it’s an age where bells don’t ring when you kiss.  There was the prince in disguise who was really a fox.  After that, she kissed a frog, in hopes that he’ll turn into that prince she dreamed of. And finally she went through a couple soldiers who went MIA but always appear at the right moment yet so wrong.  As it turned out, maybe that old age tale of, “love come to you when you least expect” has some truth to it.  Whatever it may be, in the end, it was simply a girl, who met a boy one day. And they live happily ever after with many laughter, fights, and world wars that lead to a lot making up that brought her here as she walked down to her home.

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