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just about life

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



may walk anywhere I like.
No one will see me.
I may talk every time I want to.
No one will hear.

This is how my life has gone for me.
While everyone sit and chat so lovingly,
I am there, alone, no one will say Hello'

I have no one in my world. Just me!
The soul I have, keeps itself quiet from those who attract attention to themselves.
How it hurts, when your left out of this world.

No one speaks to you, listens to you, or even remember you.
I have had them experiences.

I can say I'm invisible. But not in a good way.
No person can see me nor do they even bother to look.
They ignore, like as if they I'm not there.
And they're right. I am never there because I'm invisible to them.

Time flies quick.
So does the love for someone.
Years tick by, and they forget who you are.

How ignorant are they?
You will never know.
Only I can tell that to you.
Yet you won't know the true feeling
That I treasure yet I don't want to.

I am invisible.
So forgotten, never to be remembered.
It hurts
It always does
And it always will..!!

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