She stole every part of his heart.

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He's the sweetest.

Submitted: July 01, 2009

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Submitted: July 01, 2009



***:to be honest id be devaistated if you trned me dwn….
Haha, thx:) bt yeah, evrytime I hang wit u, I start likin u mre…
Ur a lot mre thn jst a pretty face, ur doing a great job of becming my dreamgirl, I
Always hav a great time n nvr a dull moment wit u. Plus ur beautiful inside n out.
I just dnt knw where ur at abt hw u feel abt me…
I like u a ton too marissa, n u fit my dreamgirl description almst perfectly, its just
I need to be in love wit her n she nds to b in love wit me.
Its weird 4 me, ive nvr liked neone close to as much as u n ive nvr fit so comfortably so fast, bt ur ynger than everyone ive met, n idk how u fl either.
Its also kinda weird, with my past relationships bein so rotton, n always be lft. I wasn’t the same person a year ago, I always blamed myslf 4 evrything, n I nvr thought id b gd engh 4 neone again.
Everything changed aftr I fot diagnosed, I turnd way mre optimistic, n I met the most amazing girl ive evr met cuz of it, n im actually thnkful 4 it now.
Ik its just weird…smtimes im stupid n ovrthnk, bt I used to nt b much of a believer of fate, cuz I didnt like the idea of not bein in control of my life. Bt just how random it waz of me to get diabetes n hw random it waz getting to knw u cuz of that. N as stupid as it snds, smtimes i thnk I got it 4 a reason…
Like I said tho, I waz rock bottom when it hppnd to me, n it had nvr hppnd in my family, maybe all of this is supposd to fall into place.

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