The girl, the demon & the two story house

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Basically what the title says. I did this as a mini-project in school, & felt that it was so good that I turned it into a short story.

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011



"Crap, I think I took a wrong turn." I groaned as I looked left & right to see nothing but dark forest. After a few more hours of aimless traveling on dirt road, my car started to sputter & wheeze. I cursed angrily as the vehicle finally died in the middle of trees, faintly visible only by the ghostly glow of the full moon's light. Climbing out of the now useless car, I grabbed the worn out gas container from the trunk & began walking deeper into the woods, despite my growing anxiety. I walked...

And walked...

And walked...

Until finally I came across a dirty, seemingly neglected two-story building. Its colors seemed to blend perfectly with the atmosphere & scenery, & strangely had no windows whatsoever. In fact, it had no special features, except for a single, dark oak door that had no door handle for anyone to get in or out. Curious beyond comprehension, I called out, "Hello? I uh, need some gas."

No answer. I huffed, convinced that no one was home, & turned around to leave, only to hear a rusty creak. Flipping around so fast it almost gave me whiplash, I saw a figure creeping out of the door. Biting my lip, I took a cautious step forward to inspect the person: A horribly pale man with slight wrinkles & old, dark gray eyes. 6'5" yet with a slight slouch, a long, pitch black robe draped down to the point of covering his feet & arms, excluding the scarred hands with sharp claws that held the twisted, dark oak cane. His hood covered his hair, & even though he was quite a distance away, both he & his shadow towered over me. He gave me a long & menacing look, & hissed with a nearly demonic voice, "Come closer, my dear."

He then flashed a crooked grin with sharp fangs for teeth, & his entire eyes turned as black as his robe. Fear struck me as he transformed right before my very eyes; the robe seemed to come alive & spread across the rest of his half-human features. Shadows became part of his form, & the cane altered into a long, shadowy whip with spikes at the end. His eyes turned red & pupilless, & his claws & fangs grew even longer & sharper as a spiky tail protruded from his bottom side. The demon beast stared at me hungrily, & the next thing I knew, a terror-filled shriek tore from my lips as it came at me. Then, blood & darkness became my new vision.

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