An Epic Airport Love Story

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It's a fictional airport love story... That I wrote at the airport while waiting for my flight. :)

Submitted: March 21, 2011

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Submitted: March 21, 2011



It started out as any ordinary day. With a gleam of hope in her eyes, Natalie awoke to mesmerizing bird songs. She was oblivious to the events that were to occur that day. She was too excited to go home.
She hurriedly went to grab a quick coffee and breakfast at UCLA’s prominent café, Bruin Café. She had two hours to pack and get ready for her shuttle. She ran out of her room and finished doing her morning chores.

The shuttle arrived on time, and she quickly addressed the driver. He helped her put her luggage in the van. She was ready to leave. Natalie looked around with a bit of regret in her eyes, but no one noticed.
During the drive to the airport, Natalie listened to her MP3s with a smile on her face. The illusion made everyone believe she was truly happy. But was she? Was there anything she held regrets over? Was there anyone she was going to miss? It was only spring break, or was it?

Millions of thoughts were running through her mind. From her first encounter to her last. She couldn’t get him out of her head… She couldn’t get what happened out her mind, but more importantly, she couldn’t falter now. She was going to forget everything, no matter what. She was going to move on. He was happy, and she was happy for him…
She sat in the airport, with laptop in hand and a story on her mind. She realized she had two hours to waste. Nothing could appease her at this moment. The only thing on her mind was him and how she was never going to feel the same way ever again. She wasn’t just leaving Los Angeles for a week… She was leaving him forever.

She started writing her story. She looked around… Everyone in this airport had their own story, their own regrets, and their own unrequited loves. She wondered whose story was the best? It was all relative… Everyone obviously thought their own story was the best, but who had the hardest heart break?

She thought of the movie she viewed last night. Two friends, madly in love with each other, were unable to profess their undying love to one another until they were faced with a “now or never” situation. The guy in the story ran to the airport, risked losing his life by running around with an army of airport personnel chasing after him, just to tell the girl he loved that he loved her. He fell a few feet short but yelled her name. She ran to him, and they had their epic love story. Natalie thought to herself, “Hmm… I’M going to the airport tomorrow. I wonder if that could happen to me?” Now, that was sheer proof of wishful thinking.

She sat amidst thousands of hustling, bustling travelers… Or hundreds, it was some absurd number. She was too out of it to count… And obviously, that was a pretty lame thing to do.
Natalie was excited to go home… She was. But she was still sad over what could have been. Then it started happening. She was unable to access the internet, so she was unaware of what was starting to unravel.

A few weeks ago, she had encountered this guy… He was amazing. He was just like her, with the same dreams and hopes and smile on his face. They were made for each other. The only problem was… That they didn’t know it.

Ever since she first met him, she couldn’t get him out of her head. She kept on thinking about him. She knew she had to tell him before it was too late, but how? She resorted to asking his friends for help, who were unfortunately unable to gather more information. One of them told her that it was hopeless and that he liked someone else.
She accepted it. She just wanted him to be happy. Her heart broke, but she was left smiling. “As long as he’s happy,” she thought. Little did she realize that she was his happiness. It didn’t hurt, was that normal? She was truly happy… And didn’t realize that she was sad over her own situation… Was THAT normal?

He tried to email her… He tried to message her. He knew she would be online. He thought she would be, but she wasn’t. He tried to call her but alas, it was missed.
He was desperately trying to get in touch with her. He didn’t want her to leave. No, not yet. He had to tell her something, something that had been making his heart ache for the longest time. He loved her. He didn’t realize it until he found out from his friends that she felt the same way… He had been running around frantically, trying to find her, but he didn’t. He didn’t know what to do… He knew she was leaving today. She’d be back soon, but he had to tell her before it was too late. He was afraid that everything would be too different. He was right.
She was sitting all alone at the airport. Natalie had finished her finals early and was going home… FINALLY. She was ecstatic.

He got in his car. He drove at top speeds to get to her in time. He got stuck in rush hour traffic. He waited and waited… He didn’t know when her flight was, but he knew where she was going. If it destined, he would reach her in time.

Natalie pouted. An hour remained before her flight. With no internet connection, she couldn’t Facebook the time away. She resorted to finishing the story she had started.
He was only fifteen minutes away from her, but in this traffic, it would take him an hour. He didn’t know what to do. He tried calling her again, but he was unable to reach her. He looked to the heavens and asked for answers. He saw his response.

Everyone started boarding the flight before her. She was left all alone again. This was just the way she wanted it. She wanted to be alone so that she could think things through.
The traffic had started moving. Not only had it started moving, but the road was almost clear. He smirked the smirk she loved, one of the many habits she had grown to adore of his. He was almost there.
People had started lining up for her flight. Natalie gathered her things and prepared to board. She looked around one more time, wishing he had come just like that guy had in the movie, but that was something that only happened in the movies… Bollywood especially.

He ran through the door. Airport security noticed, but he was too fast. He looked up the next flight to Sacramento. “Gate 5,” he read.
She was next in line…
He ran through the line and past security. An army of TSA guards chased after him, claiming he was a terrorist. He had one intent…
The code was called. Airport on lockdown. Natalie got worried. What was to happen next?
He yelled her name. He was only a few feet away from her… When the guards caught him. He kept yelling her name. “Natalie! Natalie! Natalie!”
She turned. There he was.
She ran to him. Hugged him. Didn’t let go. He hugged her. Didn’t let go. She didn’t board her flight. She missed her plane, but she was happy. He loved her and that was all that mattered. "Rab ne bana di jodi..." They were destined to be together...

And they lived happily ever after…

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