the pros and cons of dating

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this essay discusses the ups and (recently) downs of dating.

Submitted: May 22, 2012

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Submitted: May 22, 2012




The pros and con of dating.


Right now I’m feeling like the cons outweigh the pros.


Invariably the first thing discussed on any date is what gossip might create a barrier to the relationship before it has a chance.


I am heartbroken as I write, but how heartbroken? For the first time in a while I had a prospect, a real prospect. The first date went great- she was giggling


and writing me notes at the table like “when is our next date?”.


Four days and one date later the tone of her texts is clearly one of disinterest.


What changed? I liked her MORE than I expected. She was funny. I find that to be a rare quality, at least in the women I’ve dated. 


If this goes the way it appears to be going I will be broken for some period of time. Prospects are plentiful but good prospects are rare.


Ill get over it someday but how can one avoid the question: “what happened?” My guess is we know a lot of the same people- some probably


allies of ex-wives who tell tales because it’s fun. I’m not an angel but I am high caliber and I am worthy and I hope someone that doesn’t know me


isn’t spreading tall tales.


Maybe it’s my fault. I am certainly guilty of engaging in conversation that might involve the private lives of others but I know I use discretion.


I recently dated what appeared to be an alcoholic but I judged her with my own eyes- not what someone told me.


I think I’m in the wrong town. Dylan must have a song abut this.

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