Past Trangressions

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An insightful past of a tormented child; explore how her illness began.

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



How the Monster Was Born

By: MsCrimCrim

To those who would happen to look into her room, Kammy appeared to be resting as peacefully as a baby, her face relaxed and eyes still; but on the inside her battle with Samantha seemed to just be beginning. There they both stood in the middle of her home back before the accident had occured, everything was in place just as it had been the day she had come home from a friends house. There stood the both of them, one was dressed in typical bookworm attire from the sweater vest to the khaki pants and dolled shoes, while the other was dressed ready to go whoring at a rock concert, hair all frizzed and messed up and clothes that pushed up her breasts and barely covered her essentials. The two stood face to face, Kammy staring Samantha down in anger while Samantha simply smirked to Kammy, "Well well well...I finally get to see know what this calls for?" Kammy narrowed her eyes and before she knew it Samantha has appeared behind her, hand trailing up from Kammy's thigh all the up her back before she roughly grabbed the nape of her neck, "This is the perfect time to finally show you how you gave birth to me....see what you made me do to your family..."

Struggling slightly against the grip she would grit her teeth and shake her head, "I didnt do anything! Especially not make a monster like you!" Slowly Samantha's arm snaked around Kammy's waist, easing her into the living room as she pressed her body into her back, forcing her forward. "Stop it!" Kammy didn't even want to see the scene that was going to take place that she remembered, she didnt know how to feel about it or how she did. Suddenly the lights outside dimmed down into night time and rain began to pelt all of the windows in the house; there in the living room were hundreds of small candles all lit and scattered about as the slick slapping sounds and groans of estacy echoed of the memory's walls. A few steps closer and the sight of mother under a thick man there on her fathers couch, in her fathers house; anger flared to life in the pit of Kammy's stomach as suddenly the couple looked up in shock and frights, the very common view adulterous cheaters gave the moments of being caught.

This woman laid on her back like a whore while her father's friend from next door grinded on her like she was open season. This woman had made her life miserable from the very day she was born; the constant micro-managing of her life from what she HAD to look like to what she HAD to be. Everything had been about her mother, her mothers' image, and how her mother demanded her family to be. She took her fathers money, her fathers love, and her fathers friends as she decided; never once had she ever done anything for anyone else and here she was taking on yet another lover. Something in Kammy snapped, she felt it in her heart as it seemed to be squeezed by the need to do something. In a second she grabbed the half empty bottle of wine and cracked it on the end table to break into a dangerous jagged edge before slicing it through the mans throat.

Samantha was gone, yet Kammy felt her in every fiber of her being as her anger seemed to grow past the point of understanding. Her vision soon went red with the spray from the mans throat, her eyes stayed narrowed on him as he clung his hand over the gaping wound and soon fell to the floor in a gurgled cry for help followed by the shrieking of her mother. The bottle came to smack her mother hard in the forehead with the neck of the bottle to daze her for a moment, with a casual walk to the other side of the couch, she slipped in behind her mother so her back rested onto her chest and with each hand she gripped onto her mothers jaw, one on the top and one on the bottom. Leaning forward she whispered in her ear darkly, a hint of pure enjoyment lingering in her words, "Oh mommy....finally there will be a practical use for your mouth..." With out hesitation she began to pull the two jaw pieces in opposite directions, her mother flailed against her in vain as her legs wrapped around her waist an arms, planting her in place until the sickening crack of the jaw disconnecting, the tear of tendons and flesh became the only sound that came over the gurgles screams and pelting rain.

When the body pressing into her finally wriggled to a stop, she would let her arms fly back as she leaned onto the arm rest, bursting in laughter; oh the thrill she felt, the ease of tension in her mind, and even the stench ofiron and the stickiness of the blood that now covered down her arms to her legs began to make her excited. The wriggle of the man on the floor drew her attention as she slipped back out of her mothertossing herlower jaw to the floor. "Still kicking?...I have something for that." Walking over she straddled the man, hands slowly carassing up from his stomach to his chest, eyes lit in excitement as he struggled to get away, blood pooling all around. Slowly her hands came up and thumbs pushed down into his eye sockets, the bubbling of frantic cries ensued beneath her; making parts of her moist. Tiny pops and then silence as her thumbs crushed into brain matter, covering her in more blood as it spurted up and splattered her in the face, the mere acting of taking a life seemed to be the best feeling she had ever felt.

A metalic click make her head jerk up and there in the door way stood her father with a gun pointed at her, a grin peeled onto her crimson covered face as she would slowly stand and step towards him. BANG! The bullet connected with her shoulder and sent her down and thrown through theglass table behind her. BANG! Another shot went off, yet she felt no other pain but the sharp sting in her shoulder, pulling herself up, she looked over in his direction as the thud of his body hit the floor. Kammy snapped back out of it, just as she had when she awoke from her black out; surronded in blood and death as the thunder boomed outside and candles flickered.

There in present time a scream shattered through her diaphram, back arching up towards the concrete walls of the confines of her cell. "NO!" Flames exploded through her room and down the halls from her door, wriggling as if she was experiencing pain all over, she screeched over and over as her hands gripped at her head, the only other sound around was the cackling in her mind as Samantha seemed to be getting a kick out of Kammy's inability to accept what she had seen and done. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Tears poured down her dirty cheeks and it only seemed to fuel her denial as the flames crackled higher, turning blue as the temperature of them rose beyond normal. This was who she was, who she had let herself become, a monster in every sense of the word; she could say nothing as hell swallowed her up.

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