Only for her.

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Short piece for D/s.

Submitted: September 14, 2012

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Submitted: September 14, 2012



The gathering of cigarette smoke floated like a hazy cloud above the audience.With the sound of general conversation and waitresses collecting glasses the club was anticipating the arrival of the entertainment.

Lighting was subdued and seating was intimate, allowing couples a closeness they desired.

Sweet nothings and compliments rolled off tongues of eager lovers. the Jazzy background music provided the soulful mood as mouths met and kisses told of forthcoming events.

Her tongue moved lightly over her bottom lip as she drew him closer.Her floral perfume captured him with it's seductive undertone.

Pressing himself into her , their bodies molded perfectly.

So far she had not protested and he wondered how far he would be allowed to go .Gathering confidence he kissed up and down her neck.The taste of her skin satisfied his hunger and his surroundings faded as the moment was all about them.

She moved herself away. Placing her seat inches away from him she delighted in that uncertainty in his eyes.

Had he gone too far? Had he angered her? He felt as if he was falling with no safety net to catch him. She smiled.

Gesturing to the waitress that they wanted more drinks she viewed the room and it's occupants.

Confident enough to know that he was fully aroused she ignored his silent pleas. Taking her small gold compact from her bag she freshened her lipstick.

Dragging the red gloss along her mouth purposely displaying her tongue as it glided over her teeth.Her lips looked wet.

As if she was preparing to eat him.

His heart thumped as he sat there waiting for her attention. Nervously moving but totally captivated by her every action. His breathing seemed slow and staggered as she stood and took to the stage.

Lighting dimmed and instruments announced her presence. Taking the microphone in her hand, she wrapped her fingers around it as if she were teasing his aching manhood.

Her voice gently fell into song and ripped into his heart.

Oh God how he loved he.How he wanted her.

Without even touching him her melodic words took him on a journey. Erotic notes undressed him ,leaving him totally exposed.

He could run but he wouldn't.

He would step closer.

His body was awash with his need to surrender to her and only her.


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Only for her.

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