Love poetry

I want to know how you feel within 
I want you to be able to love, to trust, to feel again.
If you got any blanks in your life
I want to be the one to fill them in.
I want you to know your my better half,
you're the sun on my cloudy day,
it's something about you that makes the pain go a stray.
the ever so lightly touch that makes me weak,
It's something about you that makes me feel complete.
Maybe this thing between you and me were meant to be.
By no means are we perfect,
But I can see your worth it.
Your confidence, dedication, consistency, determination.
You remind me of someone, Someone exceptional , 
Not to you but to me this person is special
(My daddy)
But to me it means everything.
Turning dreams into reality,
I love your positive mentality.
Seeing passion in your eyes when you speak,
Using your God given talent its unique.
The drive to reach for the stars,
Through 16 bars,
Driving fancy cars,
Love is wanting more for someone then they want for themselves.
I pray everyday for your career to excel.
Through the peaks and falls,
I promise too stay by your side through it all.
I don't want nothing from you at all.
You can keep the fame and fortune,
I want spontaneous sex, 
Surprises and respect.
Unconditional love,
emotional security, affection,
Last but not least a family.
Not rushing it but if its meant to be,
A little person made up of you and me.
That's the idea here
Not just to waste time.
We're building forever,
But I don't want to add any pressure or whatever,
Meeting you it's been a pleasure,
We can seize the stormy weather,
As long as we're in this together.

Submitted: September 29, 2015

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