Nothing but a Shock

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This a story about teenagers being married or pregnant in general, but it has some sense of humor of how it shocked me when I wanted to know a girl called "Mariah".

Submitted: July 17, 2014

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Submitted: July 17, 2014



 Nothing but an Idiot!!

 A year ago, I went to a market to buy some food for mom. There was a cute girl called “Mariah” sitting behind the counter, that was her first day at work, when I came in I looked at her and was surprised because two days ago there was a stinky old man sitting on the same chair that I really didn’t like, I smiled at her with a little bit of a surprise and continued on thinking about getting her number. I got some cans, vegetables, etc. I carried all of these and headed straight towards the counter, I was looking at her and my heart was pounding as if there was a drum being played inside me.

She looked at me and smiled saying:”Hi, how are you today?” Well the crazy thing is that I answered her saying:”bahabsa” (that’s not even a word) she laughed and asked if I would pay her after waiting for like 10 minutes just for me to say a word. I put my hand inside my purse and took out 50$ and gave it to her without even paying attention I took the bags and went out without paying attention to the money I paid, all I paid attention to was her eyes, when I got back home I looked inside my purse and I found the 50$ missing, then I realized that I gave it to Mariah.

After a while, I went back to the market, when I came in guess what I found? Well I found the old dude sitting on that same chair were the angel was, I asked him about Mariah then he said that she just left, I went straight outside to find her opening the car, I called her and went straight to her. I told her the whole story of course my words were bumping into each other but luckily she understood and gave me back  the 50$ and in return I gave her 10$. After that was done I asked her if we can hang out sometimes but she shocked me and told me that she was married and having a baby in 8 months.

Well that was a hell of a shock, but each time I remember that incident I laugh hard, but to tell you the truth I never went back into that supermarket, a pregnant teenager and an old man picking his nose all the time were the obstacle that held me back.

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