The Teacup

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

I wrote this for my writing II class. In a mall, I find a little antique shop. Intrigued, I walk in and observe my surroundings. I soon find myself pulled into the past by a teacup.


The moment I walked into the mall, my intuition told me the day would be unusual.  The air suffocated me with a superficial happiness, and the sun shimmered through the windows almost too perfectly. Despite the conditions, I kept walking deeper into the mall. I noticed cliques of young girls giggling at a Victoria’s Secret window display. Another group of teens who wore black stared at anyone who seemed to be in a good mood. Metal chains hung from their pants like bad memories.  My attention shifted slightly on a few rambunctious children heading towards a toy store.  Parents panted as they caught up with their offspring to say it was time to go home.  Suddenly, I was distracted by a red door screaming with tackiness. An antique store stared at me with a bold appearance that tempted me to peek inside.

I ventured on to see what was so special about the little shop. The red door opened, which chimed a bell as I took my first step inside. The front register was unoccupied and willing to give its money to any thieves. My feet brought me down the first aisle, second aisle, and third. My eyes wandered from item to item, eagerly observing details on vases, jewelry, dolls, and glassware.  Eventually, I found myself face to face with the store’s owner. He stopped stocking one of the shelves and adjusted his wire-rimmed glasses. After moving a few stray strands of ash gray hair, he smiled at me before returning to his job.

I moved on and quickly rested my eyes on a china teacup with pink roses scattered around a white background. As my fingers touched the smoothness of its handle, an electric shock instantly zoomed through my body.  My eyes closed and a soft breeze enveloped me. My feet couldn’t move. I forced my eyes open and nearly jumped out of my skin. I was no longer in the antique shop.

My feet stood on a marble floor in a very large ballroom. Women wore dresses with layers of sequins and a rich rose color on their cheeks while men in suits sauntered about proudly.  An orchestra played swing music loudly. I could tell I was in a completely different era. I noticed a few tables scattered along the edges of the ballroom. Each place setting included china with teacups designed just as the one I held.

Instantly, the cup vanished from my grasp and reappeared on the table in front of me. A man and women in their mid-twenties approached the table without saying a word. For a moment, I was surprised that they hadn’t noticed my t-shirt and jeans. However, I realized that I was invisible to this flash of the past.

The man knelt on one knee and asked for the woman’s hand in marriage. She broke out in tears of joy, and she leaned forward to kiss her beloved. Her elbow dragged the tablecloth accidentally, pulling the teacup along with it. The precious cup almost appeared to float before it fell towards the ground. A feminine hand prevented the cup from breaking. After observing it, the woman childishly laughed at the small chip in its handle.

At once, the man took his fiancées hand and pulled her onto the dance floor. I was dumbfounded. How could such a simple object hold such a romantic background? I contemplated while my eyes scoped the area once more. The couple seemed to enjoy their date. Others appeared to have tales for the night as well. One woman imbibed wine and told her life story to a stranger. Another female jumped for joy after hearing her best friend had been proposed to. A man who roamed the ballroom alone soon found himself a partner to share a few laughs with as well as a dance or two.

 I felt a gentle breeze comb through my hair. My eyes shut again like lead weights. A musky smell pinched my nose.  I was back in the antique store. This time, I was without the teacup. It was back where it belonged in the sands of time.

 For a moment, I allowed my thoughts to fly freely before leaving the store. Being brought back in time opened my heart and mind. The teacup wasn’t perfect. It resembled a relationship, proving that imperfections should not be a reason to see past something beautiful. Love is always in our lives. No matter how big or small the feelings are, there are always ways to see it. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if something as small as a chip in a teacup is worth anything until you live your life, make your own memories, and stumble upon your own treasures.

Submitted: April 01, 2008

© Copyright 2021 msmadhatter. All rights reserved.

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