Death of an Addict

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This is a poem I wrote in memory of Ben, my would-be stepfather. He suffered from severe schizophrenia, hardcore drug addiction and he died of an overdose. Me and my mother were the ones to find him.

Submitted: February 27, 2014

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Submitted: February 27, 2014



I remember, your every little dream,
I remember, the destruction in your wake,
I remember, how you'd sleep to chase the pain away.

Your addictions, eating at your life,
Chewing away every piece of sanity,
Until there was nothing left, only the smoke in your lungs,
The alcohol on your breath,
The chemicals in your blood,
Ultimately causing your death.

When I found you lying there, lifeless on the bed,
Your skin ice cold, suddenly there was no breath,
Blackened lips and the touch of rigomortis,
Stiffening your limbs...
I thought to myself,
Oh, where do I begin?

Your life had barely begun,
Finally, you had no reason to run,
You found the love of your life,
You had a son.

You wanted to see the world smile,
Sit on the grass and watch the clouds for awhile,
Watch as they change shape and pass you by,
But I know you were already there in your mind.

You died when your demons were quiet,
When there was peace in your life,
You died in a state of content,
But I just wish I could ask you...

Was your time well spent?

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