True Meaning of Friends

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A young girl goes to make a journey for a new CD but were sidetracked the whole way. When she finally arrives, a issue occurred. Thanks to her friend Shantel, solved her issue.

Submitted: February 23, 2012

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Submitted: February 23, 2012



It was another long dreary day in Constitution High School. First period were boring and nobody listened to the teacher.  Here I am now, in second period doing nothing! Time goes by slowly as I count down to get my icon CD. Its only 10:00 am and lunch not until 11:12 am. I sit thinking about Jay-z new CD bumping in my ears. I sat smiling just wishing lunch will hurry so i can make it to F.Y.E. I glanced at the clock, it was only 10:10 am, taking a nap it was. The bell rung, waking me up from my nap. Time sure did fly by fast and lunch was finally here. As I were on my way to take the trip to F.Y.E, I ran into my friends but Shantel were the only one going out to get something to eat. Shantel asked where i were going, and I told her F.Y.E. She was going to Burger King which was in a different direction then I was heading to. We talked until we came upon 8th and Market, then we split.
I walked through the gallery walking past nice things. I were excited hurrying to get Watch The Throne, the new CD of Jayz’s. I walked past Sneaker Villa but in the window were the sneakers I wanted. I had to go and see about them. I went inside the store to find out how much the cost were and if they had my size. The employee of Sneaker Villa came and told me the pricing. $130.00 dollars weren’t bad for the sneakers that just came into stores. The sneakers were just pulling me into buying them though my main mission were to get the CD.
I left the sneaker store and were now on my way to F.Y.E. The gallery were packed with lots of people. I wonder was it the case of Jay-z new CD dropping today. Walking to F.Y.E, i glanced at a couple of things that were nice in the window. But there was something that weren’t in the window that caught my attention as well. This boy were cute and he called me over. I went and we talked about things people discuss when they first met. His name was Ace. He was 19, tall, dark skin, with a beautiful smile that was attractive. We exchange numbers and I told him to text or call me anytime. He smiled at me and said he sure will. I just couldn’t help but smile.

The mixtures of the food in the food court gotten to me. There I spotted Chik-Fil-A, I had to get some. Hunger instantly came over me! I thought maybe I can run to Chik-FIl-A then to F.Y.E since they not too far from each other. Once I gotten to Chik-Fil-A, i ordered a number 9, spicy chicken with fries and a cookie&cream milkshake. Um um um, I couldn’t wait to eat. My taste buds were watering for the food I just ordered. I wanted to sit down and enjoy my food but lunch was almost over and I still haven’t made it to F.Y.E. I then scurried to F.Y.E

Now at F.Y.E it was crowded and a sign pointed to the left saying where the new CDs were located. I hurried busting in front of people just to get to the new CD. When I hit the front, no CDs were there and a man then screamed, “Watch The Throne  are now sold out”! I totally got upset and didn’t want to be bothered. I walked in disappointment because I shouldn’t have made all them stops when my main goal was to get the CD. Walking back to school, it seem long and I wasn’t excited like I were when I were going to get the CD.

Back in school, I saw my friends all standing around talking, I walked over. They asked me what’s the matter but I didn’t wanna talk about the situation. Shantel came over smiling asking did I get it. I told her no it was sold out. All of a sudden, Shantel pulled the CD out her bag telling me here I go. I started dancing thanking her by jumping all over her telling her i really appreciate it. She told me no problem and that forever she will be here because that’s are what friends for.

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