The Golden Princess

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This is an excerpt from a princess story but not another one where the protagonists waits for a prince charmer to save her. The full story with illustrations included is available on at ASIN: B00QP6UOPY.

Submitted: December 26, 2014

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Submitted: December 26, 2014



Once upon a time there lied the mystical arctic kingdom of Glatia, it was formed around legacy of the Great ice crystal sorcerer Samuel. He was the most powerful and kind hearted ice crystal sorcerer of all. The people of land adored Samuel for his wisdom, care, and for protecting them. They soon made him their King and everyone was happy.


All except his older brother Cronus, a mean fire crystal sorcerer. He was jealous of his younger brother´s glory, his hatred for Samuel lead him to challenging him to a duel. Cronus lost the fight and was banished from Glatia forever, before he went into exile he swore to exact his revenge one day.


Seven years later a new young hero rose named Julian. He was a brave knight and a defender of Glatia the people called him ´Julian the Mighty.´ He was faithful servant to his mentor the King. Before succumbing to his old age Samuel bestowed his magic ice crystal onto him. Julian was not a sorcerer but Samuel taught him the secret words to unlocking its power.



Julian then became Galtia’s next Ruler and was now called ´Mighty King Julian.´ He married Diane, the most beautiful maiden in the kingdom. She was a healer of wounded warriors and was known as Lady Purity. The Mighty King and the Purity Queen soon welcomed a baby girl naming her Makeda.


The day she was born the sky lid up, illuminating the whole village. All the villagers came out their houses to see the beautiful sight. Because of the spectacular glow of her birth brought everyone in the kingdom knew Makeda as The Golden Princess.  She had such a sweet smile and the beautiful blond hair.  But above all the little princess was said to be so kind and had a heart of gold.





In the Rocky Mountains far away Samuel’s evil brother Cronus spent years after years conspiring against his brother’s successor. He wanted all of Glatia to crumble at his feet and sit on the throne in the ice castle.


He sat there thinking and thinking as he did every single day for all years of his exile. Gabriel his little slave boy brought him his usual evening tea. “Here you are Master Cronus” he said. He suddenly turned around frightened Gabriel making him drop the tea. “Ahh, what the hell do you want boy!” he shouted.

“You said I should always bring you your hot tea at this time everyday” he said shaking.

“So where is the tea huh” Cronus stared at him with his mean face. Gabriel looked at the broken pieces of cup on the ground.

“Oh you stupid boy, I was just getting a brilliant idea on to get my revenge” he clenched his bony fists.

“But you say that everyday Master?” he said sad with tears cleaning up the mess.

“Oh you are not only useless but such a fool too not to mention a bother I don’t know why I ever made you my servant”

“Overthrowing King Julian would be hard to do though you know, they say the ice crystal your brother Samuel gave him has great power” he said while walking after hearing Cronus´ harsh words.

“Oh will you shut up I’m trying to… Wait!” Cronus suddenly got a nasty idea to steal the ice crystal since it was the source of the King´s power. Without it Julian could never win the fight against him. “Gabriel! Make sure my tea is burning hot, I have to fuel up for I will once and for all have my long awaited vengeance!” his eyes had the fires of fury. He threw his hands in the air and kept laughing louder each time.

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