The Burden of Life

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic
This story is about a person's life tragedies and miseries
The reality of life and how life is teaching us so many lessons.

Submitted: October 29, 2014

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Submitted: October 29, 2014



Burden of  Life

 “No, No, Nooooo” I screamed at the top my lungs, hoping it was not true. She can’t be, my mother cannot be dead! … I wake up breathing heavily; I could feel tears running down my cheeks and down to my neck. The one thing I wanted to forget has returned back now. It has been seven years and not one little thing has happened to make me remember. I made sure my past would be hidden because of all I’ve went through and of all the emotions I’ve felt. Although now I remember it, I remember ALL of it.

  Seven years ago:

Since the day my dad passed away my life has been miserable. Before he died he promised he’d buy me a Mercedes Benz, on my sixteenth birthday, but now I have to take the bus to go to school and I’m currently seventeen. Although things have been hard after my dad passed away, my mother is doing a great job raising me with just one authority figure in the picture. My mother always tries to hide the problems we are facing from me, but I know that she is having economic issues and we are probably going to lose the house. I live in a small detached house in Chance Harbour, California. Chance Harbour is an old and quiet town. Most of my ancestors from my mom’s side have lived here and I myself have grown up here since the day I was born… My story isn’t a fairy tale that involves a fairy godmother and a prince nor is it a cancer story where I get diagnosed when I was twelve. My story is an uncompleted tale because every day is a new chapter with a new adventure.

  “Audrey, Audrey, AUDREY are you done day dreaming” the bus driver called. I lurch my head away from the window and came back to reality. “Audrey we have reached your house” said the school bus driver in a grumpy voice. I’ve never liked the bus driver; he was old, grumpy and had no sense of humor. I climbed out of my seat and made my way of the bus. “Thanks, for the ride” I responded back politely. When I reached my front porch I spotted something that shattered me. My front door handle was broken. I walked firmly inside my house and I knew my mother was home because her car was parked outside. I could hear unfamiliar voices coming from upstairs.

 I grabbed the baseball bat and gripped my fingers to it steadily like I was going to hit a baseball and get a home run. I slowly walked upstairs step by step. Then when I reached my mother’s bedroom, I saw my mother tied up on the floor. There was no one in sight so I dropped the baseball bat and ran to my mother. Suddenly someone came behind me and grabbed me by my waist. I figured it was a man because of the hard chest I slammed into. The man’s grip around me was so tight, it started to hurt me. Another man then walked in front of me. The man was wearing all black and wore a mask that covered his face. I turned around to look at the man that held me and he also wore all black with a mask covering his face. I also spotted a tattoo of a bird on the man’s neck that was holding me. I could feel the anxiety starting to come and I said “What do you want?’ with a sign of hysteria in my voice. “We’re robbers, what would we want other than your money?” replied the man in front of me.

  My eyes were watering up and I felt like crying, but I needed to stay strong. My mother was fainted on the floor and all I could do was hope nothing terrible happened to her. Later a third man entered the room looking the same and said “I found all the money there was”. I was furious; my mother saved a couple of thousand dollars and hid it in her office. I can’t imagine how life is going to be like from now. The man holding me let me go and all three of them were about to leave. “Wait, Jeremy didn’t the woman see your face when you attacked her” said the third man to the man with a tattoo on his neck. The man with a tattoo on his neck took a gun from his left pocket and held it toward my mother. He then pulled the trigger. “Noooo” I yelped in anger, pain and sadness. I screamed so loud even Africa could have heard me. I dropped to the ground and cried so loud, not caring if anyone heard; well there isn’t anyone anymore other than myself. My mother was the only person I had and now she’s gone…. gone forever.


  The place I hate the most is the only place I hope can save my mother. I’m at the hospital waiting for the doctor to tell me my mother is alive. Three years ago my dad died at this exact same hospital and since the doctors couldn’t save my father I lost hope in them… One of the nurses walks out and tells me that the police will be here tomorrow for an inquiry about the robbery. I nodded my head in response and the nurse walked away. It was 9:00pm and I still never heard anything back from the doctors. I felt thirsty, so I walked over to the water fountain that was down at the main floor to get a sip of water. When the cold water touched my dry tongue it felt nice and refreshing. I was heading back to my spot when I heard hospital employees talking about the patient in room 207, which is my mother. “I don’t know how Dr. Shelby is going to tell that poor girl her mother has passed away” said the two employees. That was it, I felt like someone was repeatedly stabbing me in the heart. Can my life get any miserable? I just don’t know how I’m going handle answering questions of the robbery at inquiries, attend court meetings and on top of that foster care. I knew if I want to avoid all these conflicts, I had to do something terrible; something that may put me in trouble. Until, this day someone else has made decisions for me in life, but not anymore because today I’m going to run things my way.

  I silently walked back to my spot and grabbed my jacket. I walked out of the hospital and thankfully no one had seen me leave. The hospital was around five kilometers away from my house and since I do track, I’m a fast runner. I remember in seventh grade when one of my classmates was suspicious of if I were a vampire because of how fast I can run in a long period of time. I always had this dream where I’m secretly a vampire, and my real vampire parents would someday come and take me into the supernatural world. Wow, I honestly have been watching “The Vampire diaries” too much… well now back to reality. On my way running to my house, I started thinking about what I would do next and what life would be like without my mother. Out of all the thoughts running through my head, there was a question that disturbed me the most, “Would I be able to survive without that one person who took care of me, who inspired me every day, who gave me hope and whom I loved the most”.


  I had finally reached my house and since I still had the house keys I was able to enter my house and I grabbed my mother’s car keys. I had decided to run away, but I’m not quite sure where I was going. Although I do know that I want to go to a place far away from Chance Harbour, a place where my past will be hidden from me. I quickly got into the car and took a last look at my house. I closed my eyes and skimmed through all the memories I had in the place I called home that I will now abandon. I started the car and started driving. I turned the radio and right when I was about to switch the radio station, I heard something that frightened me. On the radio station they had announced an Amber Alert for a girl who is predicted to be abducted. She has light brown hair, hazel eyes and a birth mark on her chin. I couldn’t believe there is an Amber alert out for me, now I’ll never be able to leave the state. The car’s fuel was finishing up and how could I get fuel without anyone noticing me and I didn’t have money either. I saw a gas station nearby, so I took the risk and parked in front of the convenience store beside it. I found a pair of sunglasses in the car, so I wore them to hide my identity. I looked at myself in the mirror and it reminded me of my mother. Everyone used to say I look exactly like her, but I never thought I did. Now after she’s gone, I finally see the resemblance. I tied my hair in a ponytail and wore my hood over my head to hide my brown hair.

  One thing every parent tells their child never to do is rob or steal. I have never stolen anything ever, but today I’m going to have to do it, in sake of my survival. I hope my mother and father will forgive me for this in heaven. I climb out of my car and I walk into the store cautiously. There aren’t a lot of people, since its past midnight but I do see an old lady. The size of her purse seems like she must have a lot of money and she looks like a wealthy lady herself. I slowly walked over to her and then I make my move and grasped her purse right from her arms and I instantly ran away. I started my car and I don’t think even think back a second and drive away from the gas station. What have I just done? I just stole from an innocent woman, who never did anything to me. I pulled over to the side in the middle of nowhere. I thought about what I just did and I immediately broke into tears. I can’t imagine what other risks and sacrifices I would have to do to survive. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I started to do the one thing I was best at doing; daydreaming. I was reminding myself about the memories my family and I had and today I have no one but myself. I don’t know why god wants to make my life so miserable. I was living a happy life with a tremendously happy family and it just all went away in a snap.

  I then suddenly heard sirens. The sirens definitely, sounded like they were from a police car, so I tried to start my car but then I realized I forgot to fill fuel into my car and now the car fuel is finished up. I stared to repeatedly push my feet on the accelerator and hope my car would move but it was no use. I could hear the sirens stop and the police car was right behind me. My heart started to beat rapidly and I swear my heart would stop any minute. The police officer knocked on my window, so I pulled the window down. The police officer had looked straight into my eyes, like he was reading my thoughts. The officer said “Hello my name is Officer Weston, and you must do as I say, step out of your vehicle and put your hands up, you are being arrested for a robbery”. I did what he said with no denial. I was too weak and vulnerable to even try to escape. I guess this is it, I’ll just have to say good bye to the life path of my choice and hello to life in hell.


  I was now back in Chance Harbour and at the police station. My hands were hand cuffed and I was sitting on this irritating brown chair that squeaked every time I moved an inch. I then kept my eyes locked on the floor because every time I looked up, the employees stared at me in fear like I just murdered someone. The police officer also figured I was the missing girl they sent an Amber alert for and realized I was never abducted. I then heard someone whom voice sounded so familiar. The voice was strong, powerful and it sounded like an elderly. I then spotted the mysterious person talking to Officer Weston and figured out it was my grandmother. My grandmother who’s also my dad’s mother was never really that close with me. She lived in French Quarter, New Orleans and the last time I visited her was probably when I was three years old. “Grandma” I spoke loudly so she could hear me. She ran up to me in amazement and said “Oh Audrey sweetheart, look at you all grown up turned into a young lady now, if feels like it was just yesterday when we celebrated your third birthday”. “Yeah, and it’s so nice to see you finally come to Chance Harbour after a very long time” I replied. “I’m so sorry about you mother Audrey” She said in a sad tone. I didn’t feel like responding so I looked down and smiled. She lifted my chin up and said “Sweetheart, I know you have been through a lot and I don’t blame you for the choices you’ve made. I found a really good attorney and got you bail and from now on you are going to start a new life and tomorrow you will come to New Orleans with me”. I guess after all life isn’t going to be that awful anymore, so I agreed to go to New Orleans.

  I’m in the car with my grandmother heading to French Quarter, New Orleans and surprisingly, my grandmother is a pretty fast driver. She is so full of life and after she came here, I found something that I never thought I’ll ever regain again hope. I felt it was better to leave the past behind and leave it hidden in Chance Harbour. Now, I’m ready to start a new chapter in my life.

  Back to Present:

  I took a sip of my favorite decaf coffee and I finally felt alive again. After that terrible nightmare I headed to Jacob’s brew, so I could just relax and try to forget about the nightmare. I’m sitting outside of the brew at a small table of two. A man then walks and asks if he could sit in the seat in front of me. All the seats outside the brew were taken, so I nodded my head in agreement. I spotted a tattoo of a bird on his neck. I remember when I was just six years old, I asked my dad if I could get a tattoo of the word hope on my wrist. The word didn’t have a connection to me back then, but now hope is the only reason I’m able to survive. “Nice tattoo” I kindly said to the man. “Thanks” he replied with a smile. I felt like I seen the tattoo somewhere but then again many people have tattoos of a bird. “You ready Jeremy” another man called to man sitting in front of me. Then it finally hit the tattoo and the name. He was the one, the criminal that murdered my mother. I spotted a cop just a few feet away, so I yelled at the man who murdered my mother saying. “You.. You were the one who killed my mother”. The criminal was about to run away but then the cop caught him and he was taken away. All these years I’ve felt so much grief and pain. I never understood why life was so full of agony, but I guess for everything I’ve been through this is god’s way of forgiveness.


By: Abitha Arumugalingam




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