Because its you

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Just how I was feeling at the time, hope you enjoy!

Submitted: April 21, 2010

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Submitted: April 21, 2010



It was if time had stopped, and my attention was meant to be directed in the direction of possible perfection. Questions of imperfection attempting to sway me this way as if it was as simple as molding clay,
can I say I wasn’t ready?

the chance we get to be more than just the assistant often leading us down the road of least resentment giving way to all prior commitments,
do we ever wonder was it worth it?

Losing track of time as we become someone else mime yet in the end searching for that long lost friend that use benefit us that used to be within us who now moving on without us,
have you found yourself yet?

The need to always gain from the dissatisfaction will become your main distraction as you begin to deny that you often sit alone and cry, because when it was your turn as main attraction you were living in someone’s else action,
did you miss your chance?

Now you’re looking at your life sideways as if it stuck along some dark highway pointed in the wrong direction, and still you don’t even recognize your own reflection,
are you still blinded by the rejection?

Trying to be positive after everything you see, making a difference one person at a time while the crime rate increase faster than the commercials on the TV now the only thing we see is breaking new because you decided to hit the snooze button one too many times on your dreams,
let see are you awake yet?

Knowing that as time goes by you lose the motivation to try and make it to where you need to be, held down by the limitations of gravity at time it feels as if your standing still wishing that you can make the important things last while the rest of the world is moving fast, but you cant seem to make it past.
Are you going anywhere?

Now it’s time to put things together the conclusions are no longer illusions of what could have been because in the end your the only one who has say in how it should have been, living with the passion of life as if it were something elegant the past failures should no longer relevant Just as long as your willing to prevail in it.

Because now is your time.

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