Rain Fell from Sky Colored Eyes

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A story of love lost twice and how memories can be a treatment for the pain.

Submitted: April 26, 2007

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Submitted: April 26, 2007




The clouds were impenetrable, hanging in the sky. Gloom poured down from the sky. Darkness had overtaken the hills and silence enslaved the air.  Memories of good times escaped him as he leaned alone against a lone tree. Behind him he heard a car engine being started. Without looking he knew what he would see if he turned around. There was a small black car creeping down his long and dusty driveway. Behind the vehicle a river of dust flowed through the air. If one were to stop time for a moment and walk up to the auto and look inside they would see a young woman. She is a very beautiful woman with golden-brown hair and sky colored eyes. It seemed as though the rain that should have been falling from the sky was falling from the young woman’s eyes. Down her soft face a river flowed with a mixture of tears and black as her makeup washed down her cheek.

Letting time continue, the car would maintain its original path down the drive and around a curve and out of the man’s life. Instead of crying as the woman had done the man simply stood. He took his hand off of the tree long enough to reach into his pack pocket and pull out a pack of cigarettes. With ease he placed a cigarette between his lips and lit the tip. A loud crack in the distance signified that lightning was near and the yelping of a dog confirmed it. He let out a sigh of relief with the break of the silence. The silence was excruciating.

Suddenly, as if the umbrella that had guarded the gentle earth had been taken down, heavy rain began to pour from the sky. Lightning surrounded him, but he remained standing beneath the tree in which he had been for the past few minutes. Several drops of rain passed the fortress of leaves that kept him dry and he began to smoke his cigarette more quickly. A few minutes past and the dirt had darkened to a depressing dark brown. With the last draw of the cigarette taken he tossed the butt out into the rain. It fell gently and was almost instantly sizzled out by the downpour of water.

With that, he began the short journey to the house in which he lived. He nearly fell a number of times on his journey, because of the wind, but he stood strong and continued. As the house grew closer he heard the wailing of sirens in the distance. His heart began to beat faster and faster. Instead of dying out, the sirens grew louder and louder. The wailing was very close now.  One thought passed through his mind; one thought alone. The beat of his heart matched the pelting of rain as he took off down his once dusty driveway. Running, as if he were running from an army of men wanting to kill him, he ran to the end of his driveway. Not seeing anything there, he kept running.

Two curves beyond his driveway he saw it. He saw the black car overturned in a ditch on the side of the road. Without so much as slowing one beat, he approached the car. Frantically, he opened the drivers-side door with much effort. She was laying in the passenger seat with her head against the window, crimson blood pooled on the window from her mouth. Her cell phone was against her ear. He slowly placed two fingers to her neck and quickly jerked his hand back. She was dead. Water collected at the corners of his eyes as he pulled her limp body from the car. He then sat down on the side of the road with her in his arms and sobbed. The ambulance arrived, but he just kept sobbing. The paramedics had to jerk her flaccid body from him.

A gust of wind brought a picture to rest in front of him. He immediately recognized the picture as that of him and her together on her last birthday, happily together. His hands were shaking as he picked the picture up and studied it. His focus was drawn to her eyes, to her sky colored eyes.This memory and those eyes brought him peace. The storm then calmed and a rainbow formed above him.

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