N tha Nuus N-for-ur-mation w/ Ms. Wannab'aheard/aka Ms. Understatement

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An opinion based on observation with humor. Meant to speak on what possibly many people think but say only to each other.

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011




N tha Nuus n-for-ur-mation W/ Ms. Wannab’aheard

2011 Christmas Special on Rick James Cuzn……It’s a joke.

How about I’m watching “Washington’s Christmas Special on 12/16/11 and that man w/the big head and no neck; um w/the hilarious Pepsi commercial or was that Coca Cola? Any who, he sings that song I like so much.  Well he had the opening act singing, “Santa Claus is coming to town”. It appeared he was trying so hard to keep his composure; especially b/c he is naturally the entertainer w/his dramatic singing antics.  Well, he did an okay job but I like him better when he sings all crazy. Yeah that’s the song, “They say I’m Crazy…” I don’t think that’s the title but that’s part of the lyrics.

He looked like a stuff turkey, but I’d date him if he liked me and my heart was available. But back to how silly he looked on the stage. I mean he looked like an opera singer. Could it be possible that his background is in opera and theatrical music 232? I just made that course up. I said to myself once before that I’d rather him sing with more control b/c he seemingly has a smooth voice; which he does but, and that’s a long but. Like the hook he song with the singer Kelis; “I’m a star.” Of course I don’t think that’s the name but he was a little dramatic on that one. Actually, that’s not the song I’m thinking of. I mean the song that plays on the radio station now with possible Melody Felona. I don’t think that’s her name either. Anyway, the song is nice but I was hoping he would be as smooth as the girl singer on that track. I think it would have sounded better. But who am I? I’m just an opinionated commentary that can’t even get people names right, let alone songs. Sorry Hollywood, I am a big fan that also likes to analyze what you could be thinking. Don’t feel annoyed though b/c I do that to average people like me too. (Note: I really can’t remember his name. Maybe if I meet him in person, I’ll ask for his autograph and will always remember it then; for sure.)

2011 Christmas Special on the President Obama

How about the stiff look on the President’s had on his face when what’s his name was singing. I never really saw the President not smile. I mean I rarely watch the news anyway b/c I’m exhausted, gone, or busy preparing for the next day. But that night it was almost like he told his wife and kids, “Hey kids and wife, I want you to do all the smiling for me. I have to look serious and all. It’s trying time in the economy and I want the people to know that I, the President don’t take Christmas as a ho hum vacation.” Or and that’s a long or. Could President Obama didn’t want the Muslims to see that he was enjoying himself on Christmas. Makes you say hmmm. Or at least I just want to throw a wrench in my silly observation. Whoever Obama religiousize with; he will meet the same maker as you and I and we will all be given the chance to know the truth, but that is another story.

But what is it about the President attending shows like this. On one hand he is human like us and enjoys entertainment as much as the next person. Except becoming President is like Americas version of Royalty, I suppose. If he attends an event such as this, the viewing rates are high. Who is the event planner in this? They list a bunch of A-listers who name reaches most countries eyes and ears and think, “Hey, add him/her”; but yet, it still be whack. It appears the young choir enjoyed themselves more than the audience and the really corny audience members smiled with comfort and joy b/c they are just lovers of the arts and love a great production.

Any who boo, boo, boo, boo; this is my take for the latest (n tha news in-for-ur-mation). I am about to go rewind what I missed of the show and continue to watch the rest, maybe I will have more to say.

Hey, I’m back b/c I really never left, but I just overheard Obama talking and the Christmas Special is a benefit for Medical and Kids. I’m not sure what he said but it sounds like a serious organization. Oops my bad. Well in that case whoever the event planner is; they must do what they have to do to sale tickets so those richly rich A-listers can donate. Sorry kids, anything for you all, even my life but not before I can give all I got in this life and according to my name in the Book of Life I think God has a great plan for me and when I am blessed I try to bless anyone who comes my way. But that’s just how I role. Of course I tend to be a blessing to others before I get my blessings but that is only when I forget to count them. Okay I’m about to go now.  You will notice how often I veer off the subject at hand. But that is just b/c my thoughts move entirely too fast. (On another note: Just in, my children has changed the channel and I will not continue my viewing of getting in the holiday spirit special. But I am ready to post my, who give a care but me info.) Merry Christmas!

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